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The Best Half Birthday Ideas Plus Free Printable Decorations

Heard of a half birthday? I love to celebrate a half birthday! It’s not just for 6-month-old babies (although we definitely have ideas for them too) – Half birthday celebrations are also for kids and adults of all ages. Half birthdays are a fun way to celebrate you!

I’ve created some fun and free printable Half Birthday signs at the bottom of the article. If you did want to celebrate a half birthday, print out one of these as a quick and easy decoration.

Read on for some intriguing information about half birthdays and why you will want to incorporate this as a new fun family birthday tradition. Spoiler alert: you don’t need presents for this type of celebration.

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Half Birthday

Half Birthdays apply to both babies and also kids and adults too. Your half birthday is 6 months before or after your actual birthday. It’s like a 6 month birthday. For newborn babies, their 6 month birthday is their half birthday.

(For Baby half birthday ideas scroll on to Baby Half Birthday section).

If your birthday is in January, your half birthday is in July. For example, 10 January – your half birthday is 10 July. Just take the same day of the month and add 6 months to it. This is the easy way to calculate it.

However, it doesn’t always work if you have a birthday later in the month – because of the difference in length of months. The day of the month may not exist in a shorter month, six months later. E.g – August to February.

We can calculate it accurately by adding 182.5 or 183 days to a birthdate. This is because there are 365 or 366 days in a year. 

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Don’t miss our FREE printable HALF BIRTHDAY DECORATIONS at the bottom of the article!

So now that you know when you and every member of your family’s half birthday is, it’s time to wonder why you would care?

Half birthdays don’t have to mean more presents and a party. It can just be a simple yet thoughtful way to celebrate friends and family. It doesn’t have to be another commercial excuse to buy more gifts. 

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1/2 Birthday

What are some of the reasons why you would celebrate a half birthday? There are many. First of all, this is definitely becoming a trend for 6-month-old babies – celebrating their 6 month birthday. Celebrating their half birthday is a fun idea for the super cute photos and also let’s face it…the first few months are hard and 6 months indeed does feel like a milestone to be celebrated. Half way to the big one!

But why should babies have all the fun? Half birthdays are also great for kids and adults. If you have a child who has a birthday in December close to Christmas, it can be a busy time to celebrate their birthday. Also, receiving all of their presents in the same month can be overwhelming and also seem like a long wait until December rolls around again. Why not have a half birthday celebration in July instead?

6 Months Banner Happy Birthday Banner Happy 1/2 Birthday Banner Glitter 1/2 Half Year Cake Topper Triangle Flag Banner for Half Year Baby Shower Birthday Party Decoration, Pre-strung (Dark Blue)

This also applies to kids that have a birthday in March or April close to Easter. We’ve also had a half birthday party for a May birthday in November. May was a busy time of the year during this year and there wasn’t enough time to plan a party, so we had a half birthday party for our 10 and a half year old in November. A belated birthday party is better than no party at all.

Also, if you were born on a leap year 29 February – you could choose to celebrate your half birthday every non-leap year for something different.

Half Birthday Ideas

But even so, half the birthday doesn’t have to be half the fun. Read on for some super simple ways to celebrate 1/2 birthday, now that you understand the half birthday meaning.

You could celebrate by having half a birthday cake with a candle. Make sure you sing “Happy HALF birthday to you!” Or have a snack table with food cut in half, such as cookies and donuts for a bit of fun. The birthday boy/girl could choose their favorite meal for dinner or a special outing for the day.

Or you could start the day with a special breakfast. Pancakes with a birthday candle are a fun way to mark the special day.

Or why not have the birthday girl or boy dress up in a half birthday shirt (see below) to tell the world it’s their special day?

half birthdays

Find Half Birthday Shirts Here

We’ve got 4 fun printable birthday signs for you at the bottom of this article to help you decorate. All you need is a couple of balloons and a photo frame. Print out your favorite sign and slip it into the frame for an instant decoration.

Find links to download printable half birthday signs at the bottom of the article.

half birthday ideas

Baby Half Birthday /6 Month Birthday

A baby half birthday is the perfect excuse for a super cute photo session. Dress your baby up in a super cute half birthday onesie (like the gorgeous one below) and you’ll have photos forever of their special 6 month birthday. 

Since smash cakes are all the rage, why not have a ‘fake’ half birthday cake for a baby? If they are 6 months old, then they are most likely not yet ready for cake or for a real cake smash even. You must check out this awesome must have photo prop…a fake half birthday cake.

baby half birthday cake

Find FAKE Half Birthday Cake Here

If you or someone you love has a newborn baby, you ABSOLUTELY must check out these super cute half birthday crowns and party hats for babies right here.

Half Birthdays

when is my half birthday

Life is too short not to celebrate the fun things along the way. As a pre-teen child we were always counting the half birthdays…I’m not just 7, I’m 7 and a half!! It doesn’t mean you need to plan another big birthday party. Just keep it simple and fun.

Don’t miss out on these great easy and fun Half Birthday Cake ideas including cake toppers and more.

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Don’t miss this pre birthday celebration ideas article – full of fun celebration ideas for kids and adults.

Half Birthday Decorations

We have created some fun half birthday decorations for you to download and print for FREE. These half birthday decoration ideas at home were designed so that you have a quick and easy decoration without having to go to too much fuss.

There are 4 different printable happy half birthday signs below. Print out and pop into a photo frame or even stick one on their bedroom door. They are sized 8 x 10 but you could also print them on letter or A4 size paper and select “fit” in the printer settings. Make sure you print them with a portrait orientation.

I hope you find the perfect half birthday sign to use again and again for those smaller but still fun family and friend celebrations. Life’s too short, so let’s celebrate everything!

Find the links to download the half birthday signs at the bottom of the article.

Sign 1

half birthday sign

Sign 2

half birthday decorations

Sign 3

half birthday decorations

Sign 4

happy half birthday

Find the links to download your free half birthday decorations below at the bottom of the article.

half birthday

Sign 1

Sign 2

Sign 3

Sign 4

We hope you start celebrating your half birthday as well as your normal birthday and that this article has given you some fun half birthday ideas. It’s definitely a fun excuse for a celebration. Wishing you a very happy half birthday celebration…whenever it falls have a great one!



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