Fun Instagram Party Games for your Party

Instagram Party Games

You might be unsure of if there are any fun Instagram party games that you can play at your party. Apart from playing the usual party games I’ve created a free printable for an Instagram themed party game that I’m sure you’ll love.

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Instagram Party Games

It can be kind of hard to find a good party game to play for an Instagram party. After all the kids are too old to play pass the parcel and musical statues. It’s good to have a party activity as a bit of an ice-breaker for the shyer guests or if some of them don’t know the others well.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for the free printable. Firstly you might want to check out this Instagram board game that is trending with teens. This social media board game is called #SocialStar

There’s a brief overview of it below:

Instagram Themed Party Games

If board games are not your thing and you were looking for something a little different then you’ll love this Insta I Spy game.

Simply download it from the bottom of this page. Print it out and you’re ready to play. I would recommend you print one copy per party guest.

Instagram party games

Basically the I Spy game is a fun checklist of party type items that one could take a photo of during the party. At the end everyone can vote on the best photos and the photos with the most likes wins! You don’t have to actually post them to Instagram if you don’t want to. They can just compare photo rolls on their phones and tally up the likes on everyone’s print out.

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Download your free Instagram party games below:

I Spy Insta style.

I’m sure it goes without saying however, this I-Spy game is NOT endorsed by Instagram. Really you could play it without Insta but it’s more fun with this amazing social app so snap away.

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Instagram party games

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