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Epic Fortnite Birthday Cake Ideas for 2024

If you’ve been looking for some awesome Fortnite birthday cake ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. There are heaps of fun and creative ways to decorate a Fortnite cake.

You’ll find DIY options and images of Fortnite cakes you could either use as inspiration or take to your local baker to create for you for your Fortnite themed special occasion.

Fortnite Birthday Cakes

Below are lots of Fortnite birthday cakes to inspire and delight. Fortnite is a very popular online video game by Epic Games. Its popularity is not waning like some games, in fact it seems to be increasing in popularity.

When looking for a Fortnite birthday cake idea, you’ll want to consider the colors of the game which are purple, blue, green, gold, grey and black. You may also want to include some of the key elements from the game, such as the llama, Battle Bus, or Supply Drops.

Check out all the best Fortnite cake ideas below that will make your child’s birthday one to remember.

Some Fortnite themed birthday cake ideas are easy to create and some would take a little more time, effort, and skill. First, let’s start with an easy cake to create.

Fortnite Birthday Cake

Easy Fortnite Cake

I made this Fortnite supply drop cake (pictured below) for my son’s birthday party. This cake was truly simple to make. You don’t have to be an expert cake decorator to create something fun and on-theme. The birthday boy and the party guests absolutely loved this DIY Fortnite cake.

To make this Fortnite Supply Drop cake:

  1. Bake two cakes in a square tin. Test them with a wooden pick to make sure they are cooked properly.
  2. Let them cool on wire racks, then stack them on top of each other to make more of a box shape.
  3. Ice your cake with colored fondant or a thin layer of buttercream or royal icing.
  4. Create some stencil letters for the DROP. You could do this with fondant or even cardboard. Or use an alphabet cookie cutter set or a sharp knife.
  5. Add green food coloring to desiccated coconut for the grass. (Optional).
  6. Tie some ribbon or string to a yellow helium balloon and attach it to the bottom of your cake.

Fortnite Supply Drop Cake

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Another simple way to create a cake quickly that looks fantastic is to use a themed cake topper.

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Fortnite Cake Topper

The easiest cake hack is to make a cake of your choice and add an AMAZING cake topper to the top of the cake. You can then decorate the cake underneath as over the top or understated as you like as the topper will do the work for you. Black silhouette Fortnite cake toppers are extremely popular for an awesome yet easy Fortnite Battle Royale cake.

You can find a large variety of Fortnite birthday cake toppers right here.

More Fortnite Cake Ideas

This cake below looks amazing and would not be hard to make. Adding accessories from home is the quickest way to style a cake and without maximum effort. All you would need is some white fondant to ice the cake with and a steady hand to write the logos on the cake.

You could add a black ribbon or black icing to make the stripe. By adding your Fortnite game case to the top…you’ve themed your cake beautifully.

Fortnite Loot Llama Cake

Now this Loot Llama cake is next level amazing. It works just like a pinata and can be filled with delicious candy. This would be an amazing addition to your party or special day.

Durr Burger Cake

A Fortnite Durr Burger cake would also be fun to create at home. You would need to bake a large round vanilla or butter cake and cut it in half to create this masterpiece.

Then make lots of buttercream icing you can color to match the burger’s detail. You’d need white, yellow, light green, dark green, red and black icing. You could just make one big batch and split it into separate bowls to make the different colors. And the pink tongue could be made with pink fondant.

Chug Jug Cake

This chug jug cake would be great to make with your favorite vanilla or butter cream cake recipe or cake mix. You would need to make at least 4 round cakes and stack them to create this look. Make sure you use lots of buttercream icing between the layers to help hold them together. You could add candy inside or not – it’s up to you.

Battle Bus Cake

This battle bus cake looks absolutely amazing. If you’re not confident at creating such a masterpiece yourself, then this is one to take to your local cake decorator. This cake is definitely all about the detail.

However, if a Battle Bus is what they have their heart set on and you don’t have the budget to buy a cake like this, then you could create something just as awesome at home.

Bake a cake of your choice, ice it with green icing and top it with this awesome battle bus and figurine set. Trust me, they will LOVE it. And they have the set to keep long after the birthday cake has been eaten.

Fortnite Battle Royale Collection Battle Bus & 2 Exclusive Figures: Funk Ops & Burnout

Fortnite Marshmallow Cake

The DJ Marshmallow cake is possibly one of the easiest cakes to make in this range and there are a few different ways to make it. If you want a smooth finish like the photo below, then a white fondant would be best. You could cover the cake board in white fondant too or just present it on a white plate.

If you don’t have a really deep cake tin to make a round cake this size, just bake two flatter round cakes and stack them.

For the black eyes and mouth, you could either make that with black fondant or even black cardboard.

I’ve also seen this cake made with white buttercream and it looks just as great if you smooth it over as much as possible.

You’ll find DJ Marshmallow cake toppers and other party supplies right here.

Fortnite Chest Cake

This Fortnite chest cake looks amazing and is so intricately created. If you’re short of time or intricate cake decorating is not your skillset, you could always get a cake decorator to make this for you.

However, if you were looking at an easy DIY option to create at home, then I’ve got you covered. Create a cake the size and shape of your choice. A fairly flat rectangular cake would probably look the best. Then grab one of these sought-after Fortnite loot chests and style it on top of your cake.

They will absolutely love it as it after the cake is cut they can open the toy chest and discover all the Fortnite goodies inside.

Fortnite FNT0001 Loot Chest Collectible for ages 8+ years

Fortnite Sheet Cake

Another super easy cake option is to either buy or bake a large sheet cake and ice it with a personalized edible cake topper.

You can find some great Fortnite birthday cake toppers here for sheet cakes.

Fortnite Ice Cream Cake

We also couldn’t go past there is this very delicious looking Fortnite ice cream cake. You could decorate it with colored buttercream but you would definitely need an icing piping bag and some specialty decorating tips to get the right look.

This looks like it would be super fun to make and is another delicious variation of a Fortnite birthday sheet cake. Don’t forget to pop it straight back in the freezer once you’ve decorated it.

Fortnite Cupcakes

Last but definitely not least you have to see these great Fortnite cupcake cake options. Cupcakes are great when you don’t feel like baking an entire cake and but you still want a fun option for your celebration. These cupcakes below are amazing and would take a certain level of skill to get the fondant or sugar paste decorations just right.

However, these Fortnite cupcakes would be easier to make and they look just as fun. You can find some edible silver icing color here to help you get the right look quickly and easily. They’ll love these v-bucks cakes.

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed these fun ideas for Fortnite cake decorations. Enjoy your special celebration and I hope your cake is a victory royale!

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