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Cupcake Rainbow Cake Ideas

Rainbow party cakes are so much fun but the easiest to make is definitely a cupcake rainbow. If you’re wondering how to make a cupcake rainbow then read on.

These deliciously bright cakes are great for a birthday party or any type of special occasion.

cupcake rainbow

Cupcake Rainbow

The beauty of a cupcake rainbow cake is that it not only looks amazing but it is also super easy to make. You could use mini cupcakes or regular size cupcakes the choice is yours.

Rainbow cupcakes

Step 1. Bake at least 24 cupcakes. Use your favorite recipe or cake mix. You could use some colorful cupcake liners if you like.

Step 2. Whilst the cupcakes are cooling to room temperature prepare some buttercream icing / frosting without color.

Step 3. Divide the icing evenly into separate bowls – you’ll need a bowl for each color of the rainbow. Add food coloring to each bowl – a different color in each. You could use gel food coloring or food coloring drops.

Step 4. Arrange the cupcakes on a cake board or large cutting board into the shape of a rainbow.

Step 5. Ice the cakes in rows to make it look like a rainbow. See photos below for inspiration.

Rainbow Cupcake Cake

This rainbow pull apart cake looks amazing and the use of color looks awesome.

There are lots of options for some cloud ideas to add to your rainbow. Similar to the stunning rainbow cupcakes below you could add some white icing to some extra cupcakes to put at either end of the rainbow.

Another idea for the clouds is to melt some white chocolate and make it into the shape of a flat cloud. Once the chocolate cloud has set in the fridge you could place it on top of some cupcakes on the rainbow. You could add a few cupcakes to the end of the rainbow to balance the clouds on.

A third fun idea for clouds is to ice a few cupcakes with white icing and mini white marshmallows for a fun fluffy look.

Cupcake Rainbow Cake

Another amazing idea for a cupcake rainbow is ice all of the cakes in either white or blue and arrange them in a rainbow shape. Then simply decorate them with colored M&M’s or Skittles to make the rainbow color.

You could also add some marshmallows to one or both ends as a cloud. The cake below looks great and would be fun to make with kids as well.

As you can see this cake would also work for a My Little Pony party or even a rainbow unicorn theme.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas for a fun cake. Enjoy your special celebration.

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