DIY Easter Gifts for Classmates

The Best Class Gifts for Easter (for young children) If your child is in daycare, kindergarten, preschool or the first few years of school, they will love these DIY Easter gifts for classmates. These little Easter gift ideas don’t involve chocolate which makes them original and appreciated so much more. They are Easter gifts made … Read more

The Best Easter Play Dough Gift Ideas

DIY Easter Play Dough Gift Idea If you are looking for some chocolate free Easter basket ideas look no further. Here is an awesome Easter play dough gift idea that will keep the kids super happy without the sugar-rush of Easter. You can DIY it as it’s so easy to make. This is a great … Read more

Homemade Playdough Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for a great homemade and natural gift idea for kids then read on. Have you considered making your own play dough kits and packaging them up as a fun gift? It’s not only a frugal gift idea since it doesn’t cost as much as the store-bought variety, but it’s made from all … Read more