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Star Wars Party Theme Ideas for 2021

If you’re looking for some super fun Star Wars party ideas, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Read on to find some great ideas for a Star Wars birthday party.

These ideas are also fun for any special occasion where you would like a Star Wars party theme. You’ll find lots of Star Wars party decorations and Star Wars themed food.

Star Wars party theme

There are also some fun ideas for party favors and activities. You’ll love the all important Star Wars birthday cake idea as well, including some amazing cupcakes too.

If you were wondering how to throw a Star Wars party then we’ve got lots of easy and fun ideas for you.

Star Wars Party

Fiona Chambers has kindly shared her son’s Star Wars party with us. Fiona is a party styling extraordinaire, so read on so you can grab some fantastic ideas to replicate for your own Star Wars party theme.

*All the Star Wars birthday party photos in this post are copyright of Fiona Chambers.

Star Wars Party

Star Wars Birthday Party

How amazing is this Star Wars birthday party! The attention to detail in this party styling is second to none. Read on to come away with lots of fun ideas for your Star Wars party table. 

Star Wars Party Ideas

This party has been so cleverly styled with a black backdrop and black table cloth which is very intergalactic. This also helps the party decorations to really steal the show with the dark background.

Fiona has cleverly highlighted the decorations with a mixture of blue and red alongside the typical black and white Star Wars color scheme.

Star Wars party theme

Star Wars Party Ideas

There are so many fun Star Wars party ideas featured below. You could choose to go all out and make it an out of this world party or just choose a few ideas to style up your party.

The party backdrop was highlighted with some black, grey and white balloons and a black star and silver planet garland. The black and white paper lanterns are a great idea for some easy decorations to add to your party area.

This personalized Star Wars party sign looks AMAZING and is such a fun way to celebrate the birthday boy or girl. And an inflatable Yoda is a must have party decoration!

Star Wars Birthday

So many fun Star Wars action figures were used as decorations, which is such a quick and easy idea. The kids (or adults) will love it too, since the decorations can become bonus birthday presents at the end of the party.

The black and white Darth Vader and Storm Trooper banner looks great across the party table and really matches in with the colors of the fun party treats.

Star Wars Birthday Party

Starwars Birthday

Now this is a fun way to style up a Star Wars birthday party. It could work for big or small parties as all Star Wars fans will love it. Simply grab some life size cardboard cutouts of your favorite Star Wars characters and display them around your cake table.

It would also double as an awesome photo booth opportunity for great photos of your birthday celebration.

Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Decorations

Fiona has very cleverly used her party treats as party decorations as well. It’s the small details that really made this party look amazing.

Star Wars Party

To style up the party table, grab some glass bowls in all different shapes and sizes and add candy in your party’s color scheme. Style them up like the picture below with little Star Wars labels.

Star Wars Party Decorations

I love how these Star Wars favor boxes are displayed on this black stand, and this Star Wars light box is definitely a fun and must-have accent piece to add to your Star Wars decorations.

Star Wars Decorating

Now this is an ingenious idea that is not only a fun decoration but could also be a party treat. Simply make some blue jelly with a small plastic Han Solo figurine, and you have Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

This one is great for the older kids for sure. If there are small children around, make sure they don’t try to eat the figurine! 

Star Wars Party Theme Ideas

These Darth Vader balloons make the best Star Wars decorations!

Star Wars Decorations

Now if you can find someone that can make these gorgeous baby Yoda balloons then they would make a great decoration and even party favor.

Star Wars Decorations

Star Wars Party Favors

There are so many amazing options for party favors for a Star Wars party theme. These Yoda party favor boxes look great, and you can fill them with any sort of treat you like.

Star Wars Themed Birthday Parties

Another super fun idea for a party treat or party favor is to put a themed sticker on a lollipop. They look great and double as fun table decorations too.

Star Wars Birthday Decorations

Or decorate some M&M’s mini tubes with some fun personalized Star Wars wrappers for a fun party favor or a party treat.

Star Wars Party Theme

The kids will also love these personalized chocolates as well.

Star Wars Party Chocolates

A very popular item for a party favor is a Star Wars Pez dispenser. Grab a bulk pack and also use them to decorate your party table.

Star Wars Pez Dispensers

Don’t miss our full list of amazingly unique Star Wars Party Favors.

Star Wars Themed Food

If you’re having a Star Wars party then you’ll definitely want to try to replicate this amazing table of Star Wars themed food.

Star Wars Themed Food

Of course you can add some other food too to your set up…just take an awesome photo or two first.

Star Wars Themed Food

The jelly cups in both red and blue are a great idea, and the Darth Vader cookies are another exceptional idea. You could make these with a Darth Vader cookie cutter and press it into black fondant, then pop them on top of iced cookies.

Star Wars Party Food

Star Wars Party Food

This is a super fun idea to try. Grab some Storm Trooper Lego mini figures and hot glue them to the little metal buckets. They look great with colored popcorn, but you could fill with any treat you like.

Star Wars Themed Food

These donut stands look amazing! To make them you need a Star Wars Pop Vinyl (preferably Darth Vader) and a donut stand. You’ll need a donut stand that has little branches on it to hang the donuts on. Super glue the bottom of the Pop Vinyl to the top of the stand. 

Star Wars Themed Food

Now if you can get your hands on a Storm Trooper trick or treat bucket, then this is a great table accessory. Simply fill with the snacks of your choice.

Party Ideas Star Wars - Star Wars Party Food

There are also Darth Vader trick or treat buckets too that also look fantastic on the party table.

Star Wars Party Food

A great party treat idea is Star Wars shaped chocolates. Find some Star Wars molds to make them with. Then mix some grey food coloring with white chocolate and you’re set. Love the Millennium Falcon chocolate!

Star Wars Party Food

Another great way to decorate your party treats is to have a Star Wars candy buffet. Fill lots of different shape glass bowls and vases with candy and decorate them with a personalized Star Wars sticker to match your party theme.

Star Wars Candy

If you can find the candy to match your party theme colors, then they will look extra amazing on the party table.

Star Wars Party Food - Candy

Can you spot the Star Wars figurines in amongst the party treats? It really is a fun and effective way to decorate the party table.

Star Wars Party Table

Another fun idea for your Star Wars party theme is to wrap water bottles with personalized and themed labels. If you want to keep the labels waterproof (if going in a cooler) then simply add a layer of clear contact paper over the top of the label.

Star Wars Party Water Bottle Labels

Star Wars Party Games

There are so many fun options out there for Star Wars party games. You could have a Star Wars pinata and decorate the pinata stick like a lightsaber.

Or you could grab some Nerf guns and have the party guests shoot the bullets at Star Wars Nerf targets.

You’ll also love this idea below. Why not have the kids design their own Wookie cookie?

Make up some gingerbread men and have lots of chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles to ice them with. You could also use some M&M’s minis and licorice straps as well.

Why not give a prize for the best Wookie!

Star Wars Party ideas

Here are some great prizes for the party games. Any Star Wars merch would work well and the little trophies would be great as prizes for the Nerf gun shooting games.

Star Wars Party Games

Star Wars Birthday Cake

How amazing is this Star Wars birthday cake!

Star Wars Birthday Cake

Here’s a top-down view of the Star Wars cake.

Star Wars Birthday Cakes

Another idea for a Star Wars cake is Star Wars cupcakes. These lightsaber cupcake toppers come in red, blue and green and look great on top of beautifully iced cupcakes. 

Star Wars Cupcakes

You can either lay the lightsabers on top or stick them in.

Star Wars Birthday

Not only does this outstanding Star Wars cake have Yoda cake topper, but it also has a Storm Trooper base. What could be better!

Star Wars Themed Cakes

I sincerely hope you’ve come away with some great ideas for your next Star Wars party. My sincere thanks to Fiona Chambers for sharing her amazing Star Wars party ideas.

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Star Wars party theme


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