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Best Sloth Cakes for 2024

Sloth cakes are so popular right now and for good reason. Sloths are becoming very popular in pop culture and there are even sloth party themes popping up. Even if you are not planning a party, sloth birthday cakes are great to celebrate a birthday with.

Sloth cakes have also become quite popular for baby showers and other special occasions in recent times. Many of these cakes below could work for any special occasion where a sloth theme would work.

Sloth Cakes

Sloth cakes don’t have to be hard to make. You’ll find a variety of sloth cake ideas in this article. There are some easy sloth cakes that you’ll have fun making. There are also some more advanced sloth cakes that may need either some advanced decorating skills or simply have your favorite cake maker create one for you.

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Sloth Cakes

Read on to find heaps of super cute sloth cakes you’ll want to make.

Have a look at this beautiful flower sloth cake. This sloth with flower crown is an amazing idea for a party cake. You could re-create this stunning cake with fondant and some different size flower fondant cutters. 

Sloth Cake

Here is another super cute sloth face cake. This DIY sloth cake looks super fun to make. They created it with both chocolate buttercream and fondant and looks delicious.

Sloth Cake Ideas

Photo credit: Hayley Blakiston

Sloth Cake Ideas

Here is another exceptional sloth birthday cake. This has been beautifully made with a mixture of buttercream and fondant. The little sloth claws were also made of fondant.

Sloth Cake

Sloth Birthday Cakes

 Read on for some more fun sloth cakes ideas. This cake below is a great unique idea for a sloth face cake with the face appearing on the side of the cake. I love that he looks so hairy and cute!

For some more adorable sloth birthday cake ideas, check out this beauty below. This sloth has its very own birthday cupcake! You could make this cake with a mixture of fondant and buttercream. Don’t forget to decorate an ice cream cone for the party hat. 

This next sloth cake looks like it would be fun and not too time consuming to create. It could be a fairly simple sloth cake to make if you can cut fondant, then you can style a similar amazing cake. 

Don’t miss out on these super cute sloth cookies – made to order just for you. See the full selection right here.

Sloth Cake Decorations

Now the easiest way to get a cake looking amazing in a short amount of time is to use the perfect sloth cake decorations for your creation. An edible sloth cake topper is a very popular way to decorate sloth cakes.

How cute is this fondant sloth! You could create a neutral colored cake and simply add this gorgeous topper and some fun edible sprinkles, and you would have a beautiful cake creation. See lots of edible jungle sprinkles right here.

You can try your hand at making your own or find a fun selection of fondant sloths available near you right here.

Sloth Cake Toppers

Another quick and easy idea to style up sloth cakes is to add a paper or cardboard cake topper. These sloth cake toppers can be found online. There are also baby sloth toppers for a baby shower cake.

You can either have them made for you or there are also some that you can print at home, cut out and use them to decorate your cake.

I love this idea for a simple sloth cake using a printable cake topper. 

Find an amazing selection of sloth cake toppers right here.

Sloth Cupcakes

The next section of this article is all about amazing sloth cupcakes. How cute are these flower sloth cupcake ideas below. I love how they have incorporated color into these bright cupcakes. They look too good to eat!

These cupcakes are made with a mixture of fondant for the sloth face and buttercream for the floral surrounds.

These sloth face cupcakes are a super cute cake idea for a girl. They are also made with fondant for the sloth face and delicious pink buttercream for the icing. I love the little eyelashes on these sloths. They look so sweet!

If you’re looking for an option for sloth cupcakes for a boy or something with more neutral colors, then you’ll love these sloth cupcakes below. The addition of the leaves in this cupcake set is a charming idea that definitely adds to the theme and looks amazing.

Sloth Cupcake Toppers

How cute are these mini sloth cupcake toppers with the pink bubble & heart sprinkle mix! You can find these online – see the button underneath the photo for more details on where you can find them.

These sloth cupcake toppers would also look great on a mini cake as well, especially with the addition of the fun sprinkles.

Now if you don’t have the time to create (or find someone to create) some sloth cupcake toppers for you then there are some other options.

Printable Sloth Cupcake Toppers

I have created some free printable sloth cupcake toppers for you to enjoy. You can print these cupcake toppers at home or at a local print shop. You could use normal printer paper or a slightly heavier card stock if you prefer.

These cupcake toppers are rectangular. I created them this way so that they are very easy to cut out and look great. (It’s a lot easier to cut a square neatly than it is a circle!). The kids can help with this too!

Once they are cut out simply attach them to a cake pop stick or a toothpick with sticky tape or hot glue. Then add them to your cupcakes.

Check out the photo below to see what they look like.

sloth cupcake toppers

You could make these cupcakes with green buttercream icing and stick a mint leaf candy on the side as well.

You’ll find the free printable sloth cupcake toppers link to download at the bottom of the page. Click the link to access them and enjoy. (Created for personal use only – they are not for re-sale).

sloth cakes

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article all about sloth cakes, and you find the perfect cake for your next party or special day.

Here is the link to the free sloth cupcake toppers for you to print at home. I hope you love them and have fun creating easy sloth cupcakes with them.

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Download it below:

Sloth Cupcake Topper Free Printable

Thank you for reading.


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