Easy Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas

Here’s some great ideas on how to plan a super-easy and dare I say it the best Fortnite birthday party ever (according to the party guests). Fortnite parties are all the rage. I’ve compiled some super fun Fortnite party decoration DIY ideas for you to look at.

Easy Fortnite Party Ideas to DIY

As we recently had a Fortnite birthday party in our household there are a few photos of how easy it can be to theme this party. You can make it work for any budget it doesn’t have to be expensive to be awesome. If you’re thinking of throwing a Fortnite party then read on.

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Fortnite Birthday Party

Fortnite Loot Llama Pinata

There are so many ideas for DIY Fortnite party decorations out there that you can make at home. You can go all out or keep it simple. For this party I choose to keep things relatively simple and not go too crazy with too much Fortnite stuff. I figured at the party the boys would just want to run around and as long as they have heaps of Nerf bullets  and Nerf guns it will all be okay.

Fortnite Loot Llama Pinata at party in backyard

However, even if you are not going all out with the Fortnite party theme it’s good to have a couple of centerpieces to get in the Fortnite mood. (Not that any of the boys needed help with that! haha).

The main decoration I decided to create was a Loot Llama pinata. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to easily find this in a shop so I made it myself. It’s made from a donkey pinata and covered it with some colored crepe paper streamers. All you need is little bit of craft glue and some sticky tape, a bit of patience and you’re away! If you don’t have time I’ve got you covered.

This Loot Llama Pinata below definitely looks the part.

Fortnite Loot Llama Pinata for Fortnite Birthday Party

Easy Fortnite Birthday Cake Ideas

The second Fortnite party decoration I wanted to focus on was the birthday cake. I searched for hours to find something I could make that wasn’t too hard and looked the part. Some of the Fortnite cakes on the internet are super hard to make. I found one to copy and whilst mine wasn’t as good as the original, I definitely don’t think it was a nailed it fail. I wanted to make an easy Fortnite birthday cake and so the Fortnite supply drop cake was not too hard.

All you need to do is to bake a large square cake or two square flat cakes (which is what I did and stacked them together). I wanted to bake three of the flat cakes but I ran out of time so mine wasn’t so much a box…but I think it worked anyway. Next you need to cover it with blue fondant. This part I’m not great at so as it’s meant to be a supply drop crate I figured a few panels stuck together would give it more of an authentic look. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!).

If you’re good at cutting out letters freehand from fondant then you’re way better than me. I cheated and found some alphabet letter cutters (for play dough or cookies) and used those to create the DROP lettering on the side of the cake. You’ll also need some desiccated coconut for the grass. Just color it with a few drops green food coloring.

Finally, tie some ribbon around your cake and you’re ready to add the helium balloon. If you possibly can it’s best to buy the balloon on the morning of the party so that it still has some good staying power and doesn’t flop like an ordinary balloon.

Fortnite Supply Drop Cake

For some totally amazing ideas definitely check out this great collection of the BEST EVER Fortnite Birthday cakes.

Fortnite Birthday Party Supplies

Ok so if you go a little lite on decorations you can make up for it in Fortnite gear for your party. This was very much a Fortnite Nerf Party. Nerf guns and bullets featured a lot in this party from the games down to the themed party bags. I ended up giving away a lot of these bullets as take home gifts. Read on to see the things that really made a difference to the fun level at our Fortnite Party.

Here’s some awesome Fortnite party bag ideas below:

Fortnite Supply Drop Party Bag Box

Best Fortnite Party Bag Game Over

Fortnite Supply Drop Party Bags with Yellow Balloons

What to put in the Fortnite Party Bags?

Apart from lollies and candy there are a lot of fun ideas for Fortnite party bags. Check out some of these awesome Fortnite party favors below.


Fortnite Chug Jug Cooler Sleeves for Fortnite Party

Last but not least add some left over Nerf bullets!!! Trust me you’ll want to get rid of some of these once the party is over.

What Fortnite Party Supplies Will  You Need?


Buy Nerf bullets by the truckload. I’m serious you’ll need HEAPS. Don’t buy the ‘proper’ ones you can find bulk lots of Nerf bullets here. Get hundreds! They’ll be all over your backyard but the more the better. I gave some away in party bags too for the guests to take home.

Nerf Bullets Bulk Pack


Nerf guns are obviously important for this party theme. Most people will have their own but it’s a good idea to have a few spares just in case. This Loot Llama Nerf Gun was a novelty hit!

Fortnite Loot Llama Nerf Gun

Or there’s some other Fortnite Nerf guns like this. But honestly, any Nerf gun will do.

Fortnite Nerf GunI wrote on the invitation to BYO Nerf guns but I had a couple of extras just in case that came in handy. Honestly, I found the best ones were the single load pistols. They seemed to have more power and didn’t get jammed as often as the bigger multi-bullet guns. Lot of Nerf Guns to choose from here. Take your pick!

Nerf Bullets and Nerf Safety Glasses


If you’re over the top like me you might or might not have nightmares about a party guest losing an eyeball from a close-range Nerf bullet. Whilst I let the boys run wild with the Nerf guns outside I did have a rule that they must have Nerf safety glasses on at all times. Some of them had sunglasses on which worked too.

Nerf Safety Glasses Bulk PackNERF VESTS

These were AWESOME! The vests could store bullets and really looked the part. These Nerf Vests  can be taken home afterwards as a gift to the guests or keep them for dress-ups if you need 10 of them. There’s a hack where you can put packing tape around your waist with the sticky side facing outwards and stick Nerf bullets on there. Kind of like a bullet belt. We tried this but it just wasn’t as fun or effective as the vest. The boys really looked the part with the vests, glasses and Nerf guns.

Nerf Vests at Fortnite Party

Fortnite Party Decorations

Check out this awesome set of printable party decorations that you can download and print at home (or a local print shop). You don’t even need to wait for postage. What could be easier!

The Fortnite decorations party pack can be found here.


If you’re looking for more awesome party decorations check out our awesome Fortnite printables guide here.

Fortnite Party Games

This is where your kids will take over depending on their age. If they’re aged 10 plus they’ll come up with their own shooting games that mimic Fortnite apparently? To me it looked chaotic but they all seemed to know what they were doing and had heaps of fun.


Great to play in either your yard or at the park. Just warn the neighbours that they may have a few bullets flying over the fence. They also played ‘Catch the Flag’ with a red and blue team. As long as you have large boxes or tables or anything to use as barricades they’ll be happy. Or if you wanted to level up there are some amazing Nerf Barricades.


Fortnite party game - guess how many bullets in jar

Another simple game idea: If you have a surplus of Nerf bullets you could create a ‘Guess the Amount of Nerf Bullets’ game. Just simply cram as many as you can in jar (count them first). Whoever guesses correctly or the closets wins guess what….all the nerf bullets in the jar to take home!


The last game to play was a Fortnite Dance Off. I wasn’t sure if they would all go for that but they loved it and were all awesome. They selected one person to judge and they all did the Fortnite dances. The winner who scored the highest points on all the moves won more Nerf bullets to take home.

Fortnite Party Dab Dance Move

Don’t forget to check out this page if you’re looking for great Fortnite themed gifts for the birthday boy (or girl)!

I sincerely hope these Fortnite party ideas will help you to quickly an easily plan your party. 


Fortnite Birthday Party Supply Drop Cake


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