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Unicorn Gifts for Girls (35+ Ideas for All Ages)

If you’re looking for some super cute and just downright amazing unicorn gifts for girls then you have come to the right place. Read on to find amazing unicorn things to suit a variety of ages.

As long as they love unicorns you’ll find something perfect to gift right here. If you’ve been wondering what to get a unicorn lover then read on. You’ll find unicorn birthday gifts and unicorn Christmas gifts that they’ll adore.

Unicorn gifts for girls

There are not only unicorn toys for kids but also other fun unicorn stuff that tweens, teens and adults would like too.

Unicorn Gifts for Girls

In this unicorn gift guide  you’ll find lots of beautiful personalized unicorn gifts below that would not only make a beautiful magical gift idea but also would be a lovely keepsake. There are also unicorn decor items that would look beautiful in a bedroom as well.

And if you’re going to a unicorn party then you’ll find the perfect gift to bring right here.

The beauty of unicorn decor is that they will still love it for years to come. They don’t grow out of this room decor after the baby and toddler years like they might with other nursery decor styles.

Unicorns have magical staying power even into the teenage and adult years.

Unicorn Gifts

Without any further ado, read on to see the most magical unicorn gifts on the internet. You’ll find the best unicorn gift baskets, lamps and night lights, blankets, towels, robes and more.

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Unicorn Gift Basket

This super-cute unicorn gift basket contains the ultimate collection of unicorn bathtime essentials and a delightful assortment of handcrafted products. The cute little tub can also be personalized.

A beautiful gift idea to delight the senses and would be perfect for unicorn gifts for tweens.

Unicorn Lamp

A unicorn lamp is a lovely gift idea that they will cherish for years to come. They look amazing as bedroom decor and they are definitely on trend and a very popular gift item.

Personalized Unicorn Lamp

This personalized unicorn lamp is a holographic inspired LED based night light that changes color to suit your mood. It comes with a wireless remote control and it conveniently runs with batteries or a power cable. It looks great in both lit and dim environments.

A truly beautiful gift idea for unicorn lovers.

Rainbow Unicorn Night Light

This rainbow unicorn night light is a fun multicolored LED nightlight with beautiful soft lighting cycles.

It has a 15 minute timer or can be left on all night if you choose. It runs on batteries so you can place it wherever your heart desires without worrying about a power outlet.

Personalized Unicorn Cutlery

How gorgeous are these! This personalized unicorn cutlery set is a beautiful gift idea and keepsake for any occasion.

The cutlery set is safe for kids (the knife is not sharp) and it is ideal for children from 1 to 10 years of age. It is also dishwasher safe so feel free to let them use it and enjoy it!

Personalized Unicorn Blanket

This personalized unicorn blanket is a beautiful lifetime keepsake gift idea. The blanket is available in a variety of sizes from baby through to kids bedding size. It is made with eco-friendly water-based dyes so it is safe for babies and kids.

They’ll love this super soft personalized unicorn blanket with their name on it.

Unicorn Robe

This gorgeous personalized unicorn robe is available in a variety of colors and sizes for kids and adults. It can be personalized with a name below the unicorn in sparkly glitter vinyl. This is a beautiful gift idea for girls of all ages.

Unicorn Towel

This gorgeous unicorn hooded towel is super popular and a gorgeous gift idea that can also be personalized with the child’s name. The towel is made from 100% cotton terry and is full size bath towel so will be able to be used from baby years onwards.

Unicorn Gift Ideas

Read on to see some more amazing unicorn gifts for girls that they will no doubt absolutely love to receive.

Unicorn Bow Holder

This gorgeous unicorn bow holder double also doubles as a beautiful decor item. It can be hung easily on the wall and all of her bows can be stored neatily and prettily in the one place.

Definitely a very sweet and unique unicorn gift idea.

Mystery Magical Unicorn Gift Box

This magical unicorn gift box is filled to the brim with unicorn things that are super-fun.

Each mystery box contains cute unicorn gifts and toys such as pens, stationery, jewelry, plushies, hair accessories, and more. Every box is full of different unicorn items and is a super fun gift.

Unicorn Stuff for Girls

There are still heaps of ideas for unicorn stuff for girls that you could give as a super fun and unique gift idea for a birthday or any other special occasion.

Unicorn gifts are also a great idea for new baby gifts for little baby girls.

If you are looking for unicorn baby gift ideas check out the beautiful items right here.

Unicorn Things

Here are some more fun unicorn things that they’ll love. One of the most popular type of unicorn decor is a unicorn pillow. And another timeless unicorn themed gift is unicorn bookends.

Unicorn Pillow

There are so many beautiful pillows. Some are sequin pillows with hidden messages or personalized with names. Others are in the shape of unicorn heads. There are rainbow and pastel options and lots of sparkly glittery fun options too.

They would make a gorgeous bedroom decor item that will be loved for years to come as unicorns just don’t seem to go out of date!

Rather than just show you one unicorn pillow you need to see them all right here.

Unicorn Bookends

These delightful rainbow unicorn bookend will add fun and function to a little girl’s bedroom or nursery bookshelf. They’re beautifully handcrafted with natural poplar wood and made with environmentally-friendly paint and non-toxic sealers.

A lovely gift idea and decor item to brighten up a bookshelf.

If you were wanting to add some unicorn books as part of your gift there are some fantastic unicorn books that really encourage the love of reading.

Find some amazing unicorn books for early readers right here.

Unicorn Gift

There are more unicorn gift ideas below. Some are suitable for older girls as well so they don’t miss out on the unicorn fun.

Unicorn Taco Holder

It would be remiss of me not to add a unicorn taco holder into a unicorn gift guide. After all who wouldn’t love one of these! Unicorns and tacos: two of my favorite things.

And if you were wondering, they do fit in the dishwasher so they can be used again and again.

Unicorn Mug

This super-fun unicorn mug magically changes color when you add a hot drink to it. A perfect gift idea to make someone’s morning a little more magical.

unicorn mug - unicorn color changing mugThere are so many fun unicorn mugs to choose from – all shapes and sizes and with different fun phrases.

Find mugs here

And here’s a hilariously cheeky unicorn mug…one you might want to give your older sister, unicorn aunt, or best friend. It’s not for kids but it is a funny gift for adults who love unicorns.

We all have someone is our lives who would love to receive this mug as a gift and use it on the daily. Check it out here!

Unicorn Inflatable Air Bed

Okay so this has to be the best idea for super fun sleepovers. This unicorn airbed is one that the grandparents will just have to have to be the best sleepover ever!

 Unicorn Jewelry

Another beautiful unicorn gift idea is unicorn jewelry. These pieces are lovely keepsakes and will no doubt be treasured by the recipient.

This are over 12 options for a beautiful sterling silver unicorn necklace similar to the one below including rainbow unicorn and a BFF unicorn set.

These stunning sterling silver unicorn earrings are the perfect gift for a girl who loves unicorns and they come in a sweet little gift box too. They catch the light and change color with their pretty opal centres.

Unicorn Toys for Girls

Apart from all of the fun ideas for amazing unicorn stuff that has been listed above, sometimes you just want to give a toy as a gift. For some kids you know that’s all that they really want!

These toys below would be great as a unicorn birthday gift or Christmas present idea. Read on for some great unicorn gifts for girls that are toys.

Unicorn Plush

There are so many different types of unicorn plush to choose from. From huge to small and super cuddly you’re bound to find a unicorn stuffed animal that is perfect to gift.

This plush unicorn castle comes with 5 stuffed animals and the castle also doubles as a very convenient carry case.

They will love this interactive plush unicorn toy. It’s not only soft and cuddly but it also interacts with you…and will easily become a favorite and much-loved toy.

This amazing unicorn toy responds to both voice and touch with over 100 sound and motion combinations. It’s recommended for ages 4 and up.

Giant Stuffed Unicorn

A popular gift idea for a nursery or play room is a giant stuffed unicorn. This unicorn below is recommended for ages 3+ and measures 24 x 18 x 9 inches and is super snuggly.

However, if you’re after a really giant stuffed unicorn they’ll love this unicorn below from Melissa and Doug. It measures a massive 32 x 45 x 12 inches with a sturdy frame that is both durable and soft to touch.

It is a beautiful item to display as bedroom decor that they’ll love for years to come.

Ride on Unicorn

This ride on unicorn toy is an amazing gift idea. They will love this toy for years and will also be able to enjoy it for years as it supports a child that weighs up to 77 pounds. It moves with the help of wheels and even works on carpet.

Unicorn Toys

Here are some more unicorn toys that would appeal to girls and would be a beautiful gift idea. They’ll love this fun unicorn stuff including board games and craft kits and super fun outdoor toys and accessories.

This VTech Go interactive unicorn is a super fun toy that walks, talks, and lights up for kids aged 18 months to 5 years.

Sparkles the dancing unicorn is a very popular toy as it not only dances but lights up and you can also feed it with the little cupcake that comes with it. The unicorn reacts to your touch and dances to her own music.

This unicorn styling head is a great gift idea for young girls. She will have hours of fun styling her hair with colorful clips and a little hair brush.

This toy actually helped my 5 year old learn how to plait with the 3 different colors of hair on the unicorn’s head. It made it really easy to teach here. She is now 7 and still loves this toy to play with.

Unicorn Board Games

Monopoly unicorns vs llamas is a board game designed to be played in teams to see which adorable furry friend is the best. The game is recommended for ages 8 years and over.

This Don’t Step in it game is a crazy hilarious game for ages 4 and older. As it sounds you are challenged not to step in the unicorn poop whilst blindfolded. Guaranteed laughs for the whole family.

These next gifts are fun unicorn-themed activities.

A mini unicorn garden is a great gift idea for girls aged 6+. The quick growing seeds sprout within 3 to 5 days and they will love decorating their own mini terrarium. The kit contains everything they need to grow their own mini unicorn paradise.

This unicorn sand kit is a fun craft activity where they can create a magical unicorn world with rainbow colored sand, stickers and a mini unicorn. This sparkly sand can be made into a fun glittery activity that they will love to play with for hours.

A unicorn craft kit is a lovely gift idea to inspire their creativity. It includes a unicorn headband, tiny stuffed unicorn, necklace, rainbow garland and unicorn tail to craft.

Unicorn Slime is the present that you will love to give and they will love to receive, but their parents may not love it just as much. This make your own unicorn slime kit comes with sparkly gemstones and a whole lot of DIY sparkly slime fun.

Unicorn Items

Here are some super fun unicorn outdoor gifts including scooters, bikes and helmets.

Unicorn Scooter

This unicorn scooter is perfect for ages 3 to 5 years. It is self-balancing and is easy to turn and it has a foot-activated brake to make it easy and fun to ride.

 Unicorn Pogo Stick

This unicorn pogo stick looks like so much fun for the kids and even adults can have a go too as it supports up to 250 pounds! It’s safe for kids as it has a soft cushiony base and comfortable handles.

Parents will be happy as it does not scratch floors so it’s fine for either indoor or outdoor use.

 Unicorn Bike

So it can be hard to find an actual unicorn bike so this is the next best thing. This unicorn bike decoration is very easy to install and would fit most bikes and even scooters to convert any bike into a unicorn bike!

Unicorn Bike Helmet

This unicorn bike helmet is the perfect accessory for any bike riding unicorn loving girl. It has adjustable straps and aerodynamic cooling vents. It’s suitable for ages 5 to 8 years old and complies with US safety standards (See item website for details).

See more unicorn gifts for girls right here.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this list of great ideas for unicorn gifts for girls. Thanks for reading.

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