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Dinosaur Party Favor Ideas (To Buy or DIY)

If you’re looking for something extra special as a take-home gift for your Dinosaur party – you’ll love these dinosaur party favor ideas that you can DIY at home. They are quick and easy to make and because you created them yourself they are that extra bit special and roarsome!

Here are some fun dinosaur party favors for you to consider to add a bit more ROAR to your Dinosaur theme.

Now if you don’t want to DIY your own dinosaur goodie bag ideas, that’s okay. Read on for options of where you can buy these unique dinosaur favors and fun items to pop into your party bags.

DIY Dinosaur Party Favor Ideas

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Best Dinosaur Party Favor Ideas

Here are some great ideas to fill your dinosaur party bags (and you don’t even need the candy).

Super-fun DIY Dinosaur Loot Bags

Dinosaur parties are awesome (or roarsome) fun for boys and girls alike. If you wanted to create something a little different for your Dinosaur party bags, here are some great Dinosaurs party ideas for DIY that are more fun than just adding candy. Of course you can add in candy if you like as well.

Firstly, you’ll want to find some awesome party bags to put all the dinosaur goodies into. You can either buy a dinosaur party bag from a local dollar shop or you can buy a plain brown paper bag and style it up into something special.

The DIY instructions are below or check out these unique and awesome party bags that are already done for you.

Dinosaur Party Bags

Dinosaur Party Bag with dinosaur stickers, play dough and plastic dinosaur

You can pop a personalised label onto these party bags and they will look fantastic.

Avery labels makes it so easy to DIY these at home or they will even print them and send them to you if you don’t have a printer using Avery We Print (if you are in Australia). This service is great, as they will print your labels and deliver them to you within a couple of days. You don’t need to order heaps either, the last time I checked as long as you were able to order 2 sheets they could do it for you. So that equates to a minimum of 24 stickers in most cases.

Check out Avery round stickers here if you are in the USA and you can also find them here if you are in Australia. There are so many awesome Dinosaur clip art pictures on Etsy to use as well on your labels. If you make a bunch of stickers you can also use them on party hats, party cups, drink bottles…and really ramp up the dinosaur party theme.

If you don’t want to go down the route of making your own stickers, you could print out some free dinosaur thank you tags that I’ve created just for you. That way you can just print them, cut them, punch a hole in them and tie them to your Dinosaur party bags.


Dinosaur Thank you Tags Instant Download for Dinosaur Party Free Printable

Dinosaur Goodie Bags – What to put in them?

Ok, so this is the fun part. There are heaps of Dinosaur themed goodies you can buy for your bags. If you’re in the USA check out Oriental Trading and their wide variety of Dinosaur party items.

  • Plastic dinosaurs are always a winner. Easy to find and they are cheap and fill up the party bag nicely!

82 Piece Mini Dinosaur Toy Set for Dino Party Favor Supplies Birthday Cupcake Toppers - Assorted Vinyl Plastic Figure Toys for Kids Toddler Pinata Filler School Carnival Prize Bulk Goodie Bag Stuffers

  • Dinosaur stickers – heaps available for sure at your local dollar store or online – or make your own by printing some dinosaur pictures or clipart on avery labels
  • Dinosaur Play Dough Party Favors – Check out my post on how to create awesome play dough party favors in any theme! They will be a HUGE hit! Just make the play dough and add little plastic dinosaurs inside.

Dinosaur Play Dough Party Favours

  • If you don’t feel like making your own play dough favors grab some small party size playdough tubs and pop them in the bag with some tiny plastic dinosaurs for some dinosaur fun. The kids will love the play dough. They can make cute dinosaur fossils with them at home. Or check out these dinosaur play dough favor packs here on Etsy that are done for you.

Dinosaur Play Dough


  • Dinosaur Crayons! These are so fun to make. Just grab some Crayola crayons (trust me you’ll want the good quality ones). You’ll also need a dinosaur icecube tray that’s oven proof. The silicone trays are the best…plastic trays will melt in the oven alongside the crayons. This is something I learnt the hard way! Simply melt the crayons with this simple tutorial here.  Or alternatively buy some dinosaur crayons that have already been made for you here.

Dinosaur Crayons with dinosaur party bag

  • Dinosaur Soap – Sparkly dinosaur soap – what better way to get those boys lathering up at bath time. These would be great to pop in party bags too.


  • Do you need to add candy and lollies? – I get it…the kids want their sugar! But it’s up to you…they may not miss it if it’s not there.

Dinosaur Lolly Bags


Or if you are looking for a quick easy alternative to dinosaur party bag fillers here’s a bulk pack of lots of dino goodies that they’ll love.

108Pcs Dinosaur Party Favors Dinosaur Stamps Slap Bracelets Keychains Rings Stickers Temporary Tattoos for Kids Birthday Party Supplies, Carnival Prizes, Prize Box Gift, Pinata Goodie Bag Fillers

So there you have it! I hope you enjoy creating some super awesome Dinosaur Party Bags that are unique and filled with a few other goodies rather than just lollies and candy.

I hope you enjoyed these roarsome dinosaur party bag ideas.

Boy with cartoon dinosaur - the best DIY Dinosaur Paryt Favor

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DIY Dinosaur Party Favor Ideas

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