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Best Gifts for Fortnite Lovers (2024 Fortnite Gifts)

If you are looking for some amazing gifts for Fortnite lovers, then read on! Fortnite themed gifts that will be sure to please.

Check out these top Fortnite gifts to impress and suit many ages. There are also inexpensive Fortnite gift ideas here so that they don’t have to break the bank when giving gifts to your favorite gamer.

You’ll find Fortnite gifts for boys and girls, Fortnite birthday gifts and the best Fortnite Christmas presents.

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fortnite gifts

Fortnite Themed Gifts

Fortnite is an extremely popular game created by Epic Games in 2017. The Fortnite video game is still extremely popular in 2022. Many people who love Fortnite also love video games and gaming gear. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Fortnite lover, look no further! We have compiled the best Fortnite gifts for you.

Fortnite themed gifts are great to give as birthday gifts or Christmas gifts as they are so popular at the moment. People who love Fortnite will love getting a gift that is related to the game. They are also great to take to a Fortnite party as a great present idea, or some are great stocking stuffers or gifts for your favorite Fortnite obsessed child.

One of the best things about Fortnite is that it is a cross-platform game, so it is popular on many different gaming consoles. This means that you can find a range of different Fortnite gifts to suit many different age groups and budgets. Check the best ones out below to find the perfect gift.

Gifts for Fortnite Fans

gifts for fortnite fans

One of the best gifts for Fortnite players is a new Playstation. The Playstation 5 is the newest and most powerful version of the Playstation. If your loved one already has a Playstation 4, then you could upgrade them to the 5. This new gaming console offers more realistic graphics and an even more immersive experience for Fortnite players. This gift is sure to please any gamer who loves Fortnite.

If you are looking for a more unique gift, consider getting a custom controller for Xbox. There are many different unique designs available. You could even get one that is Fortnite themed. This would be a great gift for someone who spends a lot of time playing Fortnite.

DreamController Original X-box Wireless Controller Special Edition Customized Compatible with X-box One S/X-box Series X/S & Windows 10 Made with Advanced HydroDip Print Technology(Not Just a Skin)
Fortnite Controller

Another great gift for a Fortnite lover is an Xbox Series S. These gaming consoles offer many of the same features as the Playstation 5, but are available on the Xbox platform.

Also, for a more portable gaming experience, you can’t go past the Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite Backpack

You could also consider getting the gamer in your life a Fortnite backpack. Fortnite backpacks for school and Fortnite lunchboxes are really popular at the moment. You can get some great ones that have a glow in the dark logo like this Fortnite backpack below. 

Fortnite Backpack

You can find a range of different designs and sizes to choose from, and you are sure to find one that the gamer in your life will love. Here are some other awesome Fortnite backpacks that they’ll love.

FORTNITE unisex adult Multiplier Backpacks, Camo, One Size US
Colorful Fortnite Backpack
FORTNITE Profile Backpack
Fortnite ‘Cuddle Team Leader’ Backpack

Find backpacks here

Or Fortnite lunch boxes for back to school…Is it time to upgrade their old school lunch box and water bottle? Make sure they’re packing their favorite snacks in style with a Fortnite lunch box and water bottle. You can find some cool designs below.

FORTNITE unisex adult Amplify Kit childrens reusable lunch bags, Black Combo, One Size US
Fortnite Lunchbox
FORTNITE Profile Lunch Kit
Fortnite ‘Cuddle Team Leader’ Lunchbox

Find lunchboxes here

Fortnite Gaming Chair

Okay, so this is a top-end present, but it is definitely one that they won’t forget. This exceptional gaming chair has excellent comfort and is ergonomic. It definitely has your back so that your favorite gamer can level up in comfort.

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair with Lumbar Support Flip Up Arms Headrest PU Leather Executive High Back Computer Chair for Adults Women Men (White)
Gaming Chair

Find gaming chairs here

 Fortnite Lamps

Fortnite lamps are a very popular bedroom decor item for Fortnite fans of all ages and are great as gifts for Fortnite players. Check them out below.

Loot Llama Lamp

This Loot Llama Lamp  is a great gift for boys or girls. You can make it shine with one color or to transition to all the colors if you prefer. It would look great on a bedside table.

3D Night Light 16 Color Changeable Table Lamp Base Cool Nightlight for Kids Birthday Holiday Christmas Gift Christmas Festival Gift(Llama Crackle Base with Remote Control)
Loot Llama Lamp

Or the Battle Bus lamp is another great idea for a gift with similar changing colors. Another winning idea.

Battle bus Game Room Night Lights Lamp 3D LED Desk Table Light Remote Control & 16 Colors Battleroyal Players Modelling Birthday Holiday Christmas Festival Gift Ideas Decor for Boys Girls Teen
Battlebus Lamp

This lamp is my favorite. They will love this Fortnite Chug Jug Lamp.

MOLLY HIESON 3D Chug Jug Game Night Light Led Touch Switch Decor Table Desk Optical Illusion Lamps 7 Color Changing Lights LED Table Lamp Xmas Home Love Birthday Children Kids Decor Toy Gift
Chug Jug Lamp


Fortnite Headset

best fortnite headset

They’ll love you forever if you update their gaming headset. This one below has excellent reviews, and it’s priced competitively and Razor is a great gaming brand.

Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset: 7.1 Surround Sound - 50mm Drivers - Memory Foam Cushion - For PC, PS4, PS5, Switch - 3.5mm Audio Jack - Black
Razer Gaming Headset

Or if you’re looking to spend a little more, this is the one they’ll love:

HyperX Cloud Alpha - Gaming Headset, Dual Chamber Drivers, Legendary Comfort, Aluminum Frame, Detachable Microphone, Works on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One/ Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and Mobile – Red
HyperX Gaming Headset

Find headsets here

Best Keyboard for Fortnite

A gaming keyboard is a great gift idea for Fortnite players.

A gaming keyboard is of course the perfect for gamers that play on the PC, but did you know you can also plug these keyboards into the PS5 to play keyboard and mouse through the Play Station? This is what all the pro gamers are doing and they are programming their gaming keyboards with certain preset for colors and macros for ease of game play.

We tried out the Logitech G Pro X mechanical gaming keyboard for Fortnite. We plugged the keyboard into the PS5 to use whilst playing Fortnite. The keyboard was nice to use but we couldn’t program the colors (or macros) to be used between a PC and a PS5. Therefore, it wasn’t quite what we were after, although a nice gaming keyboard to use.

However, if we played on the PC it was perfect. All the macros, animations and colors worked perfectly – so it depends on if you play Fortnite on PC or PlayStation.

best keyboards for fortnite

The next keyboard we are going to try with Fortnite is the Razer Huntsman Mini 60% gaming keyboard. We will update this article once we have tried out this keyboard with Fortnite.

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard: Fast Keyboard Switches - Linear Optical Switches - Chroma RGB Lighting - PBT Keycaps - Onboard Memory - Mercury White
Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard

Fortnite Plushies

Fortnite plushies are so popular right now. Just when you think that they no longer want their teddy bears displayed in their room, along comes a new plushie that they want instead.

Fortnite Tomatohead Plush – these are extremely popular.

Fortnite 5" Tomatohead Loot Plush
Fortnite Tomatohead Plush


Loot Llama Plush Toy – Even the older kids will love a Fortnite llama plush toy on their bookshelf.

Fortnite 7" Llama Loot Plush
Fortnite Loot Llama Plush

Boogie Bomb Plush Pillow

Fortnite 7" Boogie Bomb Plush
Fortnite Boogie Bomb Plush

Inexpensive Fortnite Presents

Sometimes you just need a small gift that’s inexpensive that you know they will love. These Fortnite cheap gifts are a great stocking filler or just for an easy gift that will please them and your wallet.

Fortnite Nerf Gun

The Fortnite AR-L blaster is a popular Nerf gun for gifting.

This Loot Llama gun is a bit of a gag gift but still fun if they love all things Nerf.

NERF Fortnite Llama Microshots Dart-Firing Toy Blaster & 2 Official Elite Darts
Fortnite Llama Gun

Or this Fornite Nerf Gun is also sure to be a winner!

NERF Fortnite SP-L Elite Dart Blaster with Detachable Barrel and 6 Official Nerf Fortnite Elite Darts (Amazon Exclusive)
Fortnite Nerf Pistol

Find Nerf guns here

Fortnite Socks

These Fortnite socks would be a great stocking stuffer of small, inexpensive gift for your favorite Fortnite fan.

Video Game Fortnite Party Supplies Bundle Fortnite Merchandise Set for Boys Girls - 12 Pack Fortnite Socks Size SM for Kids Fortnite Party Supplies (Fortnite Clothes)
Fortnite Socks

Fortnite Boogie Bomb Bluetooth Speaker

How cool is this! Your kids can listen to their favorite music with this cool Fortnite Boogie Bomb bluetooth speaker.

Bitty Boomers Fortnite Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Boogie Bomb, One Size,Black
Fortnite Boogie Bomb Bluetooth Speaker

Fortnite Drawing Book – How to Draw Fortnite Stuff

If they can’t play it, they can draw it. This Fortnite drawing book  is a great way to teach them how to draw Fortnite stuff, skins and characters to their heart’s content. They’ll love it, no matter their age. Well if they’re of a Fortnite playing age – they’ll love it. It’s a great stocking stuffer.

FORTNITE (Official): How to Draw (Official Fortnite Books)
Fortnite How to Draw

Fortnite Stainless Steel Water Bottle – A must-have item to take to school according to my 12-year-old son.

Simple Modern Fortnite Water Bottle with Straw Lid Insulated Stainless Steel Metal Thermos | Gifts for Youth Reusable Leak Proof Flask | Summit Collection | 22oz Fortnite Midnight
Fortnite Water Bottle


Fortnite Themed Bedroom

Fortnite Duvets are something you don’t see everyday in stores and boys would love it. It will definitely add instant street-cred to their bedrooms when their friends visit. Especially for those boys at that in-between age.

fortnite bedding

They are not wanting superhero decor in their room anymore but they want something they are interested in…like this!

Epic Games Official Fortnite Shuffles Reversible Character Double Duvet Cover with Matching Pillow Case Bedding Set
Fortnite Bedding Set

In the same theme, this Fortnite blanket would look great in a boy’s bedroom or extra fun for them to take to a sleepover at a friend’s house or best blanket in town to take to a school camp!

This Fortnite beach towel would be a great present. I checked with my 12-year-old son and he definitely wanted one.

Fortnite Juice Beach Towel
Fortnite Beach Towel

Fortnite Posters and Wall Art

If they want to transform their room into the ultimate Fortnite fan cave – start with some sick wall art. You can find a bunch of different designs and sizes here.

fortnite poster

Best Fortnite Gifts

The hottest figurines to display in a Fortnite lovers bedroom at the moment are Funko Pop games items. For a budget-friendly gift you could consider getting them a Funko Pop! Vinyl of one of their favorite Fortnite characters. These collectible vinyl figures are very popular at the moment, and your child will love having one of their favorite characters on their desk or shelf.

Funko POP! Games: Fortnite - Drift, Multicolor, Standard
Funko Pop Fortnite ‘Drift’
Funko Pop! Games: Fortnite - Raptor, Multicolor, Standard
Funko Pop Fortnite ‘Raptor’

Find figurines here

Fortnite Battle Bus Playset

Another great gift idea for a young Fortnite fan is a Battle Bus playset. This is a very popular toy at the moment, and it is sure to be a hit with younger Fortnite fans. The set comes with a Battle Bus, a figure of the character Jonesy, and a range of exclusive action figures and accessories. Great way to get them to play Fortnite in real life rather than a screen.

Fortnite Battle Bus Deluxe - Features Inflatable Balloon with Lights & Sounds, Free-Rolling Wheels on Bus - Includes 4 Inch Recruit (Jonesy) and Exclusive Tomatohead Action Figures
Fortnite Battle Bus Playset

Fortnite Clothes

You could also consider getting the gamer in your life a T-shirt with a cool Fortnite design on it. There are many different designs to choose from, and you can find T-shirts for both boys and girls. This is a great gift for any child who loves to play Fortnite. 

You can find a range of different designs and sizes to choose from, and you are sure to find one that the gamer in your life will love.

There is a huge selection of fun Fortnite clothes that would be great as gifts right here. You’ll find everything from socks, t-shirts, hoodies and even masks.

Check out some of our favorites below. Clothing is some of the best Fortnite gifts for boys as they can wear it and show off their fandom to their friends.

Will Work For Bucks V Gaming Gifts for RPG Gamers Youth Kids T-Shirt
Fortnite ‘Will work for V-Bucks’ Shirt
Loot Me Llama Hoodie Video Computer Game Fans
Fortnite Loot Llama Hoodie


Fortnite Battle Bus Flying Line Art Premium T-Shirt
Fortnite Battle Bus T-Shirt

Fortnite Spring Character Fill Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Fortnite T-Shirt


Fortnite Monopoly

Fortnite Monopoly is a real thing. If you’re keen to get your kids off the actual game and onto an old school board game here’s an option.

Whilst it’s not quite the real deal – it’s still Monopoly  and it’s super fun to have a Fortnite theme to it. Even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone older than 21!

We’ll let them teach us! And the reviews say it’s easy to learn the new rules to play and a super-fun game.

Hasbro : Monopoly Fortnite
Fortnite Monopoly


And there is also such a thing now as Fortnite Jenga! They will love it.

Hasbro Gaming Jenga: Fortnite Edition Game, Wooden Block Stacking Tower Game for Fortnite Fans, Ages 8 & Up
Fortnite Jenga


Fortnite Gifts for Boys

We’ve got some more Fortnite gifts for boys and girls below including phone cases, baseball caps and more merch.

Fortnite Baseball Caps and Headwear

Fortnite Boys Winter Beanie Hat and Snow Gloves for Boys 2 Piece Set
Official Fortnite Beanie and Gloves
Fortnite Baseball Cap for Boys, Quality Made Boys Hat and Fitted Cap, Flatbrim Baseball Hat with Sleek Design Navy
Fortnite Baseball Cap

You can find all sorts of Fortnite headwear including baseball caps, beanies, and more. Something for every weather condition!

Fortnite Phone Cases and Popsockets

Fortnite Fortnite Logo (Blue) PopSockets Stand for Smartphones and Tablets PopSockets PopGrip: Swappable Grip for Phones & Tablets PopSockets Standard PopGrip
Fortnite Pop Socket
Fortnite Llama PopSockets Stand for Smartphones and Tablets PopSockets PopGrip: Swappable Grip for Phones & Tablets PopSockets Standard PopGrip
Fortnite Llama Pop Socket

If they’re always on their phone – make sure it’s safe with a cool Fortnite phone case. You can find a bunch of different styles right here.

fortnite phone case

I hope you’ve enjoyed these top Fortnite gifts, and that they were helpful ideas for anyone who loves Fortnite.

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