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The Best Lego Cake Ideas – Easy to Advanced Lego Cakes You’ll Love

Looking for the best Lego birthday cake ideas? I have heaps of amazing Lego cakes below that you can DIY or take to your favorite cake baker to make for you. From simple buttercream cakes to elaborate fondant cakes, there is something here for everyone. There are also ideas for Lego cupcakes and a Lego donut tower.

lego cake ideas

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lego cake ideas

Image credit: cakeymillions

Lego party themes are one of my favorite types of parties to style. Lego cakes are so varied in style. From Lego blocks to Lego minifigures, Lego Friends, The Lego movie, Ninjago and more – there are so many fun ways to decorate a Lego cake.

lego cake

Image credit: cherrybomb.cork

Lego Cake Ideas

The first amazing Lego cakes here feature Lego pieces as the main decorative feature.

White icing or Lego red icing with Lego pieces made out of white chocolate and food coloring is a great way to decorate a cake. I love the contrast of the red and white icing together on this brilliant cake.

lego cakes

Image credit: vanile_patisserie

The Lego minifigure and Lego pieces decorating this stunning cake are done so well. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find out where to get the Lego molds to make an awesome cake like this one.

lego cake

Image credit: andreaortizfuentes

Here is another idea for a colorful Lego cake below.

I love this idea for a bright and chaotic Lego sheet cake below. These personalized name and age cake toppers are also available to purchase. Scroll to the Lego cake supplies section of this article for the details.

lego birthday cake

Image credit: top_it_caketoppers

I love this idea. Make an amazing cake with real Lego on top. They will enjoy the Lego long after the cake has been eaten. Just make sure they know the Lego parts are not edible.

lego cake design

Image credit: simplyblisscakery

You could also use printable cake toppers made of paper or cardstock like this fun cake below.

Lego city cake

Image credit: celestecreations_swati

Love this super fun Lego City cake made with paper cake toppers.

lego cakes for birthday

Image credit: cake.mydayuk

And here is another amazing Lego City cake. You could use real Lego as a topper as an easy DIY idea.

lego cake design

Image credit: sonjas_sweet_side

Lego Brick Cake

I love the simplicity of this Lego brick cake. I have made one of these in the past using buttercream and marshmallows on top to make the dots on the Lego brick.

lego brick cake

Image credit: fizasdesserts

Lego Head Cake

I love an easy buttercream cake and this cake fits the bill. With the face features cut out from black fondant, anyone could easily make an amazing cake like this one below.

And this fondant Lego head cake is a super fun cake as well.

Lego Ninjago Cake

How amazing is this personalized 3 tiered Lego Ninjago cake!

lego ninjago cake

Image credit: marias.sweets

I love how the fondant looks like material in the next two stunning Ninjago cakes.

ninjago lego cake

Image credit: askato

ninjago cake

Image credit: mariadewicakes

And another stunning Lego Ninjago birthday cake idea that is perfectly crafted.

lego ninjago birthday cake

Image credit: thehare_sbh

Lego Batman Cakes

If they love Lego Batman then they are going to love any of the next 3 AMAZING cakes.

lego batman cakes

Image credit: thekakelady

lego batman cake

Image credit: vanilla_icedcakes

batman lego cake

Image credit: jennys_cake_kitchen

Lego Friends Cake

Lego Friends cakes are also very popular with their pastel colors.


Lego Star Wars Cake

Love this Lego Star Wars cake!

lego star wars cake

Image credit: mrskettlescakes

Absolutely love this Star Wars Lego cake with all the Star Wars mini figures.

star wars lego cake

Image credit: yummymarkanni

Lego Cupcakes

Lego cupcakes are another option for a fun cake idea. I adore the simplicity of these stunning Lego cupcakes and they look amazing.

lego cupcakes

Image credit: sugar_valley_

The mini chocolate bars and cute Lego head cake toppers look awesome on these cupcakes. 

lego cupcakes toppers

Image credit: cakeymillions

I love the primary Lego colors on these beautiful and bright fondant cake toppers

lego cupcakes ideas

Image credit: teacher_cake

These Ninjago cupcakes are perfect for a Ninjago birthday.

lego ninjago cupcakes

Image credit: azmoni_bakery

How sweet are these Lego friends cupcakes!

Lego cake pops are another fun alternative to a traditional birthday cake.

lego cake pops

Image credit: delightfuldesires_yakima

And for another fun idea, why not create a Lego donut stack? This is perfect for those who don’t like cake.

Or this Lego candy donut tower below.

Lego Cake Supplies

Find all the Lego cake supplies below to make your own Lego birthday cake.

Minifigure and Lego Chocolate Molds

Tongker Set of 3 Building Blocks Robots Fondant Silicone Mold for Cake Decorating Cupcake Topper Chocolate Mold

Mini Chocolate Bar Molds

2 Pieces Silicone Break Apart Chocolate Moulds,Silicone Square Mold,Non-Stick Candy Chocolate Bar Mold,Reusable Candy Protein Silicone Chocolate Mold

Lego Cake Mold

Brick Building Cake Pan Mold - Build, Decorate, Even Stack 9" 3D Shaped Cakes - Fun Baking Activity Treat for Kid or Adult Birthday Parties, Celebration Gift, Easy to Use Non-Stick Oven Bakeware


Lego Block Theme Name and Age Cake Toppers Find them here.

personalized lego cake toppers

Image credit: TopItCaketoppers

Personalized Lego Name Cake Topper – Find them here

Lego Name Cake Topper

Image credit: Madehappygifts

Lego Fondant Cupcake Toppers – Find them here

Lego fondant cupcake toppers

Image credit: StealingPetitFoursAU

Printable Lego Cake Toppers – Find them here

printable lego cake toppers

Image credit: BdayInvite

Lego colored Sprinkles

These edible Lego colored sprinkles are the easiest way to decorate a Lego cake. Simply ice and sprinkle. Find them here.

edible Lego sprinkles

Image credit: CoolMomSprinkles

More topper kits below:

Tongker Set of 3 Building Blocks Robots Fondant Silicone Mold for Cake Decorating Cupcake Topper Chocolate Mold


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  1. love the idea of a lego brick cake, seems easy enough to pull off with the right mold! anyone tried making one b4 and has tips?

    • My best tip would be to grease the tin well so that the cake comes out in one piece. But icing can fix most things if anything goes wrong. Happy baking!

  2. Does anyone know if there’s a way to use a 3D printer for making more complex Lego cake molds? Thinking it could open up possibilities beyond what’s commercially available.

    • That sounds like a cool project! But make sure the materials are food safe, not all 3D printer materials are good for that.

  3. So excited to try the Lego Star Wars cake for my little one’s birthday!!! Any recommendations for edible glitter to make it sparkle?


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