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Easy Minecraft Cake Ideas for 2024

Looking for some easy Minecraft cake ideas, then look no further! With just a few simple ingredients and a small amount of time, it is easy create an amazing looking Minecraft cake that will be the hit of any Minecraft party.

I’ve got over 10 cake ideas here for you that will make your life easy and your child smile. There are some easy to advanced ideas for Minecraft birthday cakes and all these cake ideas here are not labor intensive. They are quick and easy to make.

Read on to get some great quick and easy Minecraft cake recipes.

easy minecraft cake ideas

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Easy Minecraft Cake Ideas

Minecraft is a popular video game that allows players to explore, build, and create in a virtual world. Minecraft-themed cakes have become increasingly popular for birthday parties and other celebrations.

Not only do they look impressive, but they are also relatively easy to make. With a few simple ingredients and some basic decorating skills, even novice bakers can create a show-stopping Minecraft cake.

These birthday cakes are great for a cool Minecraft birthday party or just a special family celebration at home.

Here are some easy ideas for making a Minecraft themed cake that your child will love.

diy minecraft cake

See all the Minecraft cake images with step by step instructions and recipes below.

Minecraft Lego Cake

A Minecraft Lego cake is a great cake-hack where you can make a fun-looking cake super fast. I have made two of these cakes for both of my children. They are super easy and fun to make.

To make this cake, you will need:

  • Minecraft Lego – See a huge variety right here.
  • 2 square cakes (chocolate or vanilla)
  • Green buttercream frosting. Make your own or use Betty Crocker and color with green food coloring
  • Chocolate buttercream frosting
  • LCM bars or any rectangular rice crispy treat
  • Blue Jello / Jelly

easy minecraft cake

Place the Lego set on top of the first square cake. I didn’t ice underneath the Lego set…just make sure that the cake is flat so that the Lego sits properly on it. I cut the top of the cake down a bit so it was flatter.

I used chocolate frosting for the dirt area and green frosting for the grass. I cut the second cake in half as I didn’t need it all…but it is up to you. Use as much as you please. I cut the LCM bars into a square block and added some blue jello in the middle for water.

The exact Rabbit Ranch Lego set I used on this cake can be found right here.

how to make a minecraft cake

Here is another version of a Minecraft Lego cake that I made. For this cake I used raw sugar as sand as well as chocolate cake with green icing and blue jello.

As you can see, the cake doesn’t need to be perfect…you just need to have fun making it and they will love it.

minecraft lego cake

Minecraft Cake Ideas Without Fondant

Many people are looking for some easy Minecraft cake ideas without fondant. Unless you have worked with fondant before, buttercream or other types of spreadable frosting are often easier to handle.

Here is another simple easy Minecraft cake. If you don’t want to add Lego why not add some Minecraft figurines. You can find them right here.

minecraft cake ideas without fondant

Or another easy idea for a very quick and simple Minecraft cake is to use Minecraft pictures as cake toppers.

You can find the pictures on Minecraft toy cardboard boxes or grab a personalized printable cake topper right here.

diy minecraft cake

The cake above was made by cutting out the pictures on the side of the cardboard box from the Minecraft figurines I purchased.

minecraft easy cake

DIY Minecraft Cake

The next idea is one of my favorites for an easy DIY Minecraft cake that looks AMAZING. To make this spectacular cake, you need to bake or buy a couple of rectangular or square chocolate cakes and stack them. (See pictures below for stacking techniques). 

To make this cake, you will need:

  • Square / rectangular cake of choice (store-bought or bake your own)
  • Green buttercream icing – Make your own or use Betty Crocker vanilla frosting (add green food coloring)
  • Chocolate icing / frosting
  • Minecraft Lego figures – find them right here
  • Icing piping set
  • Square chocolate bar blocks such as Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate

easy minecraft cake ideas

Photo credit: Amy Monteith

See the photo below for how to stack each cake on top of each other with icing between the layers. Add icing to the sides so that the chocolate bars will stick.

minecraft square cake

Photo credit: Amy Monteith

Then ice the top of the cake with green buttercream and the sides with chocolate frosting. Use a piping bag to get some fun swirly effects with your icing. The kids will truly LOVE this cake! It definitely looks the part!

simple easy minecraft cake

Photo credit: Amy Monteith

Minecraft Birthday Cake Ideas

The next truly AMAZING Minecraft cake was made with 20 cupcakes to shape it into the number 7. It could also be made with a rectangular slab cake cut into the appropriate number.

This is such a stunning-looking cake – the variation in the green frosting and the fun toppers just make it look so special….too good to eat!

minecraft birthday cake ideas

Photo credit: Tara Simpson

To make this cake you will need:

  • 20 cupcakes (or more depending on your number), or
  • Rectangular slab cakes to cut into a number shape
  • Minecraft fondant cake toppers – find them here
  • Buttercream or Betty Crocker frosting / both chocolate and vanilla flavor
  • Mini candy bar molds – find them here
  • White chocolate melts
  • Green food coloring for the frosting and the chocolate melts
  • Maltesers

Apart from using cupcakes, you could also make this cake with a rectangular cake cut into the shape of the number.

To help you cut the cake into the right shape,  I often print a one-page word document with the number on it – with the font as large as possible. Then cut out the paper and lay it on top of the cake to help guide the cutting.

Homemade Minecraft Cake

The following 5 cakes are Minecraft square cake ideas. You’ll find both buttercream and fondant cakes that are easy to make and definitely look the part. Check them out below.

Minecraft TNT Cake

This TNT cake looks amazing and would be quick and easy to make on the morning of the party / birthday.

To make this cake you will need:

  • 1 square cake (chocolate or vanilla) – or use 2 square cakes stacked on top of each other for a higher cake
  • Buttercream icing – make your own or buy a Betty Crocker frosting
  • Red food coloring
  • Chocolate chips

Color half of the icing red and leave the rest white for the middle of the cake. Ice the cake and add chocolate chips to make a TNT sign. (Stick the chocolate chips pointy end down into the cake).

Minecraft Creeper Cake

This fun Creeper cake could be whipped up in no time at all. You could pipe the icing onto the cake like they have done below. Or if you are in a rush, simply spread the green icing over the cake if you want it done quicker. Both ways will look fantastic.

To make this cake you will need:

  • 1 square chocolate or vanilla cake (if using 2 cakes stack the cakes with icing between them)
  • Hershey milk chocolate or similar
  • Buttercream icing – make your own or buy Betty Crocker vanilla frosting
  • Green food coloring

Simple Easy Minecraft Cake

The next 3 cakes can be made with fondant / ready-made icing. 

Minecraft Game Cake

Any Minecraft gamer will love this cake. It is the Minecraft cake in real life, that is a replica of the cake in the actual game.

To make this cake you will need:

  • 2 square cakes (stack them on top of each other with frosting between the layers
  • Chocolate fondant for the base
  • White fondant
  • Red food coloring or red fondant

Minecraft Pig Cake

How cute is this Minecraft pig cake? This cake can be quickly and easily made with fondant.

To make this cake you will need:

  • 1 square cake
  • Fondant
  • Pink, black and brown food coloring

Minecraft Enderman Cake

Make this Enderman cake with either fondant or buttercream for the black icing. This cake has used fondant for the purple eyes or use purple card stock.

To make this cake you will need:

  • 1 square cake (flavor of your choice)
  • Buttercream frosting
  • Fondant or ready made icing
  • Black food coloring
  • Purple food coloring

Minecraft Sword Cake

This Minecraft sword cake looks amazing and is definitely quick and easy to make.

To make this cake you will need:

  • 27 cupcakes
  • Vanilla buttercream frosting – make your own or use Betty Crocker frosting
  • Chocolate buttercream frosting
  • Icing piping set
  • Blue food coloring

Another idea for a Minecraft sword cake is to bake or buy a cake and add one of these amazing sword cake toppers. The half sword is 6.25 inches so it is great as a cake topper.

There are also have TNT and Steve cake toppers. Check them out right here for an easy cake decorating hack.

minecraft sword cake

Image credit: 1LovePartyInc

Easy Minecraft Cupcakes

Or if you want a quick and easy cake idea, why not create some easy Minecraft cupcakes? Ice them with these amazing edible toppers pictured below-  find them right here

minecraft cupcake toppers

Image credit: ForPeepsCake

How to Make a Minecraft Cake

Any of these options below would work for a simple Minecraft cake.

    • Use a store-bought (chocolate or vanilla) cake mix and decorate it with green, blue, and brown icing / frosting to resemble the grass, water, and dirt blocks found in Minecraft.
    • Make a simple chocolate cake and top it with green fondant to look like a Minecraft emerald block.
    • Make a Minecraft grass block cake with a square cake, green icing and optional green shredded coconut for grass.
    • Get creative with your decorating and make a Minecraft creeper or Enderman face out of fondant or frosting / icing.
    • Use toy Minecraft characters to decorate the top of your cake. This is a great option if you’re not confident in your cake decorating skills.
    • For a more challenging option, try making a 3D Minecraft block out of cake. This is sure to impress and delight your child.

Or for the easiest Minecraft cake of them add Minecraft Sprinkle Mix to any iced cupcakes or cake for a quick and easy cake hack. Simply ice your cake then sprinkle and you’re done.

minecraft edible sprinkles

Photo credit: SpecialSprinkleCo

As a side note: our favorite Minecraft cake recipe tip is to use a Betty Crocker cake mix and follow the instructions on the box. These cakes taste as delicious as any other home-made cake and I’ve never had any complaints.

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Photo credit: BBDPOPS

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this article and have found some easy Minecraft birthday cake ideas. You don’t have to spend all day preparing the cake. It doesn’t need to take much time if you follow some of the fun Minecraft cake hacks above.

Whether you’re a Minecraft fanatic or just looking for an easy birthday cake idea that your kids will love, these cakes are sure to please. Be sure to save this post so you can refer back to it when the time comes.

And if you need more ideas for fun cakes and party theme ideas, check out our other posts on the subject!

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Thanks for reading this article.


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