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Fun Instagram Party Theme

Instagram Party Theme

If you’re looking for some social media party ideas you’ve come to the right place. However, this party guide is focused on an Instagram party theme.

You’ll find heaps of great Instagram party ideas to get you ready for your best party yet.

Read on for great fun ideas to theme your party including decorations, invitations, cake ideas, party favors and more.

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Instagram Party Invite

Check out these awesome on-theme Instagram party invites below. You can get these as a digital or printed item and of course personalized with your party details.

Instagram party invite

Photo Credit: Mahulia Prints

Here is another type of cute Insta party invitations. They can be printed at home or at a local photo processing center (Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Kmart etc) or they offer a service to print them for you if that’s more convenient.

Instagram Party Invitation

Photo Credit: Fab Party Prints

Instagram Birthday Cake

If you want to take your birthday party to the next level, you’ll want an Instagram birthday cake for sure. If you were looking to DIY your own Instagram birthday cake you need to check out this amazing tutorial below.

It’s using the Instagram apps current look so it’s very to-to-date and it looks amazing. It would be definitely possible to also create a similar type cake with colored buttercream and some white fondant placed on top. Check out the video below and see what you think.

YouTube video

Instagram Cupcake Toppers

However, if cupcakes are more your thing (and possibly quicker and easier) check out these awesome Instagram cupcake toppers. They will be personalized for you to suit your party.

They can be easily printed at home or a local printing shop, cut them out and stick them on the back of cake pop sticks.

Instagram Cupcake Topper Printables

Photo Credit: Girafffy

Instagram Party Decorations

Unfortunately Instagram party decorations are not something that you will easily come across in a store as it’s a newish trend for a party theme. Fortunately, I’ve got you covered. Have a look at this great set of Instagram party printables for you to download and print at home or a local print shop. What could be easier?

Instagram Party Decorations Printables

Photo Credit: Creative Little Stars

Here’s a great Instagram party banner if you would like to have one delivered to your door.
POP parties Insta Party Happy Birthday Banner Pennant - Rainbow Birthday Banner - Tween Party Decorations - Instagram Banner - Selfie Party Decorations

Everyone will love these Instagram camera balloons. They are definitely a must have item to decorate your party with.

Havercamp Social Media Party Balloons (3 Pcs.); 18" Square Mylar Balloons with Snapshot Logo. Social Media Party Collection

Also, for your party food, there are some great social media party table supplies. They are not strictly Insta only but they do fit in with the general theme and they are probably the closest match out there for this party theme.

Havercamp Social Media–Photo Shoot Party Set for 16 guests. Super DELUXE includes 16 ea. 9" Plates, 7" Plates & Napkins and 3 Mylar Balloons & 6 Latex Balloons!

Instagram Party Favors

These are the perfect ideas for Instagram party favors and I know you’ll love them too.

Selfie Sticks would be an amazing party favor for the Instagram crowd. Tie a ribbon around them with a little thank you gift tag and you are sorted.

Alternatively, these Pop Sockets would be very well received. They stick to the back of your phone case and make your phone easier to grip. They are great for selfies too, or texting, calling or just looking at photos on the ‘gram!

Another fun idea for a party favor if you don’t like the look of the pop socket is an awesome sparkly phone grip. If you’re prone to dropping your phone you’ll love this and they would make a lovely party favor gift.

Instagram Photo Booth Frame

An Instagram photo booth frame is a must have prop for your Instagram themed party and there are heaps of great options listed below.

Gold and black selfie frameYou can either choose to have this all made up for you or just the poster only without the backing.




This Instagram photo booth frame is another option for poster only or with backing too delivered to your door.

VictoryStore Photo Booth Frame - Social Media Frame Custom Wedding Photo Booth Set of 2 (Light)



Here’s another Instagram frame below. This one comes in two sizes to fit either one or two people in at once and can be customized with different usernames and hashtags to suit.


Or if you’d like to print one by yourself check out this awesome customized Instagram frame. It can be customized right down to the phone info at the top, profile photo and more.

Instagram Photo Booth Printable Frame

Photo Credit: Avocado ToGo

Lastly, if you were after more a generic Insta photobooth frame this one can be delivered to your door and it’s actually a dry erase frame so you can re-use it for many parties and celebrations to come. It also includes props!

Here are some more options for some fun photo booth props.

Insta-Themed Social Media Party Photo Booth Selfie Frame with Emoji & Speech Bubble Props. Great as Vintage Background Photography for Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding Event Decoration



Instagram Party Games

It can be kind of hard to find a good party game to play for an Instagram party. After all the kids are too old to play pass the parcel and musical statues. It’s good to have a party activity as a bit of an ice-breaker for the shyer guests or if some of them don’t know the others well.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for the free printable. Firstly you might want to check out this Instagram board game that is trending with teens. This social media board game is called #SocialStar

There’s a brief overview of it below:

YouTube video
I hope you’ve enjoyed the Instagram themed birthday party ideas listed here. Thanks for reading it. All the best for your party.

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