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Half Birthday Cake Ideas for Babies, Kids & Adults

Looking for some super fun half birthday cake ideas for babies, kids and adults? I have baked two fun half birthday cakes that are quick and easy to copy (photos below). There are also some more fun photos of half year birthday cake ideas that you or your favorite baker can make.

Half birthday celebrations are not just for babies. Half birthdays celebrations are popular for all ages from babies to adults. So why not celebrate with a cake? After all, a birthday without a cake is just another day! 

Read on for 13 easy and fun half cake decorating ideas – there’s something for everyone!

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half birthday cake

Half Birthday Cake

Half birthday celebrations are becoming extremely popular, not only for babies to celebrate a six-month milestone but for older kids and adults too, for a variety of reasons.

For example, if your child has a birthday in December, they might appreciate celebrating it six months later in June – more presents later in the year rather than all at once.

half birthday cake ideas

The photo below is of a very easy half birthday cake to make. This is a fun and delicious half cake recipe that is easy to bake and decorate. A quick idea is to buy a round cake if you don’t want to do any baking.

To make this cake, simply bake one circle cake and then cut it in half. Stack each half on top of each other and ice the top of the cake with as much icing as you like. I use vanilla buttercream frosting icing for this recipe.

half birthday cake

I added lots of icing around the sides of the cake to help the KitKats stick. I tied a curling ribbon around the side of the cake to hold the KitKats in place. I then added loads of Smarties and M&M’s to the top of the cake to be level with the top of the KitKats.

Or for an even simpler easy half birthday cake. Simply ice a cake and cut it in half like the cake below.

half cake ideas

Read on for some absolutely spectacular half birthday cakes you can make or take to your favorite cake decorator to create for you.

Don’t miss our free printable decorations for the best and easiest half birthday celebration ever.

6 Month Birthday Cake

Ok so before I show you all the amazing EDIBLE half birthday cake ideas, check out this amazing half birthday FAKE cake. This is the 6 month birthday cake you’ve been looking for – if you don’t want an actual cake for your baby.

In my opinion, it is also absolutely perfect for a 6 month old baby cake smash. They’re probably not up to eating cake yet, so why not have some great photos with this super cute cake to mark the milestone? You can change the colors and it can be personalized with your baby’s name!

baby half birthday cake

Find a FAKE Half Birthday Cake Here

Half Birthday Cake Ideas

This half birthday cake is so cute and I love how they’ve highlighted that it is half a cake by adding icing layers / or stripes to the side of the cake.

Here is another super cute cake idea. You can use fondant and cookie cutters to cut out the letters of the birthday boy or girl’s name and you have an easy and cute half birthday cake. This cake could easily be made in pink or blue or any favorite color.

How amazingly clever is this two-tier half birthday drip cake. It looks almost to defy gravity. It is a wonderful idea that you could try if you wanted a tiered cake.


How sweet is this super cute half year birthday cake – perfect for a 6 month birthday cake for a baby girl. Or make a similar drip cake in blue for a boy.


You can also have a themed cake like the pretty unicorn cake below. Just because it’s not a full cake doesn’t mean that you can’t style it to the birthday girl or boys’ favorite thing of the moment.)

However, your cake does not need to be cut in half to celebrate this type of birthday. Check out this simple yet stunning half birthday cake below.

Or have you considered a half birthday donut cake? Donut grow up!


Or how about half birthday donuts instead of a cake? This is our new half birthday tradition in our family. Everyone gets a half stack of pancakes on their half birthday.

Half Birthday Cake Topper

A super quick and easy way to style any cake, including a half year birthday cake, is with a cake topper. These gorgeous half birthday cake toppers below are available in a variety of sparkly colors and sizes.

half birthday cake topper

Find Cake Toppers Here

Now, this is something you’ll want to try. Create your own half birthday cake topper by using white chocolate and colored sprinkles. You could use large cookie cutters as the mould or cut out a template with cardboard to pour some melted white chocolate onto. Add your sprinkles, then pop it into the fridge to set.

Half Birthday Cupcakes

This is another easy fun way to celebrate this milestone birthday and it can be a new family tradition to start. If your kids are old enough to bake and ice cupcakes with you, then they’ll love this idea.

Simply bake and ice some half birthday cupcakes and finish them off with some super cute half birthday cupcake toppers like the ones below. They are available in a variety of glittery colors and even some bright neons. 

half birthday cupcakes

Find Half Birthday Cupcake Toppers Here

Don’t miss these easy and fun ideas for ways to celebrate a half birthday – including free printable decorations. You’ll love these half birthday ideas.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed these fun half cake ideas. Happy Half Birthday!

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