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Fish Birthday Cakes (Easy to advanced ideas)

Looking for some super-fun ideas for fish birthday cakes? I have created an easy fish birthday cake and easy fish cupcakes, both made with buttercream icing. I’ve also created a large photographic list of fun fish birthday cake ideas – perfect if you are looking for fish birthday cake inspiration.

There are cakes for beginner and novice cake decorators that are easy to create, as well as some amazing advanced options to DIY or take to a cake decorator to make. I hope you enjoy looking at all the images of fish birthday cakes that I’ve compiled below.

Fish birthday cake | Fish cake design

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Easy Fish Birthday Cake

To make the easy cake below, you’ll need:

  • Vanilla / Butter Cake Mix – Make your own favorite flavor of cake
  • Smarties / M&Ms,  and Freckles / Nonpareils chocolates
  • Betty Crocker frosting or buttercream icing

Split your cake mix between one round cake pan and one patty pan for the cupcake prior to baking. I made the fishtail with one cupcake.

Once you’ve iced your cake, simply decorate it until you are happy with how it looks. The kids can help you with this one too.

fish birthday cake

(This post probably contains affiliate links. See the disclosure policy for more information. You can find the disclosure policy here.)

The next easy cake is another round cake and could easily be created with some plastic fish decorations. This is a great option for those people who are not skilled in cake decorating and the thought of creating a fish from fondant makes you break out in a cold sweat. I’m right there with you.

Fish Shaped Cake

These next two cakes are all fish shaped cake ideas. You could use a round cake and square cake to create the cake below. The fondant icing looks amazing for this fish cake design.

Or you could make a fun rainbow fish cake like the cake below by piping icing and you could use hardened white chocolate for the tail to make an overall fish shape.

Fish Cake Design

The next cakes featured are a little more elaborate. This carp cake below looks amazing and if you can create a fish head from fondant or sugar paste the rest of the cake would be easy to make. Or you could find a large plastic fish toy to decorate it with.

This cake looks totally delicious if you are a chocolate lover.

This two-tier cake below looks amazing and has a fun Finding Nemo / Dory theme to it and would be great for any age.

Here’s a gorgeous feminine fish drip cake. The sugary detail around the bottom of the cake for sand also is a genius idea. This type of cake would also be amazing for a mermaid party.

Fish Birthday Cakes

Use a fish cookie cutter to cut out basic fish shapes in various icing colors and stick them all over a blue cake for an easy cake idea. The blue and yellow dots along the bottom of this cake look great, as it can be hard to get that perfect finish with fondant and this can cover up any tricky areas.

Or you could tie around a blue ribbon as well to hide any imperfections.

If you’re looking for a fish themed cake for a first birthday or a cake smash, check out these amazing cakes below. The matching cake smash mini looks awesome next to the main cake.

Such a cute idea for a first birthday party and fun cake smash photos to remember.

Likewise, this amazing first birthday fish cake would be a gorgeous idea for little boys and girls alike.

Fish Cupcakes

There are heaps of fun fish cupcakes below to inspire and delight. Some of these are super-easy to make and the kids can have fun creating them with you too.

I created these easy fish cupcakes pictured below and you can easily make them too by decorating with Smarties or M&M’s, nonpareils and rainbow sour straps or similar type candy.

Fish cupcakes

These cupcakes look great with the blue swirled icing and fish fondant.

This aquarium cupcake idea below is so very cute and would be a lot of fun to make. All you need is some rainbow sprinkles, some fish candy and colored buttercream icing.

 The kids (and adults too) will love these super cute Nemo cupcakes. It’s such a fun variation to the normal side on orientation fish cupcake idea.

The fishing line cupcakes are sure to be a winner. The swirled blue icing is perfect and simply attach a fish lolly to a pretzel with some string or piped icing.

Fish Cupcake Cake

If you wanted the look of a large cake but you want a quick option that still looks amazing, you could make a fish cupcake cake. The blue and purple cake below looks exceptional and would be a fun cake to make in your favorite colored icing.

If a Nemo cupcake cake is what you are looking for, here is a great one below.

Fish Cupcake Toppers

Sometimes you want a quick and easy option for decorating cupcakes with a cupcake topper. These toppers are so cute and look great with blue icing and sprinkles.

Yaaaaasss! Gone Fishing Bobber Cupcake Toppers Kids Little Fisherman Birthday Party Cake Decoration Supplies 48pcs

You can find a large variety of awesome fish cupcake toppers right here in all shapes and sizes and colors to help decorate your cupcakes.

Fish Cake Decorations

Another fun way to decorate a larger cake is with a cake topper. There are lots of great fish cake toppers right here. Some are made from fondant and are edible, and others are printable. You’ll find a large selection to get the look you want on your cake. Some are even personalized too.

15 PCS Sea Ocean Theme Birthday Cake Decoration Toppers Fishing Cake Ocean Animals Sea Cake Decorations for Under the Sea Theme Baby Shower Birthday Party Supplies

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed these fish themed cake ideas and that you’ve found one to create for your next party. Thank you for reading.

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