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Best Ever Roblox Birthday Party (2024)

If you’re looking for some amazing Roblox birthday party ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. The awesome party styling will surprise and delight you in the photos below.

There are heaps of amazing Roblox decorations here that you’ll definitely want for your Roblox themed party. 

This stunning Roblox party was styled by Fiona Chambers. Fiona certainly has an amazing eye for detail and has made her son’s birthday one to remember.

Read on to find out how to create this party theme look for yourself and to see the amazing Roblox party images.

Roblox Birthday Party

*All of the Roblox birthday party photos in this post are copyright of Fiona Chambers.

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Roblox Birthday Party

It can be hard to find Roblox party decorations in any store, so Fiona has very cleverly created these herself and they look incredible.

Read on to find out how to recreate this look and to find lots of fun ideas for your own Roblox party theme.

Roblox party decorations

This stunning Roblox party has been styled predominantly with the colors red, white, and blue and this color scheme suits the party theme perfectly.

Roblox Birthday party

The main party table looks great styled with a bright blue tablecloth and a Roblox banner (see a vast selection of banners here) and a fun personalized background poster. You can find a fun selection of Roblox personalized posters right here that would be great for a party backdrop.

Roblox Party Decorations

It is the attention to detail that truly made this party look amazing and the Roblox confetti is something you’ll definitely want to add to your party table.

Roblox party decorations

How delicious do these Roblox cookies look! You could make some yourself with a Roblox cookie cutter or have some made for you. See Roblox cookie cutters and made to order Roblox cookies right here.

Roblox theme party

Now believe it or not, these super cool decorations are actually mini containers of Pringles! These would be a massive hit with any Roblox gamer.

They really do look too good to eat! The party guests will want to take them home and display them in their bedroom instead!

Roblox party favors

Fiona decorated these tubes using glossy paper for the head image and the headphones were made from colorful pieces of foam that were cut into round circles and glued together.

If you don’t have time to make these Roblox pringle headphone decorations yourself you can buy them already made for you right here.

Roblox party favors

Roblox Party Ideas

If you’re looking for an easy party food idea to match your theme, then it’s macarons to the rescue!

These macarons look great and they are very cleverly styled with Roblox cupcake toppers made from edible rice paper. You could also just use paper toppers for these treats. 

Find some Roblox cupcake toppers, similar to the toppers below right here.

Love this idea for an easy yet oh so stylish party food hack.

Roblox birthday theme

Likewise, the cupcakes look amazing with similar toppers.

Roblox cupcakes

These lollipops were created using cute little round stickers and could also double as party favors. All of these treats look wonderful and they really set the theme of the party table.

Find some super cute Robox round stickers right here.

Roblox party favors

Hershey’s Kisses are a must have at any party! These chocolates have been taken to the next level with these cute Roblox stickers.

Roblox party ideas

These colorful fruit and candy kabobs look absolutely delicious and match the party theme perfectly.

Roblox party food

If you hadn’t thought of it before, you’ll definitely want one now. Check out this amazing Roblox decorated slushie machine. The kids will love it.

Roblox party ideas - Roblox party drinks

And don’t forget Roblox popcorn and lots of yummy candy ideas in the blue, white and red. These Roblox birthday decorations double as super sweet treats! Just add some Roblox stickers and you’re good to go. 
Roblox birthday decorations

Roblox Party Favors

There are so many fun ideas here for Roblox party favors. The beauty of these party favors is that they all double as amazing party decorations as well.

You’ll definitely want to style your party table with them. Love these tiny acrylic boxes filled with M&M’s to match the party theme colors.

Roblox party favors

Or how fun are these M&M’s minis wrapped in Roblox theme pictures. They are bound to be a hit!

Roblox party favors

These Roblox party bags look incredible, and they could be filled with lots of party treats. 

Roblox party bags

You can find lots of different varieties of Roblox party bags right here.

Fiona added some fun treats to her Roblox party bags as well as some very cool Roblox items. There’s a Roblox mask, a Roblox keychain and a personalized water bottle made with vinyl letters.

Roblox party bags

And last but definitely not least, you must see this most amazing Roblox cake.

Roblox Birthday cake

You can find everything you need for an amazing Roblox party right here. Amazing Roblox party supplies including decorations, favors, cake toppers galore.

We are also loving these Roblox popcorn boxes. Find them right here.

roblox popcorn boxes

Image credit: BirdKreations

Roblox Birthday Party Supplies

Here are some more Roblox birthday party supplies to make decorating your party a breeze. Whilst not all the party decorations are featured above (some are), there are heaps of ideas below for your own party.

Roblox Pringles (Boy Design) – find them here

Roblox Pringles headphones decoration

Image credit: BirdKreations

Roblox Pringles (Girl Design) – find them here

Roblox Pringles Headphones Decorations Girl

Image credit: BirdKreations

Roblox balloons – find them here

Roblox party plates & tableware – find them here

Birthday Party Supplies, Party Decorations Include Happy Birthday Banner, Backdrop, Tableware Set, Tablecloth, Cake Toppers, Cupcake Toppers, Latex Balloons, Hanging Swirls

Or these pink Roblox decorations below:

Birthday Party Supplies, Party Decorations Include Happy Birthday Banner, Backdrop, Tableware Set, Tablecloth, Cake Toppers, Hanging Swirls, Cupcake Toppers, Latex Balloons

Roblox birthday banner and Roblox backdrops – find them here

Roblox party favors – find them here

Roblox cake toppers- find them here

Roblox cupcakes – find them here

Roblox tablecloth – find them here

Roblox clipart and digital pictures for decorations – find them here

Roblox bingo – find them here

Roblox tshirts – find them here

My sincere thanks to Fiona Chambers for sharing the photos of her amazing Roblox party theme.

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Roblox Birthday Theme

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