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15 Easy Paw Patrol Party Games (in 2024)

Paw Patrol Party Games

If you are planning a Paw Patrol Party, no doubt you’ll be looking for some easy and fun Paw Patrol party games. These Paw Patrol games for kids include some that can be played inside and some outside that will entertain all ages.

Read on for some super fun Paw Patrol birthday activities. These Paw Patrol birthday games can be easily prepared, and there are some for all ages to enjoy.

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Paw Patrol Party Games

Paw Patrol Bingo

They’ll love these super fun bingo games. You can grab these games straight away as an awesome Paw Patrol Bingo instant download. You can print these at home or a local print shop so you can grab them last minute for your party – no need to wait for postage. Click here to ask for a bingo game custom order.

Paw Patrol Bingo Printable Boy

Or if you’re after some Skye Paw Patrol birthday party games, then you’ll definitely want a pink bingo set.

Skye Paw Patrol Party Games

Bingo Photos courtesy of Mika Printable.

Paw Patrol Pinata

Here are an awesome selection of Paw Patrol Pinatas. There are some there that come with candy and fillers and others that are pinata only, like the one below.

Paw Patrol Skye Pull String Pinata - 16" x 16", 1 Pc
Skye Pinata

Paw Patrol Pinata Filler

If you’re looking for some Paw Patrol pinata toys, check out the following great ideas.

These Paw Patrol rubber bracelets would be great to put inside the pinata.

Fun Express Paw Print Rubber Bracelet - 24 Pieces - Educational And Learning Activities For Kids
Paw Patrol Bracelets


These Paw Patrol Bounce Balls will be a big hit with the kids as well. (And they won’t break no matter how hard the pinata is smashed!)

Paw Patrol 6ct Bounce Balls - 2 Pack
Paw Patrol Bounce Balls


Or if you’re looking for some other candy free toys to fill up your pinata (n0t Paw Patrol themed but still great for kids’ parties) check out this awesome bulk pack here.

Erotodo 718PCS Party Favors Fidget Toys Pack, Classroom Rewards Goodie Bag, Pinata Filler Carnival Prize Stocking Stuffer,Treasure Box Holidy Birthday
Pinata Fillers

To see the best decorations, party food ideas and party favors – Don’t miss our Paw Patrol party ideas guide.

Paw Patrol Treasure Hunt

A Paw Patrol Treasure Hunt is a game that they’ll all love to play. If you hide some colorful Paw Patrol balls around the yard or house or party venue and see if they can find them.


They are so bright and colorful and could also double as party favors. Or you could also hide some paw print stress balls. They are the perfect size to ‘hide’ and be found without too much trouble for the age group of the party.

Paw Patrol Photo Booth

This Paw Patrol photo background with props would be great for some awesome party photos.

American Greetings Nickelodeon, Paw Patrol Scene Setter Wall Decorations for unisex-children, 5-Count
Paw Patrol Photo Background

Paw Patrol Masks

Likewise, these Paw Patrol masks would be great in a Paw Patrol Photo Booth or just to wear during the party for fun!

Unique Paw Patrol Masks for Kids Birthday Party Favors and Decorations with Buttons - 16 Pack
Paw Patrol Masks

Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

Coloring in is always a great party activity to have set up at your party. Whilst it’s not a party game per se, it is great for those kids that might be slower to join in, or may not know others at the party.

Check out these awesome free Paw Patrol coloring in pages here.

And to make the coloring in even more fun and definitely on theme check out all of these Paw Patrol crayons here. You could use them during the party for the coloring in activity or they would make great party favors.

Paw Patrol Crayons

These amazing crayons above were made by Extra Money For Mommy.

Pin the Tail Paw Patrol

This is a great Paw Patrol take on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey game. There are a few great variations below incorporating your child’s favorite Paw Patrol character. This Pin the Badge on Paw Patrol game includes the game board, sticker sheets and a blindfold.

Paw Patrol Party Game - 16 Players, 1 Pc
Paw Patrol Pin the Tail Game

Pin the Badge on Skye

The girls will love this variation of the Paw Patrol Pin the Tail game: Pin the Badge on Skye. This is a printable game (you can print it at home or in a local printing shop) and it can be personalized prior with a special Happy Birthday message for the birthday girl or boy.

Pin the Badge on Skye Printable Paw Patrol Game

CLICK HERE to see the other variations of the Paw Patrol games such as Pin the Digger on Rubble, Pin the Tail on Zuma, Pin the Tail on Everest, Pin the Tail on Rocky and of course, Pin the Tail on Chase! If you don’t see them listed ask for a custom order!

Pin the Badge on Marshall

There’s also the Pin the Badge on Marshall. This is another fun printable game for those Marshall fans. These games are printable so super easy to create from home without having to wait for shipping.

Pin the Badge on Marshall

Photo courtesy: Chickography.

More Paw Patrol Party Games

If you’re looking for a couple of fun action games, you could set up a few stations with these fun activities during the party.

Paw Patrol Drop Chase Board Game

This is not your typical sit down board game. The Paw Patrol Drop Chase game takes 4 players at a time and is not a difficult strategy game to play. It has great reviews and would be definitely suited to a party game. It encourages turn taking, counting and color recognition and most of all, it’s fun. What child doesn’t love a game where you get to hammer blocks?

Paw Patrol Drop Chase Board Game, Multicolor
Paw Patrol Drop Chase Game

Paw Patrol Bowling Game

Paw Patrol bowling would also be a fun party game for several to play at once. This game is recommended for ages 2+ and you could play it inside or outside.

Paw Patrol Bowling Set
Paw Patrol Bowling Set

Paw Patrol Activities

Here are some more Paw Patrol activities that would be great at a party or a play date. They are not the typical ‘party games’ but they are fun ideas to keep the kids occupied in between the party food and birthday cake frenzy.

Paw Patrol Bubbles

More of a party activity than a game but check out these awesome Paw Patrol bubble wands and machines.  There’s a great variety of different types to choose from, similar to these pictured below and more.

PAW Patrol Ballooble Bubble Machine Amazon Exclusive Huge Inflatable Bubble Machine for Kids Includes a Stand and Bonus 40oz of Bubble Solution 2 in 1 Play Pattern for Maximum Bubble Toy Fun
Paw Patrol Bubble Machine

Little Kids Paw Patrol Skye Marshall Chase 8oz Bubbles and Wand Character Party Favor Pack, 12 Pack, Multi
Paw Patrol Bubble Wands

Nickelodeon Little Kids Paw Patrol Skye Action Bubble Blower and Includes Bubble Solution, Brown, Pink
Paw Patrol Skye Bubble Blower

Paw Patrol Prizes

How great are these Paw Print medals for prizes. And considering the age of the average party guest, I’m thinking everyone’s a winner!!

Crown Awards Paw Print Medals - 10 Pack - 2" Gold Paw Print Medals with Red, White, Blue Neck Ribbon
Paw Print Medals

Paw Patrol Party Activities

We’ve got some more super fun Paw Patrol party activities and games below. You’re sure to find something to suit the age and ability of your party guests.

Tic Tac Toss Game

This game is great for indoors and out and is recommended for ages 2+.

Paw Patrol Tic Tac Toe Toss Game for Indoor & Outdoor Play!
Paw Patrol Tic Tac Toe Toss Game

Paddle Ball Activity

These Paw Patrol paddles will be a sure-fire hit at your party. You can grab them in packs of 6.

Nick Shop Paw Patrol Paddle Ball Party Favors - Bundle with 6 Paw Patrol Paddle Ball Games and Stickers for Kids and Toddlers (Paw Patrol Party Supplies)
Paw Patrol Paddle Ball Game

Bouncing Castle

If you have room in your backyard, you’ll want to have one of these! While this bouncing castle is not officially Paw Patrol, it is in the Paw Patrol colors so would look great at your party.

And the kids will love to play with it for long afterwards. It’s durable, easy to put away and inflates fast.

Bounceland Medieval Bounce Castle Bounce House with Slide & Ball Pit, Basketball Hoop and Ball Toss Game Included, Long Fun Slide, Obstacle Courts, Comes with UL Certified Blower Fun Party
Bouncing Castle

Paw Patrol Party Games

  • Paw Patrol Pinata
  • Paw Patrol Bingo
  • Paw Patrol Photo Booth
  • Paw Patrol Treasure Hunt
  • Paw Patrol Coloring In
  • Pin the Tail (or Badge) Game
  • Bubbles
  • Paw Patrol Bowling
  • Paw Patrol Football

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Paw Patrol Party Games

Paw Patrol Party Games

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