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Paw Patrol Party Ideas (for your best party ever!)

If you’re looking for some great Paw Patrol party ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find such a beautifully styled Paw Patrol theme birthday party below. You’ll definitely want to replicate some of these amazing Paw Patrol birthday ideas.

You’ll find Paw Patrol decoration ideas and Paw Patrol food ideas as well as how to style the perfect Paw Patrol party table.

A Paw Patrol party theme is very popular right now, so read on for some awesome inspiration for your next party.

Paw Patrol Party Ideas

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This party was styled by the amazingly talented Fiona Chambers. Fiona’s party styling is second to none and she has done a fantastic job of styling this party theme for her son.

Paw Patrol Party Ideas

This Paw Patrol birthday party is perfect for a boy or girl as she features the three main colors of red, blue and yellow. Of course, if you were styling this party for a girl who loves Skye you could add in some pink and the other colors as well.

*All of the Paw Patrol birthday party photos in this post are copyright of Fiona Chambers.

Paw Patrol Birthday

Paw Patrol Party

For this party theme a bright tablecloth is definitely a must. The table is beautifully set off with a large personalized backdrop and lots of red, blue and yellow balloons.

The white paw print Paw Patrol balloons look fantastic too and match the Paw Patrol background perfectly.

You can find heaps of options for Paw Patrol backgrounds right here.

Paw Patrol Party

Paw Patrol Birthday Decorations

Read on to see how Fiona created some amazing ideas for Paw Patrol birthday decorations to make the party truly memorable. This bright yellow three-tiered stand has been filled with all sorts of Paw Patrol goodies.

Paw Patrol Birthday Decorations

There are some fun personalized Paw Patrol cotton candy tubs and character balloons. Grab some fairy floss / cotton candy tubs and decorate them with some themed personalized stickers.

Paw Patrol Party decorations

Check out these awesome Paw Patrol water bottles with personalized stickers. These great stickers can also fit on these super fun dog bone water bottles.

Paw Patrol stickers water bottles

These bright red fire hydrants look fantastic on the party table for Marshall the fire pup.

Paw Patrol party decorations

Paw Patrol Party Favors

There were so many great ideas for Paw Patrol party favors at this party. The Paw Patrol party bags look amazing. You could easily recreate these with some personalized stickers.

paw patrol party favors

These amazing personalized cookies could double as a party favor or just a fun treat during the party. They look too good to eat.

Paw Patrol party favors

M&M’s Minis chocolate tubes are always a great idea for a party favor. To make these yourself. Grab a paw print design pack right here. Simply download and print, then cut them to size to wrap around the mini tubes. You could stick them with double sided tape or just plain sticky tape or glue.

paw patrol party favors

And last but definitely not least these Paw Patrol Hershey’s Kisses look amazing. They could be a party favor or as a party treat to enjoy during the party. Get some stickers made for you right here

Paw Patrol Party Food Hershey's Kisses

Paw Patrol Party Decor

A great way to decorate the party area is with Paw Patrol plush toys. And there are some super fun paw print bubble wands as well that would be a big hit at the party.

Paw Patrol Party Decor

Bright giant lollipops are always a great way to decorate the party table and displayed inside a cute little box with a paw sticker is perfect. It’s the small details that can really add up to styling an amazing party.

Find the cute paw print stickers right here.

Paw Patrol birthday decor

And a Paw Patrol party is simply not on theme unless it has some super fun dog bowls to decorate! You could fill the Paw Patrol dog bowls with your favorite candy and they will definitely be a hit.

Paw Patrol Dog Bowl

Paw Patrol Party Food Ideas

The beauty of this Paw Patrol themed party is that Fiona has so cleverly used party food items as decorations and vice versa. The amazing detail in this party styling really made the party table look top notch.

These amazing Paw Patrol party food ideas are styled to perfection.

Paw Patrol party food ideas

How delicious do these little cheesecake cups look – and they match the party theme perfectly as well as they incorporate all the colors! The red fire hydrant decorations are a fun addition to the party table.

Paw Patrol party food ideas

The dog bone cookies look amazing and are a must for Paw Patrol party food. Find some already made for you right here. Or alternatively, make your own with a dog bone cookie cutter.

Paw Patrol birthday party food ideas

You could also have these bigger dog bone biscuits as party favors. Just wrap them in cellophane to keep them fresh. Or just enjoy them at the party.

Paw Patrol birthday decor

This is such a clever idea to style up a little mini candy bar with colored M&M’s to match the party theme colors. Find the cute paw print stickers right here.

Paw Patrol birthday decor

These tiny jars were purchased from an art store. Fiona painted the lids white and added little mini kennels and dog bowls on top. They look amazing! And even better they are filled with jello / jelly!

Paw Patrol party food ideas

And last but not least, the all-important birthday cake. This stunning cake was made with an edible fondant cake topper but you could also use a cardboard cake topper too. Paw Patrol headquarters has never looked quite so delicious!

Paw Patrol Birthday cake

This fire hydrant cake stand matches the party theme perfectly and the dog bone cupcakes and macarons look totally delicious.

Paw Patrol cupcakes

Don’t miss out on these EASY and super-fun Paw Patrol party games.

This Chase trick or treat bucket is a fantastic party accessory and perfect to fill with popcorn.

Paw Patrol table decorations

Thank you so much to Fiona Chambers for sharing her amazing Paw Patrol party with us. Fiona’s party styling is an inspiration to us all. I hope you’ve got some fun Paw Patrol birthday party ideas from this article. Thanks for reading it.

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

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