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Why do we celebrate birthdays

Why do we celebrate birthdays and why are they important. Read on to explore the history of birthday and why birthdays are special.

What is a Birthday

Put simply, a birthday is a person’s yearly celebration of their birth. It is an annual celebration of another year of a person’s life.

We often sing happy birthday to the person who is celebrating their special day. We also give them a present or put candles on their cake. These are just some of the activities that are done on a birthday.

why do we celebrate birthdays

Some birthdays are deemed more important than others. For example, milestone birthdays often rate a mention as birthdays we look forward to celebrating.

Milestone birthdays include

  • 1st Birthday
  • 10th birthday – reaching double digits
  • 13th birthday – becoming a teenager
  • 18th birthday – becoming an adult in some countries (Australia, Europe, UK etc).
  • 21st birthday – another celebration of becoming an adult
  • 30th & 40th Birthday
  • 50th Birthday – Half a century milestone
  • 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th Birthday – every decade is an adult milestone
  • 100th Birthday – a very special milestone birthday that sadly only few reach.

There is no best age for a birthday, but the best time is when you can spend special moments with friends and family.

psychology of celebrating birthdays

Why do we celebrate Birthdays

We celebrate birthdays to remember, acknowledge, and appreciate the life of a person who has been born.

Birthdays are about celebrating the life of someone. They are not about buying gifts or throwing a party for family and friends. Rather, they are about celebrating a person’s life. Birthdays commemorate life in all its wonderful ways and make it more special. 

Birthdays are important because they remind us that we are alive and have another year to live. Also, birthdays help us appreciate what we have in life: work, family, friends, and so on.

But many people don’t understand why we celebrate birthdays at all, let alone have elaborate parties with gifts and rejoicing on Facebook.

We do it because it is fun to celebrate something that brings us joy and people celebrate birthdays because it is a chance to appreciate life.

why celebrate birthdays

We celebrate birthdays because it is fun to make a big deal out of a person’s birthday, but why do we celebrate birthdays at all? We do it because they are special days that we remember each year.

If you carefully observe birthdays, they are one of the most special days in our life for many reasons. Many people celebrate birthdays because they remind them they should appreciate their lives and the people who take part in it, whether you are five or fifty.

Why celebrate Birthdays

The birthday tradition is celebrating a person’s life. Even if it is just to shout out “HBD” on Facebook or buy a cake, you are still celebrating the fact that someone you love is in your life. No one has to do any of those things – they choose to because it feels like the right thing to do.

And we return these gestures by appreciating and showing them our gratitude for their affection. We all turn up at a party for one reason: we love that person and want them to know that they mean a lot to us.

Birthdays usually bring about family gatherings and parties so that people can spend time with their loved ones. Celebrating birthdays helps us enjoy more than the usual day of the year because it reminds us of the past and gives us optimism for the future.

origins of birthdays

The origins of Birthdays

The origin of birthdays is unclear and there is no ‘exact’ answer of when did people start celebrating birthdays. People starting celebrating birthdays in ancient times in different cultures, but there are only a few accounts of it. 

Birthdays in ancient Greece and Rome were an important social event, and birthdays are still important today for the same reason: to express joy at a person’s physical existence.

who invented birthdays

Today we celebrate birthday parties, gifts and presents. These are ways we express our love and gratitude to the people who contribute to our happiness. We also have more sophisticated social rituals than they did in ancient times.

But there is one thing they continue to do well: bring us together with friends and loved ones to celebrate the day a person starts living, in a special way that is unique to every birthday.

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Who invented Birthdays

Birthday parties date back to ancient Rome, where humans made the first history of celebration for birthday in 700 B.C. The earliest recorded birthday party appears in the Bible. It describes an Egyptian Pharaoh whom Joseph served as having a party to mark his birthday – in Genesis in the Old Testament.

Why do we celebrate Birthdays with cake

Birthday celebrations usually entail food and drink when celebrating with a party. There is a saying that a ‘party without cake is just a meeting” ~ Julie Child.

We celebrate birthdays with cake because it is the most delicious and beloved birthday tradition of all.

In classical Roman culture, cake was served at special celebrations such as birthdays and weddings.These were not the elaborate cakes we see today. Instead, they were flat circles made of flour and nuts, yeast and honey. As time went on, birthday cakes became more of a tradition for the wealthy and not widespread throughout the general population until after the Industrial Revolution. (Source: Wikipedia).

Birthday candles are an important tradition for a birthday and birthday cake. For children in particular, one candle marks each year of their existence. For adults any amount of birthday candles is acceptable. In particular, candles in the shape of numbers are a popular way to show an age without the large amount of candles needed.

To blow out the candles is thought of as a time for the birthday boy/girl to make a wish. This often follows the singing of the popular song “Happy Birthday to You”.

why are birthdays important

The Psychology of celebrating Birthdays

The psychology of celebrating birthdays is that they are special days that we remember each year, even if our birthday doesn’t match up with what we call our “real” birthday.

Birthdays are about celebrating the life of someone. They are not about buying gifts or throwing a party for family and friends, but rather they are about celebrating a person’s life. Birthdays commemorate life in all its wonderful ways and make it more special.

On birthdays we get to spend time with the ones we love most. For many people, birthdays mean hitting parties where many of their loved ones are gathered together in person or chatting to them on the phone or on a video call.

Why are Birthdays important

Birthdays are an important part of a person’s life because they help them to appreciate what they have, but also help you appreciate your family and friends because they make you realize how much you love them.

There are many reasons why people celebrate birthdays. Some of them are:

  • Birthdays are special, and everyone wants their birthdays to be remembered.
  • Most people enjoy sharing special moments with the ones they love, but birthdays attract more attention from loved ones and friends. 
  • Birthdays are a good way to make happy memories. Whether you are five or fifty, birthdays will remain as one of your most memorable days of the year. This is because birthdays remind us that we have been alive for another year and thank all those who have helped us reach another birthday.
  • Birthdays also bring up many other ways to celebrate our loved ones’ lives from family gatherings to elaborate parties with beautiful decorations and gifts that help make your loved one more special than he or she already is.
  • Birthdays are also important because it is the day that we get to be proud of who we are. We get to be glad that we were born on a specific day and date.


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