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Cakes for 70th Birthday (Easy to Advanced Ideas for 2024)

If you’re looking for some amazing cakes for 70th birthday then you’ve come to the right place. There are some absolutely stunning 70th birthday cakes below that you might like to try your hand at making or you could take a photo to your favorite cake maker to recreate.

Whether or not you find the perfect cake below you will absolutely be inspired by the delicious creations. 

cakes for 70th birthday

There are also 70th birthday cupcakes and easy 70 birthday cake ideas that you could whip up…alongside of other magnificent creations. You’ll find that there really is something for everyone right here to celebrate this special milestone.

70 Birthday Cake

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70th birthday cakes

The 70th birthday cake pictured below is one that is easy to create at home. All you need to do is to bake 1 large rectangular sheet cake and 1 ring cake to get this look.

Simply cut the cake into long pieces for the 7 shape. The 0 is created by cutting the ring cake in half. It is elongated with a few pieces of the sheet cake to make it look more of an oval shape rather than just a round circle shape.

The beauty of this easy cake is that once it’s been iced you can’t see where it has been joined. So don’t worry about it being perfect to start with. The icing can cover any mistakes.

Ice the cake with buttercream and tie a ribbon around the bottom edge of the cake. The icing will easily stick the ribbon to the cake.

You could decorate the top of the cake with anything you like. Fresh flowers, fake flowers, candy…anything you can think of.

70th Birthday cake

This cake below would also be a fun one to make. You could make a number template from cardboard to block out an area where you don’t want the sprinkles to go.

70th Birthday Cake Toppers

If you’re looking for another quick and easy way to decorate a milestone cake then cake toppers are the answer.

Cake toppers are really an amazing way to decorate a cake. They really add the finishing touches to make a cake look spectacular.

Here is another classy 70th birthday cake topper idea below.

There are so many AMAZING 70th Birthday cake toppers right here. You will love this selection to suit a wide variety of cakes.

Some are personalized and others are the year of birth for a 70th bday cake. Others are the 70 or seventy in script in a wide variety of fonts and colors. Check them out to see if there is one that suits you!

Cakes for 70th Birthday

Here are some more amazing cakes to inspire and delight. These 70th birthday cake images below are stunning and modern cake ideas.

You can be as unique as you like with 70th birthday cake decorations. Why not celebrate this milestone in style!

70th Birthday Cake for Men

If you’re looking for a 70th birthday cake for man then there are two great options below. They both have awesome cake toppers and the first one would be amazing for a chocolate sweet tooth.

Or why not have a cake made (or make a cake yourself if you’re clever) in the favorite color of the birthday boy.

70th Birthday Cakes

These ideas for elegant 70th birthday cakes are sure to delight the recipient. She’ll love these 70th birthday cake ideas for her.

This cake looks simply gorgeous with either fresh or fake flowers and the added macarons give it that extra elegance.

These types of cakes are also great for those people that are not too fond of lots of icing. Only a very thin application of icing is needed and the cake will speak for itself.

70th Birthday Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a fun idea for a birthday cake. Check out these amazing 70th birthday cupcakes below.

These cupcakes below are a great idea as they can be easily created with paper cupcake toppers that you can print and stick to a toothpick or cake pop stick.

Check out all of the amazing 70th birthday cupcake toppers right here in all different colors and some are hilariously funny, others keep it classy. There’s something for everyone.

And literally nothing says it’s your birthday quite like your photo on the top of a cupcake. What could be better than a photo cupcake topper on a milestone birthday!

Seriously you must check out these amazing photo toppers right here…they’ll be a hit for sure!

Wishing you all the best for your special celebration. Thanks for reading.

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