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Fun Kids Advent Calendar Ideas

If you’re looking for some unique and fun kids Advent calendar ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide is chock full of both unique and popular Advent calendar ideas that children of all ages will love.

There are toy Advent calendar ideas and also empty Advent calendars to use year after year. There are wooden Advent calendars as well as felt Advent calendars too. Read on to find some super fun Advent calendar ideas for kids of all ages.

kids advent calendar

Kids Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are such a fun way to countdown until Christmas Day and are a fun family tradition. To be honest these have exploded in popularity since the 90’s.

I remember opening a little window to find a picture each day. Now Advent calendars have candy, chocolates and other fun treats, not to mention little toys.

They really have evolved into an amazingly fun Christmas tradition. If you don’t like the idea of candy in your Advent calendar then skip past the next part and find lots of different Advent calendar alternatives.

advent calendar for me

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Candy Advent Calendar

Firstly, let’s start off with some amazingly unique candy Advent calendar ideas. These are not the traditional chocolate Advent calendar…why not surprise them with something spectacular like the calendars below.

This Kinder Egg Advent Calendar will definitely be a winner. Not only do you get a chocolate treat every day but also a little toy inside each egg. They will seriously love this Kinder Surprise Advent calendar and you can use it year after year. Just add the eggs. And it can be personalized with a name.

Kinder Egg Advent Calendar | Kinder Surprise Advent Calendar

Find it here

This Lindt Advent calendar would be loved by any age child or adult if you love this delicious chocolate. I think if the kids are getting one then why can’t the parents have one too!

Lindt Advent Calendar

Find it here

Toy Advent Calendar

Now if you were after a toy Advent calendar, there are so many to choose from right here. It really just depends on what your children are loving this year.

Here are some of our favorite toy Advent calendars in popular categories. (If you’re not after toys skip over this section and scroll below for more ideas).

Lego Advent Calendar

There are so many types of Lego Advent calendars. See our favorites below:

  • Lego Star Wars
  • Lego City
  • Lego Friends
  • Lego Harry Potter

See all the Lego Advent calendars in the one place – they are all right here.

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

A Hot Wheels Advent calendar is an amazing idea for kids that just can’t get enough of these fun little cars. You could also easily DIY this type of calendar with an empty Advent calendar and lots of cars. (Check out the empty Advent calendar and wooden Advent calendar section below).

HOT Wheels Advent Calendar Vehicles

Star Wars Advent Calendar

You’ll find a few different versions of the Star Wars Advent Calendar right here. Some are filled with Lego and others have collectible figurines.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

This is a must-have for any HP fan. These Harry Potter Advent calendars have those awesome mini Funko! figurines that they’ll love to decorate their bedroom or bookshelves with.

Funko Advent Calendar: Harry Potter 2019, 24Pc, Multicolor, std

Or alternatively, there is an amazing Lego Harry Potter Calendar right here.

Fortnite Advent Calendar

If your kids are a little older and they are into Fortnite then they’ll love this Fortnite Advent calendar for sure. Each window has a little Funko! figurine of the most popular Fortnite characters. This one will be a winner with the kids for sure.

Funko Advent Calendar: Fortnite

Marvel Advent Calendar

Another popular idea for older kids is a Marvel Advent Calendar. This one also contains mini Funko! figures that they’ll love. You can find it right here.

Slime Advent Calendar

Sorry parents, but you know they’ll love this one.

Advent Calendar 2023-24 Days of Slime and Charms Kit - Christmas Countdown Calendars Gifts for Girls Boys Kids Teens Toddlers

Empty Advent Calendar

Now if you’d prefer an empty Advent calendar then read on. There are some amazing Advent calendars below that could be used year after year.

The super cute and festive Advent calendar below is made from card stock and decorated beautifully. The individual little boxes are 2 inches squared so there is room for some fun little trinkets or candy. There are also more than 15 different varieties of these Advent calendars (while stocks last!)

empty advent calendar

Find them here

Wooden Advent Calendar

Kids will love this gorgeous wooden Advent calendar with drawers. And you can even have it personalized if you choose to do so. The 24 drawers are 2 x 1 inch and small candies or trinkets will fit in each drawer.

Wooden Advent Calendar

Find it here

Now if you love the idea of counting down until Christmas, but you don’t want an Advent calendar with gifts this might just be the perfect solution for you. This amazing wooden Advent calendar will be your new favorite Christmas decoration year after year. It’s beautifully crafted with pine and measures 20 inches in length.

wooden advent calendar

Find it here

Felt Advent Calendar

Here is another gorgeous Advent calendar that doubles as a Christmas decoration keepsake that you will want to bring out for the kids every year. These calendars are made to last and would even fit on the back of a door. It comes with little round wooden ornaments that your kids can decorate then hang on the tree.

Felt Advent Calendar

Find it here

Or if you have the time and the sewing know-how you could make your own felt Advent calendar by following this very detailed pattern right here.

If you are looking for some super-fun and unique ideas to fill your Advent calendar check out this Advent Calendar Fillers guide.

I hope you have found the perfect Advent calendar for your kids and enjoy the countdown in December. Wishing you a very merry Christmas.

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