The Switch Witch (who she is & why you’ll love her).

Have you heard of the Switch Witch? I heard of this amazing concept a few years ago now and I have adopted it ever since. Read on to find out exactly what is the Halloween Switch Witch and why she is so helpful over the sugar-laden Halloween season. The Switch Witch is an amazing idea … Read more

Halloween Advent Calendar (Trending in 2020)

Did you know there really is such a thing as a Halloween advent calendar? I was so excited to find this out and if you love all things Halloween you will definitely be excited too. Whilst Halloween is not advent, I believe the use of the name advent calendar immediately gives us a sense of … Read more

Free Halloween Tags Printable (8 Designs)

These fun Halloween tags are super-easy to print and they’re ready to tie to your party bags. There are eight different designs to choose from and are completely free for you to download today. Halloween will be here before we know so it’s time to get those Halloween treat bags ready! Halloween Tags These Halloween … Read more