Party Planning Food Calculator For Kids Parties

Party Planning Food Calculator

Party Planning Food Calculator for Kids

Here is the party planning food calculator for kids parties that you have been searching for. It’s hard to know how much to cater for and this is a great guide for some typical kids party food offerings. I hope it helps you decide how much party food per child you need to cater for.

Food Quantity Calculator for Party

If you are a bit unsure how much to cater for when planning a child’s birthday party then you are not alone. It can be frustrating to either have too much food or not enough food. Kids can be picky eaters but if you have a selection of different party foods you’ll find that a lot will get eaten.

The key to planning is to make sure you get accurate RSVP’s a week before the party. Having RSVP’s and this handy kids food catering calculator definitely takes the guesswork out of it. Also it is important to note that this food quantity calculator for party food is based on a party where a main meal is not being served.  If you are serving a main meal you could easily cut these food quantities in half…but possibly keep the drinks at the same level.

Food quantity calculator for party kids

Kids Food Catering Calculator

This kids party food catering calculator will help you decide how much you need. I’ve added in both water and other drinks. It’s usually good to have a selection of both. (Grab a Sharpie marker to write names on drinks – if you do that you can probably cut down the amount of drinks you need).  This party food planner calculator  is based on the following party foods/drinks:

    • Small water bottles
    • Juice boxes / cans of soda
    • Chips
    • Savory Finger Food
    • Sweet Treats
    • Candy / Lollies
    • Cake

All you need to do is to add in how many guests you have in the area at the top section of the party planning food calculator and it will automatically update with the suggested quantities of food needed for your party.


I sincerely hope this children’s party food estimator was useful for your party.

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party planning food calculator for kids

Party Planning Food Calculator

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