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Free Printable Valentines Day Cards to Color

If you’re looking for some free printable Valentines day cards to color then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find 23 printable Valentine cards below to print and color in. Or you could leave them black and white if you choose to do so as well and they will still look great.

These free printable Valentines cards are great for last minute celebrations with your partner or object of your affection. There’s no need to buy an expensive Hallmark card. Print one of these out and add your own unique sentiments to inside of the card and you are all set.

Just don’t forget the roses and candy! 

printable valentines day cards to color

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Printable Valentines Day Cards to Color

Before we look at all the different types of printable Valentine card ideas on offer, you need to make sure you have either Letter size or A4 paper available to use. You don’t need a color printer, these are black and white for you to color in yourself. You can use normal 80gsm printer paper or a slightly thicker cardstock if you prefer. Either will work just fine.

A quick word about printer set up. Please make sure in your print settings that you select LANDSCAPE orientation so that your card prints correctly. Also in page size and handling settings (see red arrows below) please make sure that you set it to the FIT option. This way it will suit the size paper you are using.

Simply download, print and color your card. Don’t forget to write a beautiful message inside. “Roses are red. Violets are blue….you get the idea.

The cards below were created using the graphics by Dorky Prints

If you didn’t want to print a card but wanted to color in a picture you could also use these printables as happy valentines day images to color.

Printable Valentine Cards to Color

Here is the first lots of amazing Valentine card printable ideas. Since the love of food is a universal theme, I thought these food design cards would be a great fit for some printable Valentines day cards to color.

Simply find the card you like and scroll to the bottom of the page to download. Make sure you check them all out first, as you may find several you want to choose from.

The first three cards are designed with a ketchup and mustard picture.

Card 1 – Wanna Ketchup?

printable valentine cards to color

Card 2 – Let’s get saucy!

printable coloring valentine cards

Card 3 – Let’s ketchup and get saucy!

coloring valentines cards

Free Printable Valentine Cards

The next two printable Valentine cards to color have a cute salt and pepper shaker picture in the design.

Card 4 – You’re the salt to my pepper!

printable valentine cards

Card 5 – Hey baby! What’s shakin’?

print free valentines cards

Printable Valentine Cards

The next 3 printable Valentine card ideas have a fun peas and carrot design. 

Card 6 – Peas tell me if you…carrot all for me?

cards valentines printable free

Card 7 – I carrot live without you!

printable valentines day cards to color

Card 8 – We go together!

free valentine cards print

Free Printable Valentines Day Cards

The next 6 Valentine cards printables feature a cute and fun design featuring a coffee and donut. There are a few extra card ideas here, as this is our most popular card. For card 10, if they are not a coffee drinker you could pretend it’s a hot chocolate.

Card 9 – I love you more than coffee!

print valentine cards free

Card 10 – We’re sweet together!

free print valentine card

Card 11 – Donut ever forget…I love you a latte!

free printable valentines cards

Card 12 – You’re so hot! You’re so sweet!

printable free valentine cards

Card 13 – Donut let me go!

print valentine card

Card 14 – You complete me!

free valentines cards printable

Coloring Valentines Cards

The next free printable Valentine cards feature a delicous looking ice cream and cake.  Because let’s face it, we all love sugar!

Card 15 – You make me melt! You’re so sweet!

valentines cards printable free

Card 16 – You’re the sweetest thing!

printable valentine card

Card 17- We’re so sweet together!

print free valentine cards

Card 18 – Give me some sugar, baby!

valentine card printables free

Card 19 – You’re caking me melt!

free printable valentine cards

Free Printable Valentine

The next 4 coloring Valentines cards feature a super cute bacon and egg picture. These are also extremely popular printable coloring Valentines cards.

Card 20 – You complete me!

free printable valentine

Card 21 – Don’t go bacon my heart! I couldn’t if I fried!

printable valentine

Card 22 – We are eggcellent together!

valentine card printables

Card 23 – You’re bacon me crazy!

valentines cards printable

Print Free Valentines Cards

So now you’ve seen the full set of printable Valentine’s Day card to color. I hope you love them and find just what you were looking for. Please feel free to download, print and enjoy for personal use. Not for commercial use or re-sale.

If you have a birthday celebration coming up, check out our FREE printable black and white birthday cards.

Download the valentines cards printable below:

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 5

Card 6

Card 7

Card 8

Card 9

Card 10

Card 11

Card 12

Card 13

Card 14

Card 15

Card 16

Card 17

Card 18

Card 19

Card 20

Card 21

Card 22

Card 23

Thanks for reading this far.

Please pin for later or for next Valentine’s Day!

printable valentine card

Valentine Card Printable


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