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Halloween Trivia Questions (7 Best Halloween Trivia pdf)

Are you ready for these Halloween trivia questions to test your knowledge on all things spooky. If you are looking for a Halloween trivia pdf you’ve come to the right place. There are 7 here to choose from. Oh and it’s Halloween trivia questions and answers are included too. We wouldn’t want to keep you hanging!

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Halloween Trivia Questions

Halloween Trivia Questions

Ultimate Halloween Trick or Treat Trivia Game

A super fun trick or treat game. Do you know more than your friends? Check out these Halloween trivia questions of all things trick or treat!

Halloween: Trick or Treat Trivia game – $2.95
“Trick or Treat?” This is a grown-up game for adults, not designed for children.Each question refers either to a well-known and loved treat, or a famous (or infamous!) trick or trickster.There’s something for everybody in this game. It runs the gamut, from 1950s candy, through Johnny Depp movies, circus acts and Lord of the Rings.

Halloween Gross Trivia

The kids will love it! Gross trivia…need I say more.

Halloween: Gross Trivia – $4.95
Looking for an irresistible teen printable? How about a truly GROSS multi-choice trivia? We’ve delved into the history of horrid and come up with a dirty dozen disgusting facts! No stomach will be unmoved by this hilarious and eye-opening trivia game. Definitely aimed at the boys, but don’t be shocked if the girls love it too…Full answer sheet provided.

Halloween Trivia Quiz

Horror Movie Villains Game

Here’s a great Horror movie quiz. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Halloween: Who’s The Bad Guy? – $2.95
Who’s The Bad Guy? presents 15 of the all-time scariest horror movie villains with their movies (or series!). All you have to do is match the movie with the bad guy. Easy? We don’t THINK so! You need a great knowledge of the world’s scariest movies and a great memory, too…Full answer sheet provided.

Vampire Trivia

Vampire Trivia is the perfect Halloween trivia quiz. Fascinatingly, skin-tingling questions to raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Halloween: Vampire Trivia – $4.95
Vampire names and the best vampire movies inspired this great trivia game. We’ve assembled a tasty 15-question game, perfect for Halloween parties or anytime you and some friends get together for a ‘bite’ to eat. It’s a fairly hard quiz, which will give trivia buffs plenty to get their teeth into!

Scary Movie Trivia

Test your knowledge of your favorite horror movies with this Horror Movie Trivia quiz.

Halloween: Scary Synopsis Horror Movie Trivia – $2.95
Scary Synopsis is a suitable game for lovers of scary movies. We’ve taken 15 movies and described each plot. From the description, players have to guess the movie title. An example:Q: Feral kids terrorize rural town from within fields of cereal cropsA: Children of the CornIt’s a fairly straightforward challenge, not too easy and not too hard, that will appeal to all lovers of movies that make you want to cover your eyes every few minutes!Full answer key is provided.

Stephen King Trivia

Stephen King fans put your hand up. I must admit my favorite Stephen King book is 11/22/63 (not a horror one though). If you’ve seen the movies you may not need to have read the books for this.

Halloween: Stephen King Trivia – $4.95
Stephen King novels are among the world’s best-selling horror works. Fans of his work will love our two-part quiz! Part one challenges you to identify Stephen King novels or short stories from a brief description of the story. Part two challenges fans to provide intimate details of plot or character. There are a total of 30 questions, with fully detailed answer sheets provided. A great trivia game!

Halloween Trivia Facts

Here’s a super fun Halloween trivia pdf with Halloween trivia facts galore. This will question  your knowledge on what is fact or fiction. Hint: Facts are often stranger than fiction, when it comes to Halloween. You can find the Halloween trivia pdf right here.

Halloween Trivia Quiz

If you’re looking for more awesome Halloween party games and fun printables then the full pack below:

All Halloween Games + FREE Party Games – $19.95

All Halloween Games

Halloween: Chew On This Candy Names Game For Kids
Halloween: 3 Crossword Puzzles
Halloween: Escape From The Garden Left-Right
Halloween: Invitations
Halloween: Left In The Dark Right Left Game
Halloween: Match
Halloween: Maze
Halloween: Memory Match Game
Halloween: Monster Mash-Up Charades
Halloween: Name That Candy Bar Game
Halloween: Newlywed Game Questions
Halloween: Scary Synopsis Horror Movie Trivia
Halloween: Scavenger Hunt For Kids
Halloween: Synonyms For Kids
Halloween: Teen Terrors Mad Libs
Halloween: Halloween-Tongue-Twisters
Halloween: Trick or Treat Trivia game
Halloween: Twisted Horror Movie Titles
Halloween: 3 Word Search Puzzles
Halloween: Vampire Trivia
Halloween: Who’s the bad guy?

All Party Games

Been There Done That
Color of Music Trivia
Hall of Shame Celebrity Trivia
Lie To Me
Meet Your Match Famous Couples
Password Cracker
Tangled Tongue Twisters Tango

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Halloween trivia questions and answers

Halloween Trivia Questions and Answers

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