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Among Us Cake Ideas for 2024

Among Us cake ideas are definitely the flavor of the year! If you’re looking for some super fun Among Us cakes that you can make, then read on.

We’ve got some Among Us game cake ideas anyone could make…you don’t need to be an expert to give these a go.

There are also some more advanced Among Us birthday cake ideas that you could try or take to your favorite cake baker to make for you.

Read on to find some great ideas and see the fun Among Us cake images for inspiration.

Among Us Cake

We’ve also got some amazing Among Us cake topper ideas to show you and some super fun Among us cupcakes and more. There’s nothing ‘sus’ about these out of this world cake designs.

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Among Us Cake

Firstly, I wanted to show you some easy Among Us cake ideas that you could try. The cakes below can be baked or you could buy some pre-made cakes and ice them with buttercream. You’ll need some two different tones of grey icing and blue icing for the cake below and some plain white icing.

The outline for the stunning cake pictured below is made with a licorice strap, which is such a clever idea.

Scroll down to see an example of how two cakes were cut to make a similar shaped cake.

Among Us Cake

Photo: Sandra Reid

The next Among Us game cake design is a similar cake that is iced with fondant. The cake is made with black fondant for the outline and red fondant to top it off, which is another easy and great-looking idea for a super fun cake.

You could cut letters out of  icing with cookie cutters and add to the cake as well if you wanted to put a name on it. Definitely mention that they are sus for extra points!

Scroll down to see how this awesome cake was cut out of two round mud-cakes.

Among Us cakes

The cake above was created with some pre-made fondant icing and two round mud cakes. It’s an easy Among Us cake recipe. You don’t even need to bake the cake if you don’t want to. Just buy pre-made mud cakes and then remove the icing before adding your own icing.

Or bake your own 2 cakes in a round cake tin.

cakes to decorate

The round mud cakes were cut into a shape of a crewmate, as you can see below. Simply ice your cake and you’re ready! You could use either buttercream or fondant icing. Either would work well for this type of cake.

Among Us cake recipe

Here is another example of a stunning birthday cake. This is another buttercream cake with licorice outline. This cake looks stunning in red which is possibly the most popular avatar in the game. The blue visor looks so realistic as well.

among us cake

Photo credit: @littlerivertribe on Instagram

Among Us Birthday Cake

Another fun Among Us birthday cake idea is to make a simple buttercream cake with a party hat on top. You can make the buttercream icing in any color or to match the birthday girl or boys Among Us avatar. How cute does this cake look!

Among Us Birthday Cake

Now the next Among Us theme cake is another fun option you could try your hand at making. This stunning cake was iced with fondant.

It can easily be made by stacking 4 cakes on top of each other. The feet of the cake were made with rice krispies treats / LCM bars. If you don’t want to make the party hat with fondant, you could add a regular party hat on top.

Among Us cake ideas

Photo: Sarah Gibson

We will now show you how to make this amazing cake. See the picture below of the cake before it’s iced to see how to stack the cakes. As you can see, this cake was very cleverly created with the same size round store-bought cakes and Rice Krispies LCM bars. You could also add some long wooden skewers through the center of the cake to give them a little extra balance.

This triple decker cake looks like it would taste delicious!

Among Us cake recipe

Photo: Sarah Gibson

Don’t miss this awesome Among us Birthday party guide – chock full of decorations, party game ideas and more!

Among Us Cake Ideas

The easiest quick cake to make is an Among Us emergency button cake. You could even use it as a fun party decoration if you make it with a cupcake.

Among us cakes

To make this cake, simply ice a cupcake with red icing. Grab a square glass container to pop on top. Use some hazard tape around the corners of the square container and you are done!

among us emergency button cake

Or why not make a bigger version of this Among Us emergency meeting cake for a super easy Among Us cake.

Among Us Cakes

How great does this buttercream cake look! The crewmates were made with icing, but you could also stick some cardboard cake toppers on instead. (See below section on cake toppers for some more ideas.)

Or how about this easy Among Us game cake? As long as you can bake or even buy similar size round cakes you can make this.

Simply stack round cakes on top of each other and ice with your favorite type of icing. To decorate add an Among Us picture to the side of your cake.

The picture would be best to be printed on a lightweight card stock that is still flexible but will stay stuck to your cake. This would be an easy yet amazing looking cake if you are short of time!

Among Us Cake Topper

The easiest way to create an awesome themed cake is with cake toppers. It’s my favorite hack for a quick and easy cake.

among us birthday cake

Now this easy Among Us cake would be something that everyone could create. Simply bake a cake and ice it with your favorite colored icing.

Stick some KitKats to the icing right around the cake and secure them with some curling ribbon.

Then add heaps of awesome cake toppers like these Among Us cake topper printable below. I used the ones from this kit right here.

among us cake

You can find HEAPS of amazing Among Us printable cake toppers right here.

Check out this next awesome cake. I love how these cake toppers are stuck on the sides of the cake and it looks like they are floating through space, just like the game. Don’t forget the edible star sprinkles. This cake would look great with either blue or black icing.

The next super fun Among Us cake decorations / cake toppers are made with fondant.

Here is another Among Us cake imposter theme. The cake and cupcake combination is a great way to create a birthday cake with lots of crewmates and imposters to decorate, it’s sure to be popular.

You can find a large selection of AMAZING already done for your fondant Among Us cake toppers right here.

Among Us Cupcakes

This article would not be complete without mentioning these fabulous Among Us cupcakes. Check out these fun cupcakes below made with fondant toppers or Among Us cake figurines.

There are also these awesome flat cupcake toppers made with fondant. You could easily create these with an Among Us cookie cutter like these ones here. Simply press the cutter down onto your icing circles and then fill in the imprint with black or a dark colored icing pen.

Among Us Cupcake Toppers

And my favorite quick and easy way to decorate a cupcake is with cupcakes toppers. Here are some more super fun Among Us cupcake toppers. The cute toppers below can be printed at home or a local print shop.

among us cupcakes

Find a large selection of Imposter and Crewmate Among Us cupcake toppers printable right here.

The next cupcake toppers are some amazing flat circle fondant toppers. I love the black starry background on these toppers. If you are skilled with fondant you could try making these yourself.

Or if you’d like to order some fondant cupcake toppers that can be custom made for you…find a HUGE selection of amazing Among Us cupcake toppers right here.

Among Us Cookies

Believe it or not, Among Us cookies are a real thing and they are out of this world amazing. You will definitely want some for your Among Us party or even a birthday celebration for one! There are themed cookie cutters available so you can make your own cookies or have them pre-made for you.

Check out the huge selection of Among Us cookies and cookie cutters right here.

How cute are these Among Us macarons!

And don’t forget the cake pops! Yes!!! You can you check them out right here.

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I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this selection of fun Among Us cakes. Thanks for reading.

Among Us Cakes


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  2. Was planning an Among Us themed party. These ideas are perfect, especially the cookies. Might try to make some this weekend.

  3. Not sure why everyone’s so into making game themed cakes, isn’t a regular cake good enough these days? feels like a lot of extra work for a cake.


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