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The Best Lego Party Favors (in 2021)

These Lego party favors are sure to delight. They are unique, yet fun and work perfectly for a Lego party theme for boys and girls and even the adults will love them too. Read on and I’ll show you how you can get your hands onto them in time for your next party.

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Lego Party Bags

Lego parties are so much fun as a party theme. Their popularity is sure to stay for generations to come. Here’s some fun ideas for Lego party bags and boxes. The most obvious one is to add pieces of Lego to a party bag.

Building Blocks Favor Bags

To make your Lego party pack next level you could use a Lego party favor bags like the awesome party bags below. Who wouldn’t love one of these Lego party bags to take home with them?

Lego blocks favor bags for lego party bags

Lego Personalized Party Bag Toppers

Here’s some other super cute Lego party bag toppers and they’re personalized. You could add either Lego or candy in the party bags and these toppers and you’re done. This is a Lego party printable so you can print it at home. You don’t even need to wait for shipping. They are so bright and fun.

Personalized Lego Party Bag Toppers

Lego Party Favor Box

How cute are these Lego mini-figure head treat boxes! You could really add anything to them as a party favor. They are also Lego party printables. So you can print them at home, which is super great if you’re looking for a quick party favor box.

These boxes would even work well for Lego wedding favors for those quirky and super fun wedding themes. They would definitely make an impact! Read on for more Lego party accessories that you could pop inside the boxes.

Lego Party Boxes | Lego Minifigure Head Boxes for Lego party theme

Lego Party Favors

Read on for some more unique and fun Lego party favors that they’ll love, guaranteed.

Lego Blocks Soap

How awesome is this Lego soap! The perfect way to entice young Lego fans to actually want to jump in the bath instead of avoid it.

Lego soap lego blocks party favors

Lego Minifigure Soap

These Lego minifigure soap would also work well as a super cute party favor.

Lego soap minifigures party favors

Lego Minifigure Bath Bombs

Check out these amazing Lego minifigure bath bombs. Can you guess what’s inside? Love this idea so much. You could just wrap them in cellophane and it’s ready for a very unique take home gift.

Lego Bath bombs party favors

Lego Keyrings / Lego Keychains 

Hands up if you’re not a child anymore yet you would still love one of these? Yes! These awesome Lego keychains from BlakesBricks are a great idea for a party favor. Kids could hang them on their school bags. Or for the young at heart…how good would it be to have this on your house keys or car keys!

Lego Keychains / Lego Keyrings

Lego Tie Wrist Bands

These Lego minifigure wrist bands are sure to be a hit as a fun party favor. They can zoom those little guys all around the house. They’ll love them!

Lego Minifigure wrist band

Lego Minifigure Crayons

Crayons are a super fun idea for party favor. Love these Lego minifigure crayons!

Lego People Crayons - Lego party favors

Lego Block Crayons

These Lego block crayons are so colorful and would make a great Lego party favor as well.

Lego block crayons lego party favors

Lego Notebooks 

These Lego notebooks are such a cute and unique idea for a party favor or a gift for any Lego lover.  They come in a variety of fun colors too.

Lego Notebooks for party favors

Girl Lego Party Favors

Whilst any of the above Lego party favors would suit both boys and girls alike here are some more that particularly girls might enjoy.

Lego Minifigure Head Earrings

These Lego minifigure head earrings from WhereTheWildBricksGo are a super fun party favor idea or an awesome gift for Lego fans. They are super cute…go on and treat yourself.

Lego Minifigure Earrings Lego party favors

Lego Hair Ties

These Lego hair ties are such a fun and unique idea for girls with long hair. Available in lots of fun colors, they are sure to please and are the perfect girl Lego party favors to add to your party bags.

Lego Hair ties

Lego Heart Necklaces

A super cute party favor idea. These Lego heart necklaces are available in lots of different colors or would be a beautiful gift for that special Lego lover in your life.

Lego heart necklaces

Lego Friends Party Favors

The Lego Friends range is so popular for girls and if you were looking to theme your party with the pinks and purples of the friends blocks then check these out.

Lego Friends Party Favors Party Bag Toppers

These Lego friends party bag toppers can be personalized to suit your party. They look amazing. Add in Lego or candy and they’ll look amazing. You can print them at home. So quick and easy.

Lego friends party favors bag toppers personalized

If you don’t want to add candy pop some Lego Friends wrist bands or Lego Friends notepad and pencils in there instead.

Lego Friends Party Supplies - wrist bands Lego Friends Party Favors

Lego Friends Party Supplies - Notebooks for Lego Friends Party Favors

Check out all the fun at this epic Lego birthday party. You’ll see party decorations, food ideas, games and more…all Lego themed to the max. You’ll love it!

More Lego Party Favours

Lego Cookies

These Lego cookies look amazing and would work really well as a party favor. Or you could serve them at your party for a delicious Lego treat idea.

Lego Cookies Party Favors

Or if you were looking to make some cookie snacks yourself check out these Lego cookie cutters here.

Lego Fun Glasses

I had to add these super fun Lego glasses. They would not only make a great party favour but also how awesome would a party photo be with all of the kids wearing them.

Lego glasses for Lego party favors

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this Lego party favors guide. Wishing you a super fun Lego party!

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