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PUBG Gift Ideas

PUBG is one of the hottest games for adults and teenagers right now so if they are playing it they will love these PUBG themed gifts. 

These gifts are great for any celebration for your favorite gamer. Whether it’s a birthday gift or a Christmas gift they’ll enjoy these awesome presents. Read on to find the perfect gift for the gamer in your life…or even for yourself.

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This PUBG mug looks great and it will help with the extra coffee needed after a late night (or ten) spent gaming. A fun and inexpensive gift that will be appreciated.

PUBG MugThis PUBG posters  are the best! It will be a winner for any PUBG fan. They can hang it up in their bedroom or the mancave to remind them of those times they have claimed victory.

This backpack is a must have item for any PUBG fan. A level 3 backpack is what they need to carry gear around town…just like in the game.

PUBG Level 3 Backpack in real life

Some great PUBG gifts for boyfriend of your husband – if they’re into the game and you don’t understand it – I’ve got you covered.

It’s basically a last man standing game. Land in an abandoned city, loot it as hard as you can, then survive for as long as you can. All to get that elusive winner #1 status. These gifts will reinforce their love of the game guaranteed.

This awesome wallet is the perfect accessory for PUBG fans. You can remind him that you bought it for him whenever the wallet comes out, which is of course a good strategy for a gaming wife or girlfriend.

PUBG Wallet

You definitely need to be able to hear a (grenade) pin drop when playing this game as well as any sneaky footsteps.

Therefore, these AMAZING gaming headphones  are a must have item to take the game to a new level. This is the best present you could buy for your PUBG honey. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Turtle Beach Pro Gaming Headset

You seriously will not regret gifting (or buying for yourself – if you’re a player) this awesome controller for a tablet. 

The rapid-fire mode is a literal game-changer as it allows you to move whilst firing. Also works with some other similar games. It’s reasonably priced and would be an awesome gift idea.

The camouflage Ghillie suit would be great for Halloween. It seems that only the best players often end up with one from the supply drop.

This is a hilarious and fun gift idea for any costume party or just for a laugh.

PUBG Ghillie Suit Halloween dress up costume party

If you wanted to buy them the BEST GIFT EVER then check out these amazing gaming chairs – there’s a large range right here to suit all budgets.

Last not definitely not least here are some awesome and funny PUBG shirts that any PUBG gamer would love.

This is my favorite PUBG shirt as it sums up the essence of the game. If the circle or the zone is on your side, you’re halfway there. All PUBG fans will love this circle gods shirt and will easily relate to it’s funny message.

PUBG Shirt Circle Gods Hate Me

This PUBG shirt  will set them apart from the rest. It screams I’ve had the ultimate gaming win to those in the know and for those who don’t, they’ll just think they’re ready for dinner!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Tshirt

In addition this next Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Shirt is very similar to the current PUBG skins winner shirt. A must have in any gamer’s wardrobe.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Tshirt

This PUBG Pochinki shirt tells the world that you have been to Pochinki (a town in the game that’s not for the faint-hearted) and made it out…at least some of the time. Fellow PUBG gamers will get the reference and love it.

PUBG Pochinki Tshirt

And last but not least there are too many amazing PUBG merchandise items to mention that you’ll love including keyrings, life-size foam saucepans and more. They can all be found right here.

Thank you. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at this PUBG gift guide as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. Have fun and let me know if you think I’ve missed a must-have item.

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