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Best Gaming Birthday Party Ideas for 2024

If you’re looking for some fun and unique gaming birthday party ideas for 2023, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find everything you need for the best video game birthday party at home.

Fiona Chambers has kindly shared her absolutely AMAZING gamers birthday party photos with us. You will definitely want to replicate some of her very creative and fun video game themed party ideas for your next gaming party theme.

You’ll see heaps of ideas for everything you need to make sure your gaming party is a hit, from fun DIY decorations, amazing party table set up, food and drink, and even some great party favors. So what are you waiting for? Gear up and let’s get this party started!

gaming birthday party ideas

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Photo copyright: Fiona Chambers

gaming birthday party ideas

Gaming Birthday Party Ideas

If you want to throw an unforgettable video gaming birthday party for your son or daughter, then read on. You’ll definitely want to check out these amazing gaming party ideas below from the very talented Fiona Chambers.

With a little bit of planning, you can easily put together a gaming birthday party that will have all the kids talking about it for weeks afterwards.

How amazing does this gaming party table set up look! Black, green and white are the perfect colors to use for a fun gaming party. Start off with a black tablecloth and add lots of green, black and white balloons.

Fiona has made these decorations herself (she is a party decorating super star!) Throughout this article you can find some similar party supplies to purchase or check out what Fiona has done and try to make your own. 

video game birthday party

Gaming Birthday Party

Fiona has very cleverly added some key gaming concepts to her gaming party theme. The ‘game on’ and ‘level unlocked’ add to the perfection of this party. Also, the loading icon on the gaming party decorations looks awesome! Read on for more details on how to style a video game party for maximum impact.

The green video game controller banner also looks amazing to decorate the front of the party table. You can find a similar banner to purchase right here. 

video game party

We love the idea of adding black controller cut out decorations to the balloons to fit the theme. If you want to make these yourself, you can find some printable templates right here. Or you could grab some video controller balloons to level up your decoration game. You can find a great selection here.

Video Game Birthday Party Decorations Set Gaming Happy Birthday Supplies Includes Video Game Backdrop, Table Covers, Balloons and Foil Gamer Balloons for Birthday Party (Green and Black)  

If you are looking for an awesome gaming party backdrop sign, you can find some great signs right here.

Gamer Party Food

Let’s talk about gamer party food. I love that this amazing table is full of delicious party treats that also double as amazing party decorations.

Some of the awesome gamer party food treats that Fiona has included are green candy, green jelly, oreos, chocolate bars, popcorn, cupcakes, donuts and gamer cookies.

gamer party ideas

These acrylic donut stands are one of my favorite party food hacks. Not only do they look amazing but you can decorate them in any party theme you like. These gamer donuts look amazing….and a great way to decorate your party table.

The donut stand doesn’t take up too much room and you can easily pile up these delicious treats. You’ll use this stand again and again for other party themes. The stands take up way less space than a donut wall as well which is great.

gaming party ideas

This cute candy vending machine is a great idea for a game themed birthday party table. You could also use a bubble gum dispenser as a table decoration. I love how this matches the party theme colors perfectly.

If you can’t find a candy vending machine to match your party theme, then you could consider creating a small candy buffet instead with lots of glass or clear plastic containers filled with candy to match your party’s color scheme.

gamer birthday party

Another great party food idea is cupcakes. You can find some personalized gamer cupcake toppers right here. 

Also green jelly and green macarons and personalized gamer water bottles….the whole party table was so awesomely styled and looked almost too good to eat.

gaming birthday party

Gamer Party Treats

And what is a party without cookies? These gaming controller cookies look amazing and I bet they tasted great too. If you don’t want to serve the cookies at the party, you could wrap them in cellophane as an awesome gaming party favor instead.

You can find some gamer cookies right here. If you wanted to make your own check out these awesome controller cookie cutters.

gaming birthday parties

I absolutely love this next idea. Popcorn cups with headphones! The perfect gaming party snack. The kids would go wild for these!

You can often find these cups in dollar stores and could make the headphones out of black and white cardboard. Just hot glue it to the sides of the container…then fill with popcorn. They look amazing! 

You could also use these cups for party favors and fill them with candy.

video game themed party


We are also loving this games controller shaped treat stand available right here.

gamer party decorations

Image credit: BakingTimeClub

Video Game Birthday Party Favors

If you were wondering what sort of party favors you could have at this type of party, then read on. You’ll love these clever gamer party favor ideas below.

You could either have these treats to eat during the party or take home as party favors. They also double as amazing table decorations.

We are absolutely loving these boxes of Skittles with personalized labels.

video gaming birthday party

Or how about some super cool M&Ms mini tubes. They will definitely be a hit with the party guests.

gamers birthday party

Another great idea for party food or a party favor is a personalized lolly pop. These gamer stickers look fantastic.

video game party ideas

Gamer Birthday Cake

This gamer birthday cake matches the party theme perfectly. A level unlocked birthday cake with that features the gamer birthday party guest of honor’s age and name…what could be better! 

gamer birthday cake

You can find some gamer cake toppers right here for your own gaming birthday cake – lots of designs and styles to choose from.

The easiest gaming cake ideas hack is to make cupcakes and use some fun cupcake toppers – whether you grab some personalized paper toppers – there are heaps to choose from right here. 

Also, edible sprinkles are another easy way to get great looking cupcakes with or without toppers. Edible sprinkles are the perfect way to easily style a cake. Just add it to the frosting. (A quick side note: these sprinkles are great to top sugar cookies and so good with ice cream. Check out these amazing gaming party sprinkles pictured below. Find them here.

gamer cake toppers edible sprinkles

Image credit: TheTopperyCo

But for something special, we absolutely love these amazing fondant gaming controller cupcake toppers. Find them here.

xbox cake toppers

Image credit: TOPPEDauStore

Gamer Birthday Decorations

Here are some more of our favorite gaming birthday decorations to quickly and easily style your video game theme birthday party.

How about this awesome gaming controller balloon. Game on! Find  it here.

gamer party decorations

Image credit: Hooraydays

Or grab everything you need for an amazing gamer balloon garland right here (pictured below).

video game party ideas

Image credit: Popmax

Check out this ultimate game controller sign that would make an awesome party decoration! They will want it in their room afterwards – so it’s a great gift idea for gamers as well. Find it here.

gamer birthday decorations

Image credit: CustomSignPrinting

Video Game Party Games

So at this amazing party, the guests were so busy in the pool and playing outside that even though it was a gaming party theme…they didn’t have any screen time at all during the party. 

However, depending on the age of your party guests and the time of the year that you are holding your party you may want some video games at your party. You could ask the party guests if they would like to bring their own portable device, or you could hire a mobile gaming truck for your party.

gamer birthday party ideas

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Gamer Party Ideas

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed these video game party ideas and have plenty of inspiration for your upcoming gaming themed birthday party. Planning a gaming birthday party doesn’t have to be hard. Just take inspiration from some of these party photos and you’ll be ready to celebrate in no time!

As this party is themed towards Xbox colors if you wanted PlayStation colors just change the green, black and white colors to blue, black and white.

We hope you found this post helpful. Please share with your friends who might also be planning future gaming birthday parties. And don’t forget to pin for later so you can come back and reference these tips when the big day rolls around. Thanks for reading!

My sincere thanks to Fiona Chambers for sharing her AMAZING party with us.


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  2. trying these gamer birthday decorations this weekend, they seem simple enough for a non-crafty person like me haha

    • Sidney, try looking into party games that allow multiple players. Mario Party or any Wii games are usually a safe bet for all ages.


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