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Rainbow Cupcake Ideas plus Rainbow Pull Apart Cakes

Who doesn’t love rainbow cupcakes or a cupcake rainbow cake? Yes, they are two different things, but equally fun, beautiful and delicious. I’ve put together a photographic list of the cutest rainbow cupcake ideas below. You can make these rainbow cupcakes yourself or take the photo to your favorite cake decorator to make the cakes for you.

These deliciously bright little cakes are great for a birthday party or any type of special occasion.

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Rainbow Cupcake Ideas

Rainbow cupcakes are great for a rainbow birthday party or any party that needs a bit of color and fun.

Firstly, check out the most amazing rainbow cupcake ideas below.

And it’s not just about the icing! You could also go a step further and make a rainbow cake.

 Or swirly rainbow buttercream frosting.

Love these gorgeous rainbow cupcakes – (you could use mini-marshmallows for the clouds or white chocolate chips).

These loaded rainbow cupcakes look amazing.

Love these birthday cupcake toppers. They are so pretty.

Looking for rainbow sprinkles to add to your cupcakes? Find them right here.

Now this is definitely a unique idea for rainbow cupcakes. Rainbow cake on a rainbow cupcake. This one deserves a rainbow star for awesomeness!

Rainbow Cupcake Cake

The beauty of a cupcake rainbow cake is that it not only looks amazing but it is also super easy to make. You could use mini cupcakes or regular size cupcakes, the choice is yours.

Step 1. Bake at least 24 cupcakes. Use your favorite recipe or cake mix. You could use some colorful cupcake liners if you like.

Step 2. Whilst the cupcakes are cooling to room temperature, prepare some buttercream icing / frosting without color.

Step 3. Divide the icing evenly into separate bowls – you’ll need a bowl for each color of the rainbow. Add food coloring to each bowl – a different color in each. You could use gel food coloring or food coloring drops.

Step 4. Arrange the cupcakes on a cake board or large cutting board into the shape of a rainbow.

Step 5. Ice the cakes in rows to make it look like a rainbow.

Another amazing idea for a cupcake rainbow is to ice all the cakes in either white or blue and arrange them in a rainbow shape. Then simply decorate them with colored M&M’s or Skittles to make the rainbow color.

You could also add some marshmallows to one or both ends as a cloud.

Looking for more of the rainbow?

Rainbow party ideas – Don’t miss this fun article filled with everything you need for the perfect rainbow party.

Free printable rainbow bingo – print and play this at your rainbow party.

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