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Among Us Birthday Party Ideas for 2024

If you are looking for some super fun and easy Among Us birthday party ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve got loads of photos and information on where to find and how to create the best and easiest Among Us party decorations, party food, party games and party favors and birthday cake ideas.

These Among Us party ideas are really easy to replicate and they won’t break the budget. They will be a massive hit at your Among Us themed party. 

We’ve also got some totally awesome and fun ideas for Among Us party games and activities. Spoiler alert: these games do not need an iPad – and your party guests can play in real life. We know they’ll want to play the actual game – but we’ve got some offline fun to share with you too.

Read on for some great ideas for your Among Us birthday party theme.

Among Us Birthday Party

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Among Us Birthday Party

I recently threw an Among Us party for a family member and it was so much fun and really easy to decorate. It was such a colorful party theme, and it looked really fantastic with very minimal time and effort.

It’s hard to find Among Us party decorations in the shops, so I will tell you where I found everything online. 

Also, I can show you a lot of fun things to make which were quick and easy even if you are not very crafty. Most of them were paper crafts, so you could get the kids to help you or even have some of them as a fun party activity.

Among Us Birthday Party Ideas

You don’t have to go off budget when thinking about Among Us birthday theme ideas…unless you want to. All the ideas here are inexpensive and fun. 

You’ll want to have lots of colorful balloons for this party theme as Among Us is a certainly a colorful game. I added some Among Us cut outs to the balloons with sticky tape and the kids loved them. These balloons were great for decorating the party dessert table.

among us birthday decorations

Here is part of my Among Us birthday theme party table.  

Scroll to the bottom of the article to find out where to find these fun Among Us party supplies.

Among us party theme

Among Us Theme Party

The beauty of this Among Us birthday party is that we could easily theme many of the party food items and therefore they doubled as fun decorations for the party table. This means that you don’t need to buy heaps of other decorations as they can double as party food, party favors and party activities.

These Among Us straws were super easy to make with the Among Us kit and some colorful straws. You could use plain white straws and they would still look great.

We cut out some Among Us avatars and sticky taped the back of them to a straw. The kids loved them.

among us birthday party decorations

All of the awesome printables that I used for my Among Us party can be found right here. If the item is unavailable, check out this link right here to see a full range of Among Us decorations for your party.

among us party decorations

Among Us Party Decorations

Read on for some great ideas and photos of some super fun Among Us birthday party decorations you’ll love to theme your party with.

Firstly, this Among Us emergency button cake was a huge hit at the party. I had this set up on the party table as a fun feature, and the party guests loved it.

To make the emergency meeting button decoration, you’ll need a clear square glass container. Plastic didn’t work as well as it was not as clear, so use a glass container if you can find one. Simply ice a cupcake with red frosting, pop the container over the top and add some hazard tape around the sides.

among us party decorations

These Among Us balloons were one of my favorite table decorations as they were so easy to make. You can find the Among Us pictures to print in the decoration set recommended at the bottom of this article.

among us party supplies

Among Us Banner

This Among Us banner looked great behind the party table and was easy to make. I printed it out, and cut out each shape, then sticky taped it to some silver curling ribbon. You could use washi tape to hang it on your wall as it doesn’t take the paint off the wall when removing it afterwards.

I also taped some of the colorful avatars around the banner for extra effect. The banner spells out Happy Birthday.

Scroll to the bottom of the article to find out where to get these fun Among Us party supplies.

among us banner

Among Us Birthday Decorations

Whilst I didn’t use a backdrop at my party I do think it would have been awesome to have this as part of my Among Us birthday party decorations. This Among Us backdrop would look great behind a party table or as a fun photo booth area.

Among Us Party Food

You can make Among Us party food ideas as simple or elaborate as you like. The popcorn boxes were a hit and were an easy snack idea.

We also filled some smaller Among Us boxes with corn chips and candy. We used the fun printable set (link at end of article) to theme our party food quickly and easily.

among us birthday decorations

To serve hot food, these fun french fry boxes were perfect for fries and chicken nuggets. We made these food containers out of plain paper 80gm from the printable set, but you could also print them on cardboard if you wanted them to be a little sturdier.

Scroll to the bottom of the article to find out where to find these fun Among Us party supplies.

among us party ideas

We also made totally fun water bottle labels, cupcake toppers, favor tags and more – all for easy Among Us theme party food. 

among us water bottle stickers

Among Us Cookies

Ok so you absolutely need to know about these AMAZING Among Us cookies! All the cookies have blue dough inside, except for the imposter (which is red)! How fun! They will be screaming with excitement to find out who the imposter is.

Among Us cookies

Find Among Us Cookies Here – Ask for a Custom Order

Or you could try your hand at making them yourself with these Among Us cookie cutters. Hot tip: Put jam inside one of the cookies and once they bite into it, they can work out who is the imposter!

Another easy cookie idea for an Among Us party theme is simply dotty cookies – with colorful smarties or M&M’s.

among us theme party

Among Us Party Supplies

Here are some more great Among Us birthday party supplies that we used as a decoration, but they could also be used as a fun party activity. I really enjoyed making all the Among Us party stuff and my guests did too.

We made these paper crafts before the party, but they are so easy that you could make them during the party too. You just need to have them all printed out and have some scissors and sticky tape handy. The instructions are on the sheet of how to fold them into the little avatars.

(These are all part of the full party set that you can find a link to at the bottom of the article).

among us birthday party idea

These colorful party hats were a great decoration and so much fun to wear. Simply print the template and cut it out. Then add some elastic string to the hats so that they stay on. Some party guests took these home as a decoration for their bedside table as they loved them so much.

among us themed party

Or check out these HILARIOUS Among Us headbands – print them at home and they will want to wear them at the party for sure! Find them here.

Among Us Party Games

For Among Us birthday party games the most obvious choice is to actually play the game on a digital device like an iPad or phone. However, we have some great OFFLINE options for some fun Among Us party games.

Guess the Amount of Crewmates

Firstly, you could have a game called Guess the amount of crewmates in the jar! Simply add a large bag of M&M’s or Smarties to a empty jar and have the party guests guess how many are in the jar. (Make sure you count it beforehand).

Print out a sheet similar to below or just handwrite it. The winner wins the whole jar to take home and eat!

among us birthday party games

How about playing some Among Us Bingo? You can find it right here.

Among Us Darts

Another fun idea for a party game is Among Us darts. This is better if the kids are a little older, as darts are sharp! Create a wall of balloons (outside might be better) with a red imposter character cut out inserted in a couple of the balloons. Have the kids shoot darts and if they find the imposter when the balloon bursts, they win a small prize.

Among Us Scavenger Hunt

You could also have an Among Us scavenger hunt game at the party. Or this game is even fun if you’re not having a party and just want the birthday boy or girl to have a fun activity on their actual birthday.

Among us scavenger hunt

Find Among Us Scavenger Hunt Here

Among Us Offline Party Game

Ok, so they will love this Among Us in real life game. If you need the instructions on how the Among Us game works, just ask your kids. The imposter/s pretends to be a crewmate while actually having to sabotage the game. There are tasks to complete along the way in the real game.

I’ve got heaps of printable activities featured below that could be used as tasks for your Among Us party game. Set up tasks in separate areas of the house or outside so that it is similar to the real game.

Here are the tasks:

Among Us Coloring Page – find it here

Among Us Word Search – find it here

Among Us Maze – find it here

Among Us Word Scramble – find it here

Among Us Crossword Puzzle – find it here

Among Us Trivia

Or how about some Among Us trivia. As parents we probably don’t know the answers so I’m glad that someone has created this.

 If the Among Us trivia cards are no longer available, it’s easy to make your own. Just write some questions and answers down on some note cards from the video below.

YouTube video

Among Us Party Favors

Below you’ll see photos of unique Among Us party favors that you won’t find in stores.

Check out these great Among Us party favor bags – the party guests can color these in the color of their favorite crewmate or imposter!

How about adding an Among Us keychain to your party bag as an AWESOME party bag filler idea. Find a large range right here.

Among Us Stickers

Among Us stickers are great for favors or prizes and they’ll love these one below.

These little tubs of candy are part of the full printable set that I’ve used for the other decorations at my Among Us party.

Find the link to the full party set at the bottom of the article.

among us party favors

Do you remember how to make cootie catchers or fortune tellers? Here are some Among Us fortune tellers already made for you. You just need to print and fold them.

This is a unique idea for a party favor although it could also be great for easy Among Us birthday party activities.

Don’t miss the BEST Among Us gift ideas all in the one place. There’s something for everyone!

Among Us Birthday Shirt

If the birthday boy or girl is looking for something awesome to wear to their party check out this fun personalized Among Us birthday shirt.

Among Us birthday shirt

Photo Credit: Joseph Tshirts Etsy

Find heaps of AMAZING Among Us Shirts right here.

Among Us Birthday Card

Don’t forget to grab yourself an Among Us birthday card like this awesome card below.

Among Us birthday card

Photo Credit: Ninety Seven Avenue

Don’t forget to get your Among Us wrapping paper for any gifts or prizes right here.

Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes

Don’t forget about the all important birthday cake and / or cupcakes. You must check out the article below dedicated to amazing Among Us birthday cakes. You’ll find lots of fun birthday cake ideas plus easy options with cake toppers.

among us birthday party cake

Don’t miss these amazing Among Us cake ideas. From easy to advanced ideas for a fun Among Us birthday party cake.

Among us cupcakes

Among Us Party Ideas

All of the Among Us party items featured in this article be found right here. If you don’t see the items listed, ask for a custom order.

Among Us party set – The printable party set I used has recently become unavailable – find some great alternatives here.

Among Us party set (personalized) – find one here

Among Us backdrop – find it here

Among Us banners – find them here

Among Us cookies – find them here

Among Us party invitations – find them here

Among Us printable headbands – find them here

Among Us printable games – find them here

among us birthday party

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Wishing you an AMAZING Among Us party. Thanks for reading. Hope all your birthday parties are filled with fun.


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