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Free Printable Christmas Games: For Kids and Adults

If you are looking for some fun free printable Christmas games, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have a huge selection of free printable Christmas games for kids and adults for you to download for FREE.

These games are so much fun to play – whether you are looking for activities to keep your kids busy over the holiday season or you want something everyone can play together whilst waiting for Christmas dinner…we’ve got you covered.

These games are also great for school activities too.

Scroll down to see samples of all the free printable Christmas games for adults and kids.

free printable Christmas games

Free Printable Christmas Games

Some of these games require answers. If so, you’ll find printable Christmas games with answers in the same printable Christmas games pdf at the bottom of the page. 

Scroll to the bottom of the page to access all the download links for all the games. Download one or all of them. These printable Christmas games are free to use as much as you like for personal use only.

These games, once downloaded can be printed out on normal US letter size or A4 size paper. Please make sure that your printer settings are set to ‘portrait’ orientation and fit to size. See below.

printer settings

Christmas Dice Game

The first two Christmas dice game ideas are super fun to be played with the whole family. It’s our family tradition to play this with both adults and kids while waiting for Christmas lunch.These Christmas dice games are heaps of fun and age inclusive. The adults love it too.

Christmas Tree Dice Game

This Christmas tree dice game can be downloaded below. The game also comes with full instructions. Basically each player rolls the dice to color in the corresponding number on their own sheet. The first player to color their tree in full (during their turn) wins.

Christmas dice game

Scroll to the bottom of the article to find the links to download this Christmas tree dice game.

Gingerbread Dice Game

The gingerbread dice game is very similar to the Christmas tree dice game above (just with a different design). We also included a full instruction sheet for the game with this download.

gingerbread dice game

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the article to download this free Christmas game.

Roll to Decorate the Tree Game

The next Christmas dice game is aimed at kids. Print one sheet per child playing. Each player is to roll the dice on their turn and the first player to finish decorating their own Christmas tree with candy is the winner.

Of course everyone will enjoy eating the candy at the end of the game!

christmas tree dice game

Printable Christmas Games

The next printable Christmas games do not require dice to play. Just download and print out each sheet for each player. Make sure you have lots of pens or colored markers to play. Have fun!

Printable Christmas Word Search

A printable Christmas word search game is always fun for kids and adults alike. We have also included the answer sheet in the download for your convenience.

printable Christmas word search

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find where to download the printable Christmas word search.

Printable Christmas Crossword Puzzle

This printable Christmas crossword puzzle is a fun game to play for adults and kids. It will get everyone talking as they try to work out the answers. The answer sheet is included.

printable Christmas crossword puzzle

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to find the download link for the printable Christmas crossword puzzle.

Christmas Printable Maze

A pro tip for this Christmas printable maze. Don’t use pen. Do it with a pencil and rubber so you can start again if you take the wrong turn. (It’s not as easy as it looks but it is fun!)

Christmas printable maze

Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the printable Christmas maze.

Christmas Would you Rather

This Christmas Would you Rather game is also known as the Christmas This or That game. It’s a great way to get people talking and the adults will love this game as much as the kids.

Christmas this or that questions

Christmas Carol Game Printable

The next Christmas carol game printable is a bit of a Christmas trivia game. It will test everyone’s general knowledge of Christmas carols. See if you can get them all right. A separate answer sheet is included as well.

Christmas carol game printable

Color Santas Beard

This is a fun coloring in activity for adults and children.

free Christmas coloring pages for adults

Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers Printable

This Christmas trivia questions and answers printable is asking you to match the language with the country. Test your international knowledge with others in the family.

Christmas trivia questions and answers printable

Scroll to the bottom of the article to find your Christmas trivia questions and answers printable.

Christmas Word Scramble

This Christmas word scramble comes with an answer sheet…in case there are a few that are too hard to guess. All of the words are related to Christmas. For example, the first answer is tidings.

Christmas word scramble

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the printable Christmas Word Scramble download link.

What’s on your Christmas Tree Game

Tally up the points as you work out what’s on your Christmas tree. This is a fun activity with the kids.

christmas activity sheets printable

Christmas I Have Never Game

This Christmas game that is similar to the Never Have I Ever game is fun to play with the family. You might learn something new about each other.

Christmas never have I ever

Find the link to download the Christmas I Have Never game at the end of the article.

Christmas ABC’s

This is similar to a Christmas Scattergories game. For each letter see if you can come up with a Christmas related word. Some of them are hard! 

Christmas scattergories

Christmas Analogies

The Christmas analagies printable is a fun Christmas word game. See who can finish the sentences correctly. The answer sheet is also included.

Christmas activity sheets

Please pin for later – or so you can find these fun games easily for next Christmas!

free printable christmas games

Free Printable Christmas Games

There are many ways to celebrate the holidays, but nothing beats a family game night. We hope you enjoy these free printable Christmas games for kids and adults as much as we do.

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 Download your free printable Christmas games with answers below.

Gingerbread Dice Game

Christmas Tree Dice Game

Christmas Would You Rather

Merry Christmas ABCs

Roll to Decorate the Tree

What’s on your Christmas Tree

Holiday I’ve Never

Christmas Word Scramble

Color Santas Beard

Christmas Analogies

Santas Beard Maze

Finish the Christmas Carol

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Word Search

Christmas Crossword

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