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Free Printable 50th Birthday Party Games

Looking for some super fun 50th birthday party games? I have created some super fun ideas for birthday games that are easy and interactive and will make your birthday guest of honor feel special!  There are heaps of free printable 50th birthday games for you to print and download in this article.

These games to play at 50th birthday party will be a huge hit at your special celebration – whether the party is at home or at a venue.

Most of these fun games are great for both adults and children – there’s definitely something for everyone. Keep reading to see all of our favorite free games that are perfect for celebrating someone’s half-century mark.

50th birthday party games

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50th Birthday Party Games

These free printable 50th birthday party games are sure to make your celebration extra special. They’ll add lots of laughs to your celebration and help keep guests engaged throughout the night! Plus, they’re simple enough for everyone – adults through to kids can have fun with these games for 50th birthday.

games 50th birthday party


All that is needed for these 50th birthday games is the printed game sheet per player and a pen or pencil. A clipboard can also be super handy to play the game on the move rather than sitting at a table.


Please note that the actual printable doesn’t have ‘sample’ watermark – this is for display purposes only.

You can find the links to download all the 50th birthday party games at the end of the article.

Whilst you don’t need prizes for these games – they can add an extra fun element to the competition. There are heaps of bulk packs of trophies online that are not expensive yet super fun.

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50th Birthday Games

The first fun and unique 50th birthday games featured in this article are birthday ABCs, cake-a-gories, 50th birthday trivia and 50th birthday I’ve never.

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page to download these 50th birthday games.

Birthday ABC’s

This fun printable game is similar to a scattergories game. Hand out the game sheets and a pen to every player.

Have each player write one descriptive word about the birthday person next to each letter. It definitely gets tricky as you go along. You can play in teams or single players. The person with the most legit answers is the winner.

games to play at 50th birthday party


This is a fun game that kids will like to play too. Similar to the game above, each player must write words corresponding to the letter CAKE that relate to each category listed on the game sheet.

For example, for food: C Chocolate A Apple, etc. The person with the most correct answers wins.

games for 50th birthday party

50th Birthday Trivia

This is definitely one of our most popular games for birthday parties. Everyone loves a fun game of birthday trivia. The person who answers the most 50th birthday trivia questions correctly wins the game.

50th birthday trivia questions

Birthday I’ve Never

This is another fun printable game that is very popular for birthdays. You can play it two ways. The person with the most amount of points or the least amount of points could be the winner. It’s up to you.

games for a 50th birthday party

50th Birthday Party Games Free Printable

The next 50th birthday party games free printable sheets are would you rather, birthday ad-libs and the very popular what’s in your phone and what’s in your purse game.

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page to print out the games for 50th birthday party.

50th Birthday Would You Rather

Would you rather is a great game to get to know other people…especially those that you think you know well. A fun twist on this game is to try to guess the birthday person’s responses. Have the birthday person fill out their answers prior to the game. The person who guesses the most correct answers that matches the birthday person’s answers wins.

50th birthday games free printable

Birthday Ad-Libs

This birthday ad-libs game can be extremely funny when you read out people’s answers to the blanks.

50th birthday party activities

What’s In Your Phone

This is a fun party game to see what’s in everyone’s phone. You could play this with individuals or teams. To play, simply print out a game sheet per player and tally up the points at the end. The person or the team with the most points wins.

unique 50th birthday games

What’s In Your Purse

This is another fun game to play. Print out a printable sheet per player and the person with the most points wins. You could play in teams if you prefer.

50th birthday party games free printable

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Games 50th Birthday Party

The next fun games to play at 50th birthday party include 50th birthday bingo, birthday time capsule, birthday word scramble and the around the world birthday game.

Remember you can find all the links to download and print these fun 50th birthday party activities at the end of the article.

50th Birthday Bingo

This is a unique birthday bingo game where you need a printable sheet per player. This game is played just prior to opening any 50th birthday gifts.

Each player writes in a square a gift they think the birthday honoree will receive. They then check off the bingo game card whilst watching the birthday person open the presents. The first person to get a straight line of correct answers can yell bingo to win the game.

games for 50th birthday

50th Birthday Time Capsule

A 50th birthday time capsule printable is the perfect way for party guests or friends and family to write a message or a memory of the birthday person. The message can then be sealed in an envelope and stored in a box to be opened in 5 or 10 years time.

50th birthday time capsule

Birthday Word Scramble

Everyone loves a good word scramble from kids through to adults. Have prizes for the person who unscrambles all of the words first. An answer sheet is included when you download this game. You could also have a 5 minute timer going during game play to add an extra element of challenge to the game.

party games for adults 50th birthday

Around the World Birthday Game

This is another fun game to test people’s knowledge on birthdays around the world. To play print out a sheet per player and have them draw a line to match the birthday greeting with the country.

50th birthday party game ideas

I sincerely hope you have found one or more 50th birthday party game ideas that you would like to print and download for your birthday celebrations.

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the download links for the games for a 50th birthday party.

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50th birthday games

Games for 50th Birthday Party

  • 50th Birthday ABC’s
  • Cake-a-Gories
  • 50th Birthday Trivia
  • 50th Birthday I’ve Never
  • 50th Birthday Would you Rather
  • Birthday Ad-libs
  • What’s in your Phone
  • What’s in your Purse
  • 50th Birthday Bingo
  • 50th Birthday Time Capsule
  • Birthday Word Scramble
  • Birthdays Around the World

Check out all these amazing 50th birthday gift ideas – from sentimental to funny right here.

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See all the best 50th birthday party supplies in the one place right here.

These games can be printed on a printer at home or take them to a print shop for a high quality looking print.

They can be printed in color or black and white and are designed to be printed on A4 or Letter size paper. Make sure you print with a portrait orientation in the printer settings.

All the games featured in this article are for personal use only. They are not be resold or distributed commercially.

So go ahead, download these fun games for a 50th birthday party, start printing and get ready to give your loved one an unforgettable 50th birthday bash!

Download the 50th birthday games free printable activities below:

Around the World

Birthday ABCs

Birthday Bingo

Time Capsule

Birthday Trivia

Birthday Adlibs

Birthday I’ve Never


What’s in your Phone

What’s in your Purse

Bday Word Scramble

Would you Rather

Hope you enjoy your printable games!


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