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Free Printable Office Party Games

If you’re looking for some free printable office party games ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s for a Friday fun day or any other type of office celebration, these work party games are quick and easy to set up.

So get ready to inject some serious fun into your next office party with our fabulous free printable fun office party games that you can print and play with your colleagues at your desk or anywhere.

If you are looking to raise the office morale and have an impromptu office party or for a more planned event…these games for an office party are sure to bring a memorable experience to the team, bust the boredom and spice up any office party.


office party games

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Office Party Games

Planning an office party that everyone will enjoy can be a daunting task, but worry not – I’ve got you covered! I have compiled a fantastic collection of printable staff party games that will add fun and laughter to your next office gathering.

Office party games are a great way to encourage communication, team building and they are excellent for boosting morale at work.

The games include Office Feud, Find Someone Who, Most Likely to, Would You Rather, Who Knows the Boss Best.

office party games

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Games for an Office Party

These fun games to play at work are designed to be printed on letter size or A4 size paper. You can print them in black and white or in color. Make sure that you print them in portrait orientation and that your printer settings are set to fit to page.

Please note the games you download to print out will NOT have the SAMPLE watermark on them. This is for display purposes only. The printable game that you download at the bottom of the page will not have a sample watermark. These fun games to be played in office are free for personal use only – not for commercial use or distribution.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best office games.

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Office Feud

This fun game taps into the collective experiences of everyone working in the same office, with a twist of friendly competition. Before the game begins, make sure to gather as many responses as possible by surveying your coworkers. Once you have collated all of the answers, work out what the top 3 most popular answers are and hide the results from the players.

Once you’ve got your results ready, distribute the printable game to each player and have them answer the questions. You can choose to play individually or in teams. Assign points to each answer based on the number of responses matching the correct answers. The winner is the person or the team with the most correct answers.

If you want to play with the official rules, you can find them here. Or just make up your own rules based on how you would prefer to play, depending on the amount of players and the amount of time you have to play.

work party games

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Find Someone Who

This next game is a great icebreaker game and is a wonderful way to get people talking to each other. The key to winning this game is to interact with as many individuals as possible within a limited timeframe.

To play Find Someone Who your goal is to find a person who fits the description in each box on your game card. Tick off the boxes or write their name. You can either tick off the boxes or write down the name of the person you find. The winner is the first person to achieve a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line on their card and shouts “BINGO” to claim victory.

If you’re up for an extra challenge and have a larger group, you can amp up the game by aiming to fill the entire game card. This variation adds more excitement and prolongs the gameplay, making it a fantastic choice for bigger gatherings.

staff party games

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Most Likely To

The next fun office game is called “Most Likely To”. Get ready to unveil the secrets and reveal the true nature of your coworkers with this fun office game printable.

Each player will receive a game card filled with statements. Each player must consider each statement and jot down the name of the person they believe is most likely to fit the description. Will it be the infamous jokester or the hardworking multitasker? 

Have everyone write down their selections, then it’s time for the big reveal. Compare answers and brace yourself for laughter, surprises, and a deeper understanding of your colleagues’ quirks and tendencies. Who knew your quiet cubicle mate had a hidden daredevil streak?

“Most Likely To” is the perfect game to ignite conversations, break the ice, and bring a playful energy to any office party. So grab your game cards, unleash your intuition, and let the revelations begin!

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Would You Rather

Get ready to dive into the intriguing world of tough choices with the office party game, “Would You Rather.” Here’s how to play: First, distribute a printable “Would You Rather” sheet to each player. They’ll be faced with a series of thought-provoking dilemmas, forcing them to make a decision between two options.

Alternatively, you can spice up the game by opting for a show of hands. Present each “Would You Rather” scenario and have players vote by raising their hands for their preferred option. 

For an extra twist, try guessing what your boss would choose. Who knows, you might be in sync with your supervisor’s mindset more than you realize!

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Who Knows the Boss the Best

Get ready to put your knowledge of the boss to the test with the super fun office party game, “Who Knows the Boss Best.” It’s time to showcase your insider information and see who has the keenest insight into your supervisor’s preferences.

Here’s how to play: Each player will receive a printable sheet filled with questions about the boss. From their favorite sports team to their best-kept secrets, these questions will challenge your knowledge of your esteemed leader. Take your time, recall those office conversations and observations, and carefully jot down your answers.

Once everyone has completed their sheets, it’s time to compare and reveal the responses. The player with the most correct answers emerges victorious, earning the title of the ultimate boss whisperer.

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Staff Party Games

  • Office Feud Game
  • Find Someone Who Game
  • Most Likely to Game
  • Would you Rather Game
  • Who Knows the Boss the Best Game

See below for all the links to download these fun games to play with colleagues. I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

work party games

Work Party Games

Office Feud

Find Someone Who

Most Likely To

Would You Rather

Who Knows Boss Best

I sincerely hope you have fun with these small fun activities for employees in office that you can play at your desk or in the lunchroom or office party venue. It really is a fun way to get everyone chatting and interacting at the office party.


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  1. hey, just wondering if the ‘Find Someone Who’ game is good for large teams? got a team of 50 and need somethng that includes everyone. thanks!

  2. Who knows the boss the best sounds fun but what if the boss finds out too much about what we really think haha. Guess we’ll need a new game called FIND A NEW JOB.

  3. OMG find someone who is the best. We played it last year and it was sooo fun. Can’t wait to do it again, maybe with new questions this time.


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