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Easy Basketball Party Ideas for 2024

If you are looking for some easy and fun basketball party ideas, then read on. These basketball themed party ideas are great for a basketball birthday theme or even to have some friends around to watch the game. You could use some of these basketball party ideas also for March Madness or NBA finals.

You’ll find basketball theme party ideas including basketball party decorations, party favors, party games and basketball cake ideas. I’ll tell you where I found all of these amazing ideas so that you can easily find them to style up your next party.

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basketball party ideas

Basketball Party Ideas

We recently had a basketball birthday party in our family, however these ideas are also great for celebrations that are not birthdays. It was simple and didn’t take too long to create some fun basketball themed party decorations for the main party table. We used a set of awesome matching basketball party printables which made it so easy.

basketball party ideas

All of the basketball party decorations featured in the main photos of this article can be found right here.

We printed out some basketball party signs and slipped them into some dollar store photo frames. The matching basketball party printable set that I used includes party signs, party banners and bunting, drink labels, candy bag labels, straw flags, basketball decals, popcorn boxes, napkin rings and more.

It really made my party decorating an easy and quick process. These decorations would suit both adults and kids.

basketball theme party

To make the water bottle labels, simply print them out and cut them into strips. Remove the water bottles normal labels and wrap these themed strips around them. Secure it with sticky tape or you can also use clear contact paper over the top of the paper if you want to make them waterproof.

basketball themed party

Basketball Themed Party

We also made some napkin holders that were matching the basketball party theme. They are just printed on standard printer paper, cut into strips and sticky taped around the napkins and cutlery.

basketball party

We made some matching straws and used them to decorate the candy bowls.

All the basketball party decorations featured in the main photos of this article can be found right here. So you can print them and decorate your next party as well.

basketball party theme

Basketball Party Decorations

An obvious and super easy party decoration idea for a basketball party theme is orange and black balloons. You could even use a couple of these basketball balloons to add to the decor.

basketball party decorations

These amazing basketball paper chains featured in the photos above and below are available right here. They are so easy and quick to make. Simply download, print, cut out and sticky tape or glue together to create a very fun party decoration.

My 7 year old daughter made these for me – they are super easy and quick. We had them hanging everywhere at our basketball birthday party and they really are the best quick and easy go-to basketball themed party decorations.

basketball themed party decorations

If you are still looking for some more ideas or if you wanted to decorate your basketball party with more of an emphasis on teams, then there are some super fun and unique NBA decorations right here. These would be great if you have a favorite team or if you are having a party for the finals.

There are heaps of awesome basketball party decorations for all budgets and party styles right here.

Basketball Birthday Party

If you are looking for basketball birthday party ideas, then read on for some easy cake ideas, party favors. We also have some basketball party games ideas that would suit any type of basketball party… for adults and kids.

basketball birthday party

All of the basketball decorations ideas featured in the main photos of this article can be found right here.

Basketball Party Favors

These basketball party favors are totally amazing. They are printable boxes that you can either print at home or in a print shop. They look amazing and anyone who is a basketball fan would love to receive one filled with goodies.
basketball party favors

Find Hoop Favor Boxes Here

These basketball jersey party favor boxes can be personalized and the colors can be changed to suit your favorite team.

Basketball Cake Ideas

If you are looking to make a basketball birthday cake, then this is simply the easiest cake to make. Simply bake a round cake, then ice it. Top it with brown and orange M&M’s in the basketball design.

basketball cake ideas

The basketball party printable set that I used for my party also had some round cupcake toppers. See pictured below.

basketball theme birthday

You must check out this HUGE range of amazing basketball cake toppers right here. There are personalized toppers and figurines, or team colors – there’s definitely something for everyone.

Basketball Party Games

So apart from playing basketball at your party what other games or activities can you play at your basketball party?

Firstly there is a whole raft of basketball printable games including Bingo, word scramble, dice games and more. Great for birthday parties or March madness. We played basketball bingo at our party. It worked well as we could sit an eat while we played and the game doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes. It’s also fun for kids and adults.

Another fun idea that would be a very memorable game that is also budget friendly is this fun basketball net headband game. It’s a hilariously fun game for all ages.

You must also check out this awesome indoor basketball hoop wall decor that would look great on a teen’s bedroom wall or in a family room and will be loved for years to come. 

Or here is another great indoor party game that they will also love well after the party is over.

Candockway Foldable Electronic Dual Basketball Arcade Game,Double Shot 2Player,8 Game Options w/4 Balls LED Scoring System & Indoor Basketball Game for Kids, Youth Adults

Find Indoor Basketball Game Here

Basketball Pinata

It’s hard to go past a pinata as a fun party activity. 
Small Basketball Piñata for Sports Birthday Party (13 x 13 x 3 Inches)

There are so many amazing basketball pinata fillers right here – all basketball themed and fantastic for all ages. Even adults would enjoy some of these. Just mix them in with some candy are you are set!

Basketball Party Theme

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed these basketball themed party ideas.

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