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Sloth Gifts for Everyone (Best Sloths Gift Ideas for 2024)

Are you looking for the perfect sloth gift idea? If so, read on. Sloth gifts have become very popular and sought after in recent times. They are definitely a trending gift idea and we have heaps here to show you.

We have sloth themed gifts for that someone special in your life, or a family member or friend, and there are also some fun gag gifts for your co-workers. You’ll find gifts that will suit the kids right through to adults in any price range.

sloth gifts

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Sloth Gifts

All of the amazing sloth gifts that you’ll find in this article are sure to surprise and delight the recipient. These gifts for sloth lovers are perfect for any occasion, and there really is something here for everyone whether it be for a Christmas or birthday gift.

cute sloth

How cute is this three-toed sloth! If you love sloths then you’ll love these gifts.

Sloth Shoes

If you haven’t yet come across sloth shoes, then you’re missing out! There are shoes and slippers galore right here, all sloth themed in all sizes (kids and adults) and totally awesome.

Sloth Gifts for Her

The following sloth gifts for girls and women are super cute.

Sloth Ring Holder

How cute is this gorgeous handmade ring holder! It measures 2.75 x 1.4 inches and is a beautiful, unique gift.

sloth ring holder

Find it Here

Sloth Slippers

You’ll definitely want some of these…I mean to gift some of these for winter. See the large range below in all colors and sizes.

Openhahaha Sloth Slippers Womens Fluffy Slippers Animal Slippers Bear Slippers Bunny Slippers, Funny Christmas Gift Slippers for Adult
Sloth Slippers

Find ALL the Slippers Here

Also, don’t forget about sloth pajamas. You can check out a wide range right here suitable for babies, kids and adults.

Sloth Apron

This sloth apron is my favorite.

sloth apron

Find Sloth Apron Here

There are so many amazing sloth bags to choose from right here – including makeup bags, backpacks, handbags, over the shoulder bags and more.

Sloth Journal

A baby sloth and family journal would be a beautiful gift idea.

sloth journal

Find it Here

For a personalized sloth gifts idea that won’t break the bank, check out this gorgeous mouse pad. Of course it’s sloth themed and girly cute, and it can be personalized with a name. Find them here.

Sloth Items

More great sloth gift ideas coming right up!

Sloth Planter

This stunning hanging sloth planter pot for succulents and small plants would be the perfect gift idea for those who love their sloths and their homewares. These are beautifully handmade from ceramic and are 7.3 x 4.25 inches.

sloth planter

Find it Here

You’ll love this next unique sloth gift idea. It’s a very cute and tiny slothy message in a bottle…a greeting card / keepsake in a bottle. There are little message suggestions for the tiny note to choose from, or it can be personalized to suit the recipient, whether it’s for your partner or your bestie or even your mom.

Sloth Jewelry

Now these sloth jewelry pieces are a truly beautiful gift idea.

Sloth Necklace

These super sweet sloth necklaces are handcrafted in either gold or silver. They are handmade and made to order.

sloth necklace

Find it Here

Sloth Earrings

Whether you are after dangly or simple stud type earrings, there are heaps of sloth themed earrings below. They are a truly cute and quirky gift idea.

Sloth Stud Earrings for Girls Women 925 Sterling Silver Hypoallergenic Heart Earring Studs for Sensitive Ears Sloth Gifts for Girls.
Sloth Earrings

 Find Sloth Earrings Here


Don’t miss out on seeing these gorgeous sloth rings – a lovely gift idea – see the full range right here.

Sloth Shirts

Shirts with sloths are truly where it’s at. A sloth shirt is a great gift idea – and there are heaps to choose from quirky to cute.

Sloth Shirt

There are so many AWESOME sloth tshirts right here that are amazing, and there really is something for everyone – kids and adults of all ages. Of course sloth inactive wear just fits perfectly with the lifestyle.

sloth shirts

Find it Here

Sloth shirts and puns just go together so well. How about this ‘natural born chiller’ shirt. I also love these sloth shirts with the Nike swoosh: Just do it…later!

Of course if you wanted a sloth hoodie there are heaps of funny and punny ones around.

For all of your sloth hoodie needs check out the huge range here for adults and kids.

Sloth Bedding

These next pieces are the perfect way to amplify the sloth sleepy lifestyle that we all enjoy from time to time, or for most of us quite regularly if we’re being honest.

Sloth Pillow

How cute are these sloth pillows and cushions. They’d be great on a bed or sofa lounge.

sloth pillow

Find it Here

Sloth Duvet Cover

What a perfect combination. A slothicorn and a unicorn. The perfect sloth bedding for tween or teen girl.

sloth duvet cover

Find it Here

Sloth Blanket

This sloth blanket is a must-have item to curl up with to binge watch your favorite tv series.

sloth blanket

 Find it Here

Sloth Stuff

Here are some more sloth homewares that you’ll love…because the more sloth stuff around the home, the more chilled the vibe. It’s science!

Sloth Wall Art

Who could resist this cute sloth surfing? Sloths can do anything…in their own time.

sloth wall art

Find it Here

There are heaps of amazing and unique sloth posters right here. You’ll find some awesome posters and prints for nurseries, through to kids bedrooms, home offices and lounge rooms.

Sloth Clock

A sloth clock might seem counter-productive, but if it’s a reminder to chill, then let’s all have one.

sloth clock

Find it Here

You must check out this amazing range of sloth mugs right here. You’ll find everything from funny sloth coffee mugs, to personalized mugs, to artistic mugs – all with a sloth theme.

Sloth Coasters

Sloffee time for coffee time. These cute coasters are a match made in heaven for slothy coffee lovers.

sloth coasters

Find it Here

Check out these sloth gag gifts for your favorite slooooow co-worker. You can find heaps of crazy sloth gag gifts right here.

Sloth Toys

Check out these fun sloth toys. You’ll love these sloth gifts for kids….perfect to gift to both young and older children.

Sloth Plush

This sloth plush is super popular and extra cuddly. And its arms have velcro so it can hug you whilst it hangs around your neck. Or hang it around a bedpost. It will soon become your kids’ favorite napping companion guaranteed.


Edgewood Toys 28-Inch Hanging Sloth Stuffed Animal with Baby - Ultra Soft Sloth Plush Design with Hands and Feet That Connect - Realistic & Cute - Bring These Popular Sloths Home to Kids Ages 3+
Sloth Plush Toy


Find Sloth Plush Toys Here

Sloth Board Game

For older kids, they might also appreciate a sloth board game. This slothy twist on the classic game Kerplunk is sure to be a winner.

Tumblin’ Sloths by Tumblin’ Monkeys, Kids Game with Sloth Theme, Makes A Great Gift for 5 Year Olds and Up
Tumblin’ Sloths Board Game

Or how about a fast, action packed sloth game? No pressure… but you can’t act it out at a sloth’s pace.

eeBoo: Sloth in a Hurry Action Board Game, an Easy to Play Improv Game, Educational Game That Cultivates Conversation, Socialization, and Skill-Building, for Ages 5 and up
Sloth in a hurry board game

Sloth Gift Ideas

Here are some more sloth presents that are cute and quirky.

Sloth Keychain

These cute handmade sloth keychains would also be great as school bag tags. They would be such a sweet gift.

sloth keychain

Find it Here

Can’t find what you are after? Why not grab an Etsy gift card. Find them right here.

Sloth Charms

How lovely are these kawaii inspired sloth charms! In addition to the sweet charms below, there’s even one with a sloth holding a cup of coffee. You can choose from a range of finishes including lobster clasp, keychain, necklace, stitch marker or phone link.

sloth charm

Find Them Here

Want to see more? For all of your unique sloth gifts check out this amazing ideas list right here.

TeeStars Men's - Sloth Mode Hoodie Medium Grey
Sloth Hoodie

Still looking for more sloth gifts? – Find a full range of gifts for absolutely everyone right here.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this list of sloth items for gifting. Thank you for being here.

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