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Guinea Pig Party Ideas and Free Printable Decorations

If you’re looking for ideas on how to throw a guinea pig party, you’ve come to the right place!

This article will be perfect if you are throwing a birthday party for your guinea pig OR if you are having a guinea pig themed party for your family or friends.

We’ve got everything from cake ideas to free printable decorations that your little guinea pigs are sure to love. So why not get started planning today? Your guests (and guinea pigs) will thank you!

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guinea pig party

Guinea Pig Party

Guinea pig party ideas are a fun way to celebrate your guinea pig’s birthday. But guinea pig parties are also a great party theme for those guinea pig lovers out there. In fact, my 8-year-old now wants a guinea pig party theme for her next birthday.

We’ve made lots of decorations and have included them in this article as free downloads so that you can enjoy them too.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the guinea pig party decoration download links.

guinea pig birthday party (1)

Guinea Pig Decorations

We created some fun guinea pig decorations for our guinea pig party. We set up a party table with a white tablecloth and a fake turf table runner.

I made a green and white guinea pig banner and some matching water bottle labels, cupcake toppers, and gift tags.

All of these free guinea pig party decorations can be downloaded at the bottom of this article.

birthday guinea pig

Guinea Pig Cupcake Toppers

Here are our fun guinea pig cupcake toppers. Simply download, print and cut out. I personally love square cupcake toppers (instead of round) as they are so much easier to cut out…and they look just as good.

Once they are cut out, you can sticky tape them to a cake pop stick or toothpick.

guinea pig cupcake toppers

There are 12 cupcake toppers per letter size / A4 size page. Make sure your printer settings are set to “portrait” orientation and “fit to page” before printing. Your printable page will look similar to the image below.

guinea pig cupcake toppers

Guinea Pig Birthday Banner

This guinea pig banner was so much fun to make and so easy to decorate with.

guinea pig banner

The banner is 6 pages in total with 2 bunting flags per letter size or A4 size page as seen below. So 12 flags in total. You can print them as many times as you like to get the desired banner size.

Please make sure that your printer settings are set to “landscape” orientation and “fit to page” before printing. Your printable page will look similar to below.

guinea pig birthday banner

It’s so easy to put this banner together. Once printed, simply cut out the triangles. You can either add string with a hole punch to hang these on the wall.

I recommend using washi tape when hanging on the wall. Or use blu tack to stick each flag to the wall. 

guinea pig party decorations

Guinea Pig Water Bottle Labels

These guinea pig water bottle labels were super easy to make. Simply download, print, cut out and stick to your water bottle with sticky tape. If you want to make the labels waterproof, you can use clear contact paper over the top of the label.

guinea pig party supplies

Find the link to download all the guinea pig decorations at the bottom of the article.

There are 3 labels per letter size or A4 size paper. Make sure that your printer settings are set to “landscape” and “fit to page” to make sure that they print properly. Your printed page will look similar to the image below. Print as many as you need.

guinea pig water bottle labels

Guinea Pig Gift Tags

If you are giving out party favors at your party, then you will love these guinea pig gift tags. They are also great to attach to gifts for guinea pig lovers.

There are two different swing tags below. The first has “thank you for coming to my party”. The second tag has a matching guinea pig picture to match the rest of the decoration set.

guinea pig gift tags

Please make sure that your printer settings are set to “portrait” and “fit to page” when printing these on letter size or A4 size paper. You could also print them on a thin cardstock if you prefer. Simply hole punch and attach a curling ribbon and they are ready to go.

guinea pig gift tags

Guinea Pig Cake

What’s a party without a guinea pig cake? Of course, not just for us humans, but a special vegetable birthday cake for any guinea pigs as well.

Firstly, the cake for the humans!

My kids and I had so much fun decorating these guinea pig birthday cakes. We made two rectangular chocolate cakes and tried to cut them into a rough guinea pig shape. We added buttercream icing, smarties for ears and chocolate buds for eyes. We also had some green shredded coconut for grass.

guinea pig cake

We tried to make the icing color match our actual guinea pigs. It wasn’t easy, but it was fun. Our cakes won’t win any awards but we loved them.

guinea pig birthday cakes

But why should we have all the fun? As it was a first birthday party for two of our guinea pigs, we thought it was only fair that we made a guinea pig birthday cake for them too.

Birthday Cakes for Guinea Pigs

We made our guinea pig birthday cake out of their favorite foods: watermelon, cucumber, carrot and coriander.

As you can see in the photo below, we cut the veges into a cake shape and stacked them up with a candle in the middle. (We didn’t light the candle of course – it was just for fun!).

guinea pig birthday cake

They loved it so much. In fact, Lucky finished all the coriander before we finished singing Happy birthday to her.

birthday cakes for guinea pigs

Here are some more guinea pig cake photos enjoying their birthday cake.

guinea pig cake

We also made super cute guinea pig party hats for them.

guinea pig party hat

Birthday Guinea Pig Decorations

You can find all of the download links to find your guinea pig party decorations below. 

guinea pig decorations

Guinea Pig Bunting – Download it here

Guinea Pig Gift Tags – Download them here

Guinea Pig Cupcake Toppers – Download them here

Guinea Pig Water Bottle Labels – Download them here

Throwing a party for your guinea pig is a great way to show how much you love your little pets. And, with our fun and festive ideas, it’s sure to be a celebration that everyone will enjoy – whether it is a party for your guinea pig or family or friend!

Whether you are throwing a birthday party or themed party, we hope these ideas will help make your event special. Thanks for reading!

All graphics used in clip art guinea pig party printables and decorations are courtesy of Paper Hut Designs.


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