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Free Printable Easter Games and Activities for the Whole Family

If you’re looking for the best printable Easter games to play over Easter with your family and friends, then read on. We’ve got a selection of Easter activities printable games that are suitable for kids and adults.

At the beginning of this article, you’ll see a selection of FREE printable Easter activities for young kids.

Scroll on to the bottom of the article where you’ll find some awesome Easter games for adults and kids. The whole family can play together and have fun.

Also, don’t miss the SUPER FUN ‘Left/Right Gift Games’ that you will definitely want to make part of your family Easter tradition from now on. You’ll love these Easter games for the family.

Scroll to the bottom of the post to find links to download these fun printable Easter games.

printable Easter games

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The first fun free printable Easter games are completely FREE and you’ll find the links to download at the end of the page.

We also have some fun Easter family games to print out and enjoy….these are at the bottom of the article and they are only a couple of dollars each to purchase.

Either way, find something free or inexpensive to play over Spring or Easter this year.

Printable Easter Games

Please note that the free printables you download will not have the ‘sample’ watermark on them.

Find the Easter games free printable download links at the bottom of the article.

Make sure that you set your printer to ‘portrait’ orientation and ‘fit’ to page. This printable is perfect for letter size or A4 size paper. Print as many times as you like for personal use. Enjoy over Easter with your family.

Easter Dice Game (Free Printable)

The Easter Dice Game is a free printable game – Locate it at the bottom of the article to download.

free printable easter games

This super fun Easter dice games comes with instructions on how to play. All you need is this fun printable sheet (one for each player, some colored crayons or pencils and 1 dice. All ages love this game. It’s a perfect game to play with the whole family before Easter lunch/dinner.

Basically the gist of the game is that everyone has a turn rolling the dice and colors in the number they get on their own dice roll. The first player to color the whole egg in is the winner! (It’s like a bingo game except everyone colors in their own numbers they roll.

Easter dice game

The link to download this fun printable game is located at the bottom of the article.

Easter Word Scramble (Free Printable)

This is another FREE and fun Easter game. Print one sheet per player. See who can unscramble the words the fastest. It also comes with the answer sheet to make life easy for you.

To get you started…..the answer to the first one is ‘basket’. Find the link to download for free at the end of the article.

easter word scramble

Free Printable Easter Games

Easter This or That (Free Printable)

Kids of all ages love this fun would you rather game. It’s a great way to get everyone talking.

These Easter would you rather questions are great with an Easter twist. This FREE printable Easter game can be downloaded at the end of the article.

easter this or that

Free Printable Easter Activities

Read on for some more fun and free printables for Easter.

Easter Maze (Free Printable)

There are two mazes below that can be printed out. Help the rabbit find the carrot and the Easter basket. Both these Easter activity pages are free printables that can be downloaded at the bottom of the article.

easter maze printable

Remember to scroll to the bottom of the article to find the FREE Easter maze printable.

easter maze

Printable Easter Activities

The next 4 free printables for Easter are predominately for younger kids, but adults will have fun with them too. Keep reading and scrolling for some more free Easter printable ideas and fun for the whole family over Easter.

Easter Word Search (Free Printable)

An Easter word search is a fun way to pass the time. Great for kids that can read and write. This is a FREE printable that you can download at the bottom of the article.

easter word search

Easter Color by Number (Free Printable)

This Easter color by number can be done by all ages. It’s a fairly quick activity which just requires the printable sheet and some colored pencils, crayons or markers. This is a free printable Easter activity.

easter color by number

Easter Spot the Difference (Free Printable)

Can you spot the difference between these two Easter pictures?

easter spot the difference

Find the Easter Eggs (Free Printable)

This is a cute coloring in game to play with the kids. Help them find the Easter eggs and color them in – in this Easter free printables activity sheet.

fun easter game - find the easter egg printable

Easter Games for Adults and Kids

If you are looking for some printable Easter games that are suitable for the whole family…keep scrolling.

The next 6 games are not free printables but they are not expensive to purchase. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links for these and the free printable games pictured above.  

Easter Left Right Game (Biblical)

I have only just come across this Easter left right game and I’ve bought it to play for Easter this year. I absolutely love fun Easter games like this.

To prep for this game, ask everyone to bring a $5 gift to your Easter gathering. It can be a silly gag gift or a fun gift or a sweet gift.

Nominate one person as the Narrator. As the Narrator reads the printable sheet below, the players need to pass each gift either left or right as they hear the words ‘left’ or ‘right’ spoken by the Narrator. Each person is left with the gift they have ended up with at the end of the reading.

It is a fun game of pass the parcel with a twist. Full instructions are included in the printable game.

See picture of printable left right Easter game below. This game can be downloaded at the end of the article.

Easter: Left-Right Bible Easter GameNow if you wanted another version of the left right Easter story game that wasn’t Biblical….then scroll down for a bunny version of this fun game. The kids will LOVE this game. Full instructions are included with the download.

Easter Bunny Left Right Game (Easter Egg Hunt)

See screenshot of printable game below.

Easter: Right Left Easter Egg Hunt Game Here is a third version of this super fun left right game. There really is something for everyone with this printable Easter game. If you play one and like it this year, make sure you come back and grab another version for Easter next year.

Easter Left and Right Game (Bunny Tale)

See Easter game below.

Easter: Bunny Tail Tale Left-RightFind Your Other Half Easter Egg

This is a great icebreaker game if you are having an Easter gathering and many people don’t know each other yet. It’s also fun game to play with family as it creates a fun Easter question to answer when you find your match.

See below – scroll to the bottom of the article to find where to download this game.

Easter: Find Your Other Half Easter Egg Easter Activity Pages

The last two games in this article are an Easter word search printable game and an extremely popular Easter crossword puzzle.

Easter Word Search

See below for screenshot of Easter word search printable. The answer sheet is also included for your convenience. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download.

Easter: Word Search Easter Crossword

Easter crossword puzzles are very popular and this puzzle below is a fun egg themed puzzle. You’ll find an answer sheet included with the printable to make it easy to check off the answers when you are finished your puzzle.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to access this fun crossword puzzle.

Easter: Egg Facts Trivia Game

Please pin for later so you can find these games for next Easter as well.

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All the FREE PRINTABLES are right here. See links below to access for FREE!

Dice Game

Word Scramble

This or That Game / Would you Rather

Maze 1

Maze 2

Word Search

Color By Number

Spot The Difference

Find the Easter Eggs

***End of Free Printable Games*** 

CLICK HERE to get the full set of the paid Easter party games and it also includes Easter trivia as well as other party game printables. Or alternatively, you can buy them separately below for a couple of dollars each.

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