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19 Roblox Birthday Cake Ideas for 2024

If you’ve been searching for some Roblox birthday cake ideas then you’ve come to the right place. It’s a very popular game right now, and no doubt it’s what they want for their birthday cake.

You’ll find ideas for a fun Roblox fondant cake and also Roblox sheet cake designs. Roblox cupcakes are also popular and lots of options for toppers. You can DIY some of these or take the Roblox cake images to your favorite cake decorator to replicate.

Read on for some ideas you can try and see the best Roblox birthday cake images for inspiration.

Roblox Birthday Cake

Roblox Birthday Cake

Most of the Roblox cakes featured in this guide are made with fondant and some awesome Roblox cake decorations. If you are not familiar with using fondant there are lots of instructions on the internet to help with this. 

However, sometimes for novice cake decorators (like myself), a buttercream icing can be easier and a lot more achievable. Buttercream is also budget-friendly.

Roblox Cake Ideas

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Roblox cake ideas

If the thought of baking Roblox birthday cakes has you perplexed, I have an easy solution for you below. I created an easy Roblox cake out of Kit Kat chocolate bars, candy, and Roblox figurines.

It was super easy to make and the birthday boy or girl will be left with Roblox figurines at the end of their birthday to display in their room.

Easy Roblox Cake

All you need to do for the easiest Roblox cake ever is to bake two round cakes of your choice. Packet mix would work just fine or you can buy two round cakes from your local grocery store.

While the cakes are baking create some buttercream. Once the cakes have cooled from the oven, simply stack them on top of each other with some buttercream between them so that they stick together.

Next cut up the KitKats. I found that it worked better to cut them in pairs rather than single sticks. 

Then ice the top of the cake with lots of delicious buttercream. It doesn’t need to be neat as you will be piling candy on there later on. 

Also, ice the outside of the cake with lots of buttercream and stick the KitKat pieces to the sides of the stacked cake. Work quickly to stick the chocolate to the sides and then secure them with a ribbon or string tied around the sides.

Add candy to the top and don’t forget the figurines. You could use M&M’s, Smarties, marshmallows, Freckles, Jaffas…the options are endless.

Find a huge variety of Roblox figurines that would be perfect for your cake right here.

You can see the marshmallow-filled Roblox birthday cake for girl option below.

Roblox cake for girl

There are lots more options below for an amazing Roblox birthday cake including fondant, sheet cakes and cupcakes so read on for options for boys and girls in separate sections.

Roblox Cake for Boy

These Roblox cakes below would be great for boys and have been created with fondant.

This cake looks great and has been personalized with a custom avatar as well.

This cake below looks amazing and could be created by decorating with pieces of fondant cut out for the face. You could also do this on a flat round cake.

This Roblox cake design could be fun to recreate. Have a try with fondant shapes and see what you can make. You don’t necessarily need to do the logo on top. If you can get the fondant ‘hair’ right then you’re halfway there with this one.

If creating fondant or sugar paste designs are not your thing, then grab some fun Roblox figures (you can find LOTS here) and decorate your cake with them.

This Roblox buttercream cake pictured below looks great. You don’t even need to get the icing perfect for this one as long as you have lots of figurines to add as the cake toppers.

Below is the easiest option using Roblox figurines especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with cake decorating. You could definitely add more Roblox toys to the cake for a busier look.

Roblox Cake

There are some great printable Roblox cake decorations that can easily style your cake like this simply amazing looking cake below.

Easily find heaps of printable Roblox cake toppers right here in all different shapes and sizes to suit a variety of cakes.

Roblox Cake for Girl

There are so many Roblox cakes for boy ideas out there, so here are some Roblox cakes for girls. To start with, here is the easiest KitKat Roblox cake for a girl that I created with Smarties. You could add some more figurines if you want to, more candy and definitely sparklers.

Roblox cake for girl

Here are some more Roblox cake ideas that girls would love. The first two cakes are made with fondant and would take some time and talent to create. This tutu dress below is simply divine.

Any Roblox girl would love this cake and you could customize it to suit their avatar.

This delicious looking Roblox drip cake below would be possible to create with the use of some printable Roblox cake toppers.

You can find a large variety of fun Roblox cake toppers like these toppers for girls right here. You will find them in lots of different colors and some are even personalized.

Roblox Cake Topper

Roblox cake toppers can be as elaborate or as simple as you like and they really are the quickest and easiest way to create a Roblox theme cake. If you are after a flat sheet cake you could use a flatter type decoration similar to the amazing cakes below.

This Roblox sheet cake below looks great and is made with an edible Roblox cake topper. They have also used some edible paint to add to the color.

You can find some great edible Roblox cake toppers right here that are great for sheet cakes.

Roblox Cake Decorations

If you are not skilled in creating characters from fondant or sugar paste but you still want some awesome Roblox cake decorations to add to your cake check out some of these options below.

They’ll love having the figurines long after the cake has been eaten. (Please note that the toys/figures and are not edible).

This ultimate collector set of figurines below will give you heaps to choose from for your Roblox themed cake and would be a great birthday present as well.

Roblox Action Collection: from The Vault 20 Figure Pack [Includes 20 Exclusive Virtual Items] for 6 years and up, includes One Collector's Set

Other great items for an easy cake topper are:

Roblox Cupcakes

Cupcakes are such a fun and easy way to create either a birthday cake or some party food to complement your main birthday cake. These amazing Roblox cupcakes below were created with amazing fondant toppers decorated to look like Roblox characters.

These cupcakes below are so cute, and you could make them with a mixture of fondant and buttercream for the hair.

These cupcakes below can be easily made with the help of some awesome printable Roblox cupcake toppers. See the section below for where to find some awesome toppers to suit your cupcakes.

Roblox Cupcake Topper

If you are without superior fondant styling skills you will be looking for some awesome printable Roblox cupcake toppers that you can easily create at home with the aid of a printer, scissors, and toothpicks or cake pop sticks.

These cupcakes below were created with printable toppers and make decorating cupcakes easy and quick and they look great.

A cupcake cake made in the shape of the birthday age is a fun way to create an easy birthday cake. Just add cake toppers and you’re done.

There is a large variety of printable Roblox cupcake toppers right here to make your cupcake decorating a breeze. They will definitely add the finishing touch on your cakes.

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Roblox cake for Roblox birthday party

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Wishing you a great celebration. Thanks for reading.

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Roblox Cake Design

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