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Lego Birthday Party Ideas (Don’t miss this epic party!)

If you’re looking for some Lego birthday party ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. This Lego themed party will inspire and delight you and you’ll definitely want to replicate some of the ideas. The beauty of this party theme is that both boys and girls would love it.

Fiona Chambers has kindly shared her son’s Lego party with us. Fiona is a party styling extraordinaire, so read on so you can grab some great ideas to replicate for your own Lego party theme.

*All the Lego birthday party photos in this post are copyright of Fiona Chambers.

Lego birthday party

Lego Birthday Party

This party table will delight any Lego fan. The Lego storage heads doubled as an amazing party decoration and Lego party centerpiece on the cake stands. There were Lego treats galore and such great ideas for a fun Lego party candy buffet.

These candy bags look great with the Lego heads stuck on them. The candy buffet jars are decorated with colorful ribbon and a Lego head. Even the lollipops have a Lego minifigure head. It’s the attention to detail that really makes this party stand out.

Lego party

This is such an amazing Lego party table set up and all matching in the colors of yellow, blue, red and green. The personalized labels on the chocolates are a cool feature to make the birthday boy feel extra special.

Lego birthdays really do make dreams come true for kids who love Lego.

Lego birthday party ideas

This amazing Lego birthday party had two party tables set up side by side. The table on the right was for the party food, and the table on the left was for the party activities and party favors.

Lego party

Lego Party Decorations

Fiona has such a knack with party styling. You’ll notice in this party that the decorations double as either delicious party treats, amazing party favors, or fun party activities.

Of course, the easiest and most budget-friendly way to decorate a party is with balloons.

Lego Balloons for Lego birthday party

This is the best idea for Lego balloons that is easy to replicate. Stick to your color theme of the Lego primary colors with matching ribbons and you’re away.

Lego balloons

Lego Party Favors

Fiona very cleverly made the Lego party favors into a Lego party activity as part of the party entertainment. I love this idea. Instead of pre-packing the party bags, at this party the guests could create their own. So much Lego fun!

To make the party bags, grab some white party bags and some colored paper. Make the Lego shapes separately with rectangular pieces of colored paper and some round circles in the same color, then glue onto the bags. Don’t glue the circles on perfectly, as they have an awesome 3D look if they are glued loosely.

Lego party favors

The party guests were first asked to choose a keyring / key chain. Fiona made these cute Lego keyrings by drilling a hole into a Lego piece and attaching to a key chain. Such a fun idea! The kids would love to have these Legos hanging off their school bags.

Lego party favors ideas

Secondly, the party guests were asked to choose 2 Lego minifigures to adopt. This is such a wonderfully fun idea, and I really don’t know how they could choose from so many awesome figures. You could display them with a stand like this or if you can’t find a stand…use a large Lego baseplate.

It might be time to stock up on some minifigure blind bags from the store for your collection. Or check out eBay as they often have rare minifigures or bulk minifigures listed.

Lego minifigures as Lego party favors

Thirdly, the guests were asked to grab a plaster minifigure. These are a great idea and could also be used as a party activity if you don’t mind a bit of paint in your party area.

Lego party bags

The final party favor task was to fill the bag with some delicious (color-co-ordinated) lollies.

Lego party food

Here are some more amazing Lego party favors that can also double as Lego table decorations or even treats during the party.

These Lego party favors look amazing. The tiny acrylic boxes were filled with a single colored M&M and then a matching Lego piece was hot-glued on top.

Lego party favors

The Lego themed chocolate bars look amazing with the birthday boy’s name in the Lego font.

Personalized Lego chocolates

Likewise these Lego M&M’s mini tubes would be a big hit with the party guests.

Lego party favours

And more fun M&M’s minis.

Lego party favours

If you’re short of time and are after some party favors to purchase check out our Lego party favors guide.

Lego Party Games

Apart from the build your own Lego party bag, there were some other awesome Lego party games and activities for the party guests to enjoy. Lego minifigure coloring in and Lego minifigure drawing activities. The Lego crayons are so cute and I bet the guests wanted to take some of them home too. You can create these by melting crayons in a silicone mold in the oven.

Lego party activities

Now, this is the most amazing activity of all. They invited party guests to design their own Lego glasses. How could you not love this idea! So much fun and imagine the cute photos.

Lego party games

And speaking of photos. Definitely don’t forget to make a Lego photo booth for maximum fun and the BEST photos! The kids will love it. This one was made from thick card stock and Lego minifigure crayons hot glued on top.

Lego birthday party

You could also play a game of guess the amount of jelly beans in the jar to save the Lego minifigure. The person who wins gets a bag of the goodies and the little Lego guy.

Or just use this as a super cool party decoration and party treat on your table as part of your candy buffet. In fact, you could set up a whole candy buffet like this with different minifigures “trapped” inside for extra fun.

Lego Birthday party ideas

Lego Party Food

There are so many fun ideas for Lego party food. You could create lots of fun food platters with food matching the Lego primary colors.

This is a genius idea to decorate the food table. The Lego storage heads were very cleverly used as chip bowls.

Lego party decorations

How delicious do these Lego cookies look? They look too amazing to eat.

lego party food

This is such an amazing idea for a party snack. These little mini red buckets were filled with delicious popcorn. To decorate the buckets, print out a minifigure image onto card stock and hot glue it onto the side of the bucket.

Lego party food

The Lego deliciousness continues. These Lego minifigures can be made by melting white chocolate into molds. You can add food coloring to change the color.

lego party cookies

These Lego minifigure jelly cups are so adorable. So unique and fun.

Lego party food ideas

These minifigure chocolates look delicious.

Lego party food ideas

Any yellow food would work well with this party theme. You could use any Lego pieces you have as decorations as well to display on the party table. Lego party food

You don’t always need to worry about expensive decorations…raid your kid’s Lego stash and start decorating.

Lego party food ideas

Lego water bottles are a great way to keep your party guests hydrated throughout your party. You could go for awesome personalized labels like the bottles below or stick to the yellow Lego minifigure head theme.

Lego water bottles

Now this fun idea made the party next level. Slushie machines filled with delicious red slushie drinks. The color matched perfectly and what a treat for the kids.

Lego party drinks

Lego Birthday Cake

This Lego birthday cake looks amazing and works perfectly with the party theme. Can you spot the little Lego minifigure holding a candle?

Lego birthday cake

Lego cupcakes are a great idea with the little white chocolate minifigure toppers.

Lego cupcakes

It really is the small details and the way that everything matches that truly makes this party stand out. Fiona did an amazing job of styling this party to Lego perfection.

Lego cupcakes

Thank you so much to Fiona Chambers for sharing her totally amazing Lego party ideas with us.

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