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Playdough Party Favors (The Best Alternative to Party Bags)

Playdough party favors are such an awesome alternative to sugary party bags. They are fun to make and you can design them however you like.

For instance, you can personalize them with your child’s party details and can therefore also easily create them in any party theme your heart desires. They’re also great for seasonal gifts for kindergarten / preschool or school age children to give to their friends.

You could also make some to give out for Halloween instead of candy! Here’s how to create some awesome playdough party favors.

DIY Play Dough Party Favors to suit any party theme. Play dough tubs with animals

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DIY Playdough Party Favors (Favours)

There are so many options and ways that you can make these Play Dough Party Favors. For instance, you can create them with personalized labels to suit your party theme, or keep it simple and not use labels…and let the play dough speak for itself!

Additionally, you can add glitter to the play dough for some extra sparkly fun. As another fun option, you can add little toys in the play dough inside the tubs. You’ll see lots of examples of this in the photos below.

Play Dough Party Favors - lots of party themes

It’s an easy and fun idea for a party bag. Believe me, the parents will be super happy that it’s not the usual sugary party take-home treats.

Okay, time for a full disclosure. I used to have a small business that created play dough party favors for kids parties. So I would create little personalized tubs of play dough in any party theme to be handed out at the end of parties. So play dough party favors are definitely my thing!

Whilst I no longer run that business, it’s safe to say that I’ve made thousands of these and I can guarantee pure joy from the recipients when they receive them. Read on to see how to make these unique DIY party favors.

How to DIY your own Play Dough Party Favors

Play Dough Recipe

Firstly you’ll need a super awesome recipe for home-made play dough. No need to buy the chemical-laden store-bought variety simply open your pantry and find the ingredients.

Click here to find my super easy and all natural play dough recipe. It takes no time at all and you don’t even need to cook it.

Minimal stirring. 100% happiness guarantee. You’ll make it once and never buy the store-bought play dough again.

Play Dough Party Favor Containers

The second thing you’ll need is some small plastic portion cups similar to these here.

20 Pack 4oz Round Plastic Jars with Lids Empty Clear Slime Containers,Wide-Mouth Refillable Storage Containers for Cosmetics,Lotion,Food Storage

Or alternatively, raid the local dollar store to see what they have there. They are a great size cup that you can use not only for play dough party favors, but other things as well.

Think jello cups / jelly cups or pop some dried fruit or popcorn for school lunches or lollies in them for parties for individual portions. So if you can only find them in packs of 100 – don’t despair – they can have a myriad of uses around the house or for your party.

Buy these containers first so that you can measure the diameter of the lids as some lids may have a bit of a ridge on top and the labels won’t sit properly.

Party Labels / Stickers

These 1.5inch diameter round labels should fit nicely on the lids of the tubs mentioned above.

Avery Matte White Round Labels, Sure Feed Technology, Permanent Adhesive, 1-1/2", 400 Labels (8293)

Avery Labels are my go-to for anything party related that I print at home. You can also get these printed at your local printing store. But I find that if you have an inkjet or laser printer at home or work, you can simply pop them into the rear feed section of the printer and you’ve got awesome stickers created in an instant!

To create your labels if you are in the USA here is the Avery website. If you are in Australia here is the Australian Avery website.

If you are in Australia and you would like to have your party stickers printed for you and delivered to your door, there is a fantastic service called Avery We Print. It’s so easy to create your own custom labels in a variety of sizes and have them printed and posted directly to you. They usually ship within 2 days and if you only need a few sheets of labels they will do them easily for you.

However, if you don’t want to worry about stickers you can stack a few play-dough filled tubs together and wrap them in clear cellophane with a bright ribbon and you’re good to go.

Multi colored play dough party favors stacked

Plastic Toys (Optional)

If you are looking for little toys to put inside the play dough such as dinosaurs, animals, mermaids, ninjas have a look at Oriental Trading. They have so many amazing party toys available in so many themes, you’re bound to find one that suits you. Or alternatively check out your local dollar store or Kmart / Target they are sure to have something fun in the kids toy section. Just make sure that if you do decide to use them to make the parents aware that there are little toys inside the play dough tubs if their kids are under 3 years of age.

JOYIN 69Pcs Small Animal Figures, Assorted Mini Plastic Animal Toy (Ocean, Zoo, Farm, Dinosaur, Insect), Realistic Tiny Little Animals for Sensory Bin, Christmas Birthday Gifts, Toddler 1-3, Kid 3-5

Glitter Play Dough

Glitter is EVERYTHING when it comes to play dough and even the boys love it. Think Super hero ‘Galaxy’ Play Dough…but I’ve found they even like the pink and silver glittery stuff.  Silver glitter really stands out and looks great in any color of play dough. If you can find the CHUNKY glitter like this  it will look amazing in the play dough.

LEOBRO Silver Glitter, 150g/5.29oz Chunky Glitter, Craft Glitter for Resin, Mixed Chunky Glitter, Metallic Chunky Glitter for Crafts, Epoxy Resin, Nail, Bulk Glitter for DIY Tumbler Painting

The photo below shows my homemade play dough with the awesome chunky glitter on the right. And the tub on the left is the popular brand store-bought ‘glitter’ play dough. If you look really CLOSELY you can see the regular size glitter on the left!!! So if you are after the WOW factor definitely invest is some of the chunkier variety for that extra sparkle!

Glitter Playdough

I’ll be creating some round label templates in various sizes and lots of different party themes soon so please stay tuned. Please subscribe to my mailing list for updates on the latest free printables that I have created just for you and your awesome party.

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Playdough party favors for any party theme to DIY

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