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Best Advent Calendar for Adults (Ideas for 2021)

If you’ve been looking for some unique ideas for an Advent calendar for adults then you’ve come to the right place. There are heaps of fun ideas here for cool Advent calendars.

Now just to clarify these Advent calendar for grown ups are not typically naughty as in ‘adult’. Instead they are something different than the usual kids’ Advent calendars that you find in the stores.

You’ll find lots of adult Advent calendar ideas including alcohol, makeup, chocolate and more.

adult advent calendar

Advent Calendar for Adults

How about trying a chocolate Advent calendar just for you. Many adults often wonder is there such thing as an Advent calendar for me. The answer is yes and read on to find something that adults will enjoy in the lead up to Christmas Day. After all, why should the kids get all the fun?

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However, if you are looking for something for the kids check out these kids Advent calendar ideas.

Chocolate Advent Calendar

This Lindt Advent calendar is amazing and will be able to be used year after year for a daily fun treat of this exquisitely delicious chocolate. You can even have this calendar personalized if you like. These amazing Lindt advent calendars are available from Odossey.

Alcohol Advent Calendar

Now here’s some really fun ideas for an Advent calendar for grown ups. If you’re going to have a drink every night to get into the spirit of the season why not make it into a fun tradition and try a few new things.

Check out this amazing liquor Advent calendar for an awesome idea for adults to countdown the Christmas season. (Just add your own alcohol). This would also be a great gift idea.

liquor advent calendar

Find it here

Or if you are after a beer Advent calendar you can find a few different varieties available right here.

Adult Advent Calendar Ideas

Read on for some more cool Advent calendars that you probably haven’t seen before.

Sock Advent Calendar

A sock Advent calendar is definitely a fun idea and if you don’t like any of the awesome ones featured here you could even make your own. Be warned though most of these are for 12 days only…but really that might be good enough when it comes to socks.

Beauty Advent Calendar

A beauty Advent calendar is a more recent trending idea that you might love to try out for yourself or as a gift for that special female in your life.

Or how about a nail polish Advent calendar. Whilst this one below doesn’t come with the calendar you can grab a set of 24 nail polish for a bargain and just pop it into an empty Advent calendar like these here.

Now if your man would also like a special Advent calendar check out this next AMAZING idea….

Beard Oil Advent Calendar

This the perfect Advent calendar for men with beards. They’ll love the 24 different scents and so will you. It’s such a fantastic gift idea for the bearded man in your life.

beard oil advent calendar

Find it here

Advent Calendar for Grown Ups

Read on for some more fun ideas for an Advent calendar for adults.  The next unique Advent calendars are for tea and coffee lovers as well as some candles….and a naughty and nice idea as well for couples.

Tea Advent Calendar

A tea Advent calendar would be perfect for someone who loves drinking tea and experimenting with different blends.

 Coffee Advent Calendar

If you have a coffee lover in your life they will love this coffee Advent calendar. Try out a new flavor/blend each day and start off the festive season with your morning caffeine fix.

They also have hot chocolate Advent calendars too if coffee is not your thing you can still enjoy that daily hot beverage. The hot chocolate calendars are also popular for kids and teens. You can find the hot chocolate calendars right here.

Candle Advent Calendar

You absolutely must check out these amazing candle Advent calendar ideas. You’ll find calendars that are soy melts made in the most gorgeous designs or mini jar candles. Others are individual candles with a countdown calendar which would be a lovely gift idea.

Couples Advent Calendar

Now last but not least this is a fun idea for couples. It’s a personalized scratch off Advent calendar to share with your partner. Each day reveals new activities to do together leading up to Christmas Day. You can choose the calendar to be naughty and nice or just naughty or just nice.

Dog Advent Calendar

dog advent calendar

Now that the adults are sorted. Did you know there is such a thing as a Dog Advent Calendar? Why should your furry best friend miss out on the Christmas fun. You can find the best ones right here.

I hope you’ve found the perfect adult Advent calendar for yourself or to gift.  Thank you for reading.

advent calendar for adults

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