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Easy and Fun Rainbow Themed Party Ideas for 2024

If you are planning a rainbow themed party, then you’ve come to the right place. We have so many rainbow birthday party ideas here for you to choose from for your own party. Rainbow themed parties are really fun to decorate and they’re bright and happy celebrations. 

Whilst the rainbow party decor in this article is aimed towards a rainbow birthday theme, you could also find some fun and bright ideas for other celebrations and special events where a rainbow or lots of colorful decorations are needed.

Read on for rainbow decorations, favors, party food ideas, and more.

We’ve also got some fun and amazing FREE rainbow printables for rainbow party game activities that you’ll love. You’ll find them at the end of the article.

rainbow themed party

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Rainbow Themed Party

A rainbow party theme is great for kids or young at heart. I still love everything rainbow and I’m over the age of 30, so there’s that! 

In this rainbow party ideas guide you’ll find you’ll find the best rainbow party decorations, rainbow party food, and rainbow party favors, rainbow party games and rainbow activities.

There are also some easy and fun ideas here that will suit any type of rainbow celebration including baby showers, 1st birthday parties, engagement parties and more.

rainbow birthday party

Rainbow Party Supplies

We’ve got some great rainbow party supplies listed below to help you quickly and easily plan and find the best ideas for a rainbow party.

Rainbow Pinata

A popular item at a rainbow theme party for a kids birthday is a Rainbow pinata. You can fill the pinata with pieces of candy or fun small toys. My favorite pinata fillers are right here. There are heaps of ideas to choose from for all ages. 

rainbow pinata

Rainbow Photo Booth

Another fun activity for a rainbow party is to have a rainbow photo booth set up. I absolutely love the tinsely magic of this rainbow backdrop as seen below. It has an eighties nostalgic feel to it, but my 7-year-old daughter also loved it.

2 Packs Rainbow Backdrop Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtain Photo Booth Props for Birthday Gay Pride Day Bachelorette Wedding Engagement Bridal Shower Baby Shower Happy New Year Party Decorations

Find Rainbow Photo Booth & Props Here

Rainbow Loom Activity

Have you made any Rainbow Loom bracelets lately? This is a fun idea for another rainbow activity during your party. Set up a table with a few Rainbow Loom kits and see what they create.

The Original Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Hair Salon

Another fun party idea that you’ll definitely want to set up for your rainbow party is a rainbow hair salon. For this game you’ll need some rainbow hair chalk and lots of bright and fun colorful headbands and hair clips and a big portable mirror if you have one. Make sure you have an adult or older sibling running the salon – they will love the fun colorful rainbow hair ideas.

rainbow hair chalk for kids

You can find the most highly rated rainbow hair chalk below. It combs right into the hair, so way less mess!

New Hair Chalk Comb Temporary Hair Color Dye for Girls Kids, Washable Hair Chalk for Girls Age 4 5 6 7 8 9 10-12 Birthday Christmas Cosplay Hair DIY Party  

Find Rainbow Hair Chalk Here

Rainbow Face Paint

Another fun idea for a rainbow party for kids is rainbow face painting. Of course they’ll probably want some other ideas apart from rainbows…but a rainbow is easy to face paint even for a face painting novice.

Definitely stock up on the brightest face paint you can find. And grab some glitter while you’re there. They’ll love it.

face painting

You can find heaps of varieties of rainbow face paint here in all the colors of the rainbow. Don’t forget the glitter! You might also consider using some rainbow temporary tattoos if you wanted to have lots of fun, but without the mess.

Rainbow Dress

Whilst we’re still rainbow styling…how stunning is this rainbow dress! Perfect for the party guest of honor…plus she’ll definitely want to wear it afterwards too.

rainbow party dress

Find Rainbow Dresses Here

Rainbow Decorations

There are so many fun ideas when it comes to rainbow decorations. You can make these rainbow party decorations ideas as easy or as elaborate as you like. A quick and easy idea is to add rainbow streamers to your party table. It simply takes 3 minutes to sticky tape these streamers underneath a table for a fun colorful effect.

rainbow table decorations

We also decorated our walls behind the party table with rainbow streamers. We simply stuck the streamers to the wall with washi tape. Washi tape is great as it doesn’t take paint off the walls after you remove the decorations.

We also found these awesome rainbow birthday decals to add to the wall. You can find some similar decals right here.

 rainbow party decor

Rainbow Party Ideas

Rainbow balloons are another easy way to decorate a rainbow party. There are so many fun options for rainbow balloons right here including rainbow balloon arches, rainbow confetti balloons and balloons in every single color you can think of.

RUBFAC 189pcs Rainbow Balloon Garland Arch Kit, 7 Assorted Colors 5/12/18 Inch Latex Balloons for Birthday Party Baby Shower Wedding Anniversary Decoration

Another fun decoration idea is a rainbow garland made of colorful tissue paper. These garlands can be customized to match your party theme colors. If you don’t have time to make one yourself grab one already done for you below. 

rainbow party decor

Find Rainbow Garland Here

If you are after an easy way to decorate your party table rainbow style, then check out this awesome rainbow party set below. In addition to a plain white table cloth these can look really fun set up on the party table.

Rainbow Party Supplies,141Pcs Rainbow Party Tableware Set - Rainbow Plates Cups Napkins Table Cloths for Baby Shower,Carnival Themed Rainbow Birthday Party Supplies,Serves 20 Guests  

For more amazing rainbow birthday party decorations to quickly and easily decorate your party, check out the full range of the best rainbow party decor right here.

Rainbow Party Food

Rainbow party food does not have to be difficult to prepare. There are lots of fun rainbow themed party food ideas below.

rainbow party decorations

You could make some rainbow chocolate crackles and rainbow fruit skewers for a healthy option.

rainbow party food

Another fun food idea is rainbow cake pops. Display them in colorful buckets filled with matching candy. Quick tip: add scrunched up tissue paper to the bottom of the buckets so that you don’t have to fill the whole bucket. You can find the mini colorful buckets right here.
 rainbow cake pops

Rainbow colored popcorn is a must for rainbow themed party food. Serve the popcorn in rainbow cupcake wrappers for an extra fun burst of color.

rainbow themed party food

Rainbow Treats for Party

Here are some more delicious and colourful rainbow treats for party food. Of course, candy and lollies are easy to find in lots of fun colors to be added to the party table. Another fun idea for rainbow party food is colorful macarons. 

rainbow macarons

However, you must check out these next level rainbow macarons. Each macaron is a little rainbow in itself. How beautiful are they! They look too good to eat.

The quickest and easiest way to decorate any type of treat for a rainbow party theme is to add rainbow sprinkles. Not just 100’s and 1000s if you are after something extra special, check out all the different types of rainbow edible sprinkles right here.

You can add the colorful sprinkles to cakes, cookies, cupcakes, biscuits, slices and ice cream.

rainbow sprinkles

Dotty cookies are another easy way to make rainbow treats for party.

rainbow party food ideas

Or for something extra special you could make rainbow cookies. Or you could set up an area for your guests to decorate their own cookies as a party activity. Make sure you have lots of bowls of colorful frosting and Smarties and rainbow sprinkles. 

If you don’t want to make your own or don’t have the time, you could have some gorgeous rainbow cookies already made for you right here. These would be great to serve at the party or as party favors.

rainbow cookies

Another fun idea for rainbow party treats it to have a rainbow donut wall or donut stand. You must see these gorgeous donut stands right here that are rainbow shaped and look totally amazing. 

donut stand

You can find lots of fun rainbow cupcake wrappers right here. Any fun food can be made into a rainbow theme by adding sprinkles!

rainbow treats for party

Rainbow Party Favors

There are so many great rainbow party favor ideas that are super colorful and fun right here.

They’ll love these drawstring rainbow party bags. They’re the perfect size for some fun rainbow treats without going overboard on the sugar!

Party Favor Bags - 12-Pack Rainbow Party Favor Bags - Mini Canvas Drawstring Treat Gift Pouches, Rainbow Party Supplies | Kids Birthdays, Unicorn Parties, Rainbows with Gold Glitter, 4 x 6 Inches

However, my favorite idea for rainbow party favors is pictured below. How amazing are these super cute rainbow personalized bracelets!

Rainbow Party Games

Rainbow birthday party games are heaps of fun and there are so many great ideas here for a fun rainbow activity to liven up your party.

We also have some free rainbow printables for you for some of the games below. You’ll love these rainbow games for kids and they are free for your personal use.

Rainbow Games

  • rainbow pinata
  • rainbow photo booth
  • rainbow loom bracelet making
  • rainbow hair salon with hair chalk
  • rainbow face painting
  • rainbow cookie decorating
  • rainbow target game 
  • rainbow race play dough game
  • colorful play dough table
  • pin the cloud on the rainbow game
  • rainbow dice game
  • rainbow bingo

Rainbow Target Game

Firstly, this rainbow target game is super easy to make at home and the kids love it.  Grab some large sheets of cardboard in red, yellow, green and blue. Cut the cardboard into strips and shape them into a ring. Staple the ends of each strip of cardboard to keep the ring together and help maintain its shape. Do this with all of the colors making smaller rings as you go.

You can write number on the outside of the rings for point scoring. For example, 5 points for the middle, 3 for the outside, 2 for the next ring and 1 point for the largest ring. Have someone score points as the kids line up and throw a bean bag or a soft ball into the rings. We used a large rolled up bit of play dough as a ball. The winner is the child with the best score.

rainbow party games

Rainbow Race Play Dough Game

The next game is one that I made up and it turned out really well. It is the make a rainbow race game. For this game you’ll need play dough in individual rainbow colors. You can either make your own or buy some little tubs from the shops. You’ll also need some paper plates.

Basically, the idea of the game is to create a rainbow on the paper plate; however, the players must also run a race between the play dough and the plate, picking up only 1 color play dough at a time. The winner is the first person to successfully create a play dough rainbow on their own paper plate.

rainbow party games

I pre-made some little bags of play dough for this game prior to the party. Also make sure that you write the player’s names on the paper plates so that no one mixes up their play dough when running back to get more supplies.

To start the game, line up your players with their play dough packs in front of them. Place their paper plates at the other end of the room or backyard directly in front of them, so that each player runs in a straight line to get their play dough to their plate.

All players start the race at the same time running one piece of the play dough rainbow to their plate, then running back to where they started to get the next piece of play dough. The winner is the first person to finish their rainbow.

rainbow party games

Play Dough Table

I always like to have a play dough table set up with lots of colorful play dough and heaps of play dough tools. This is also great for shyer party guests that might want to sit quietly at the table before they interact with the other party guests.

Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow Game

Instead of the usual pin the tail on the donkey game, we’ve created a rainbow version. Pin the cloud on the rainbow. You can download it here for free.

Simply print it on large size paper at a print shop as most home printers don’t have large enough paper. It can be printed on Arch C paper 24 x 18 inch paper or A2 size paper if you are not in the USA.

Once printed, cut out the clouds and stick the rainbow on the wall. Make sure you have a blindfold as well. You can write the names of the players on the clouds so that they don’t get mixed up. Stick some blue tack to the backs of the clouds so that they easily stick on the paper.

When ready to play, pop the blindfold on the player, spin them around a few times then see if they can stick the cloud on the correct position on the rainbow sign. The winner is the person that sticks their cloud closest to the cloud that is printed on the sign.

pin the cloud on the rainbow game

Download the Game Here

Rainbow Dice Game

You’ll love this next game. All you need is the free printable rainbow game sheet below – print one copy for each of the players. You’ll also need a pack or two of crayons or colored pencils to share and one dice.

Hand out a rainbow sheet to each of the players. Allow each player to roll the dice on their turn. If the player rolls a “six” then they are able to color one section of the rainbow only. If they don’t roll a six then they pass the dice to the next person to roll and do not color in until they roll a six on the dice. The winner is the first person to have a fully colored in rainbow.

Download the game here

Don’t miss another fun and totally free printable rainbow party game: BINGO. Check out our free printable Rainbow Bingo game.

Rainbow Theme Party

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed these rainbow theme party ideas. Please check back on this page for later as we will have some great birthday cake ideas for you as well.

For more fun ideas for a rainbow party check out all the amazing rainbow themed party items right here.

Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

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  • colorful streamers
  • rainbow party food 
  • rainbow photo booth
  • rainbow pinata
  • rainbow face paint
  • rainbow hair chalk
  • rainbow games

ideas for a rainbow party

Thanks for reading this article. Wishing you a wonderful rainbow kids party or rainbow adults party. Have fun!

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