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Best Nerf Cake Ideas and Nerf Cupcakes, Donuts, Cake Pops

Looking for the best Nerf cake ideas? There are heaps of amazing and unique Nerf birthday cakes, Nerf cupcakes, Nerf cake pops and Nerf donuts in this article. I’ve also found the best Nerf cake toppers if you are looking to DIY your own cake.

I have compiled a comprehensive list of the best Nerf cakes from all the top-notch professional cake decorators all here in the one place for you to check out.

nerf cake ideas

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Whether you are looking to DIY a Nerf birthday cake or find a photo to take to your favorite cake decorator – I have heaps of ideas that are sure to inspire and delight.

Nerf Cake Ideas

How absolutely stunning is this Nerf cake below! It looks too good to cut.

nerf cake

Cake by: sweetart_celebrations

I love how cleverly decorated this Nerf cake is. Bullets on a skewer is a genius idea and this cake looks perfect.

nerf cake ideas

Cake by: mmmdessert

A candy topped cake is so fun for a Nerf party. Love how the candy is perfectly color co-ordinated to match the theme. A stunning cake!

nerf birthday cake

Cake by: peribakes

Now this is a super fun idea. Top your cake with an actual Nerf gun, bullets and target. This cake would be a hit and looks amazing!

nerf cakes ideas

Cake by: roelo_confections

A minimalistic Nerf cake also works so well. This cake is a stunner and love that the cake is the target! Such a clever idea.

nerf theme cake

Cake by: kristina_bakes

How amazing is this Nerf cupcake cake! This is a genius idea to turn cupcakes into a Nerf target. This cake decorator definitely understood the assignment.

nerf theme cake

Cake by: oakmontbakery

How clever is this Nerf gun cupcake cake! This cake is a winner for sure!

nerf gun cake

Cake by: younameitcakesbymaria

Love this bright orange Nerf paintball cake. 

nerf cakes

Cake by: ihardtsugar

Absolutely love the Nerf gun cake topper and bullet belt on this stunning cake.

nerf gun birthday cake

Cake by: kuyaboyet

Nerf Cupcakes

I love the simplicity of these stunning Nerf cupcakes. Adding a real life Nerf bullet to perfectly matched buttercream…what could be better!

nerf cupcakes

Cake by: parkersconfection

Or how about these super clever Nerf fondant cupcake toppers. Love how these look so realistic yet are entirely edible.

nerf cupcakes ideas

Cake by: carinaedolce

There are so many fun ways to top a Nerf cupcake like these awesome cupcakes below.

nerf party cupcakes

Cake by: sweet.creationsbydevon

Nerf Cake Pops

Nerf cake pops are a super fun Nerf party food idea. How cute are these Nerf cakepops below?

nerf cake pops

Cake pops: charlottesweetsshop

How fun are these awesome Nerf cake pops / Nerf cakesicles! What a great alternative to cake.

nerf cake pops

Cake pops by: minikinbakebox

Nerf Donuts

Nerf donuts are the perfect alternative to birthday cake. Love this amazing Nerf donut tower below.

nerf donuts

Donuts by: purvedonutstop

Nerf Cake Toppers

I have put together a full list of the best Nerf cake toppers around. There are so many ideas here to decorate a Nerf themed cake quickly and easily.

Nerf Candle

How amazing are these Nerf candles – they would make the perfect cake topper. Find them right here.

nerf candle cake topper

Image credit: kathyscreations

Nerf Bullet and Target Cake Toppers

Love this personalized cake topper set. Find the set right here.

nerf cake toppers

Image credit: TheClassyClothesPin

Nerf Cake Toppers Printable

A personalized Nerf cake topper is always a good idea. Find it right here.

nerf cake toppers printable

Image credit: ReecePrintables

Fondant Nerf Bullets

The best edible Nerf bullets to top a cake or cupcakes with: find them right here.

fondant nerf bullets

Image credit: SugarOnTopAU

Fondant Targets

And matching fondant targets that would be great on a cake or cupcakes. Find them right here.

fondant nerf cupcake toppers

Image credit: SugarOnTopAU

Printable Nerf Cupcake Toppers

Perfect for a last minute decoration. These Nerf cupcake toppers can be printed at home or a local print shop. Find them right here.

printable nerf cupcake toppers

Image credit: ClodArtsyCrafts

Edible Nerf Sprinkles

This is my favorite hack for a quick and easy, yet stunning cake decoration idea. Top cakes, cupcakes, donuts, and even ice cream with these amazing Nerf sprinkles. Find them right here.

edible nerf sprinkles

Image credit: CherryonthecakeEU

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Please see the list of all of my favorite professional cake decorators featured in this article. Feel free to contact them to ask them to create a stunning Nerf theme cake for you.
















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