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Best Toy Story Gifts (Updated for 2021)

These Toy Story gifts will not disappoint. The latest movie was TO INFINITY AND BEYOND fantastic! These are the best Toy Story toys that will keep the movie alive in the hearts and minds of those who play with them for months to come.

I hope you enjoy this Toy Story toys list of the best presents for any young Woody or Buzz Lightyear fan. These Toy Story gifts would be great for a Toy Story Christmas present or birthday or any other special occasion.

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Toy Story 4 New Characters

The new characters in Toy Story 4 will capture your imagination. These characters were very well-developed in all of their complexities.

Particularly Gabby Gabby for her sweet yet calculating and controlling personality and Forky for his awesome quirkiness.  Duke Caboom toy gets a special mention for the nostalgia of such toys of the past. Bunny and Ducky were great new characters that are popular as well. I hope you enjoy this Toy Story 4 gift guide.

Toy Story Gift Ideas

Toy Story Forky Toy

Forky is one of the new stars of Toy Story 4. This is a great toy to celebrate this new quirky character. We are all big fans of Forky and this toy will be loved by all that has seen the movie. (More Forky toys to come below…we LOVE Forky!)

Gabby Gabby Doll Figurine

Meet Gabby Gabby. She is one of the standout new characters in Toy Story 4. There is not a lot of Gabby Gabby merchandise available as yet, so if you can get your hands on one of these think yourself lucky.

Duke Caboom Toy

This one takes the cake! Not only is he Duke Caboom…but a remote control Duke Caboom!! This will be loved by boys of all ages. My husband had one similar when he was younger (but not remote control). This looks super fun.

Toy Story Toy Set

These Toy Story collectible figures and toys sets will be enjoyed by all ages. There’s something for everyone here.

Toy Story 4 Little People Pack

Super cute pack for younger children and the best Toy Story gifts for 2 year old child are these fun figurines. This suits ages 1.5 to 5 years old. Little People figurines are always a firm favorite to play with for kids. 

They are durable, easy to hold and add that magical Toy Story character element to it and you are onto a winner for sure.

Toy Story 4 Deluxe Figure Pack

If the kids are a little older they may appreciate this pack more as the figurines are a little more like action figures and the set is recommended for ages 3-8.

Toy Story Lego Set

This Toy Story Lego set would be great for the older kids that love to build Lego and also love the Toy Story series. It includes Woody, Lotso, Hamm and 2 alien mini figures.

Toy Story Lego

There are heaps of other amazing Toy Story Lego sets available now. Some are Duplo for ages 2+ and others are Lego from 4+. So much fun for the whole family.

See them here

Toy Story Pizza Planet Playset

If they are not into Lego but do like playsets here is a fun pizza planet playset from Toy Story 3.

Toy Story Presents (Old Favorites)

Buzz Lightyear Toy

The newest Buzz Lightyear toy updated for Toy Story 4 with new phrases and this one even walks.

Spoiler alert – you can even get him to do the moonwalk! A must have toy for both boys and girls. My 5 year old girl likes Buzz just as much as the other characters. I sadly gave away her big brother’s Buzz toy from years ago so I will definitely be buying one of these for her to enjoy.

Toy Story 4 Woody and Bullseye

Woody is a classic toy and the addition of Bullseye the horse! These toys are poseable for added play time fun. Recommended for ages 3+.

Toy Story Jessie Figure Toy

Jessie is a firm favorite and compliments the Woody toy perfectly.

 Bo Peep Doll

Bo Peep reemerges as one of the stars in Toy Story 4 and this doll is a great replica of her. I love how she looks in the movie.

The animation has the perfect shine on her face and she is a great role-model doll for girls as she is not Barbie (out-of-proportion) thin. Bo has also ditched the skirt and frills from the original Toy Story movie and is not wearing pants which lends itself to a better action figure toy for sure.

Mr Potato Head Toy Story 4 Characters

This is a great twist of the traditional Mr Potato Head toy. They are styled to be like Toy Story 4 characters and look totally fun to play with, especially the Buzz and Woody potatoes. Definitely would be a unique and much-enjoyed gift idea for ages 2 and up.

Toy Story Plush Toys

Toy Story Woody Talking Plush Toy

Don’t get me wrong I love the original Woody doll plastic head and floppy body and all. However, he’s not the comfiest toy to take to bed to cuddle for little kids. This toy is a great alternative. He’s soft yet still Woody! And he talks!

Toy Story Dolly Soft Toy

Dolly is a soft toy rag doll in the movie and this soft toy would make a lovely gift.

Toy Story 4 Ducky and Bunny Plush Toys

Ducky and Bunny were two new character additions to the story line and these soft toys will be loved for sure. They’re scented and smell like cotton candy. Just like what you would expect from the actual characters in the movie. So great!

Toy Story Toys List continued

We know you’ll love these other Toy Story toys.  A mix of new and old characters that are sure to please those who love the movie.

Bo Peep & Forky Headphones

These headphones would be loved by all little girls who love Toy Story. The pink bow at the top is super cute and this is definitely a unique idea for a little girl’s gift.

Forky headphones look great and a very unique gift for Forky fans.

Toy Story 4 Camp Chair

Super fun for the backyard or to make your little one feel special whilst camping.

Toy Story 4 Forky Pop! Vinyl Figurine

Great for slightly older kids that loved the movie and love collecting these figurines to display in their bedrooms. My 12 year old loved the movie and has asked for one of these to store next to his Star Wars Pop! Vinyl figurines.

Make your Own Forky Toy

We recently had a Toy Story party and as one of our party activities, we  made our own Forky crafts with pipe-cleaners, plasticine, and tongue depressors…and other materials.

If you are looking at making your own and you don’t want to buy the craft supplies as you have to buy them in bulk…this is a great option. Honestly, I now have enough supplies to make another 50 Forkys (even after we made heaps of them at the party!).

Toy Story Backpacks

These bags look great and they have all the Toy Story 4 characters on them.
 Find backpacks here

And last but DEFINITELY not least I had to include a gift for the moms who are Toy Story fans. Check out these amazing Forky earrings! I am in love with them. So cute yet quirky! A definite conversation starter.

I hope you enjoyed the Toy Story gifts!

Best Gifts for Toy Story Fans

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