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Happy Birthday Coloring Card Free Printables (30 Designs)

If you’re looking for some amazing Happy Birthday coloring card printables, then you’ve come to the right place. We have 30 free printable birthday cards to color for you to choose from.

These Happy Birthday coloring cards are free for personal use – choose one or many to download, print and color in.

You’ll find printable coloring birthday cards that are great to download and give to the kids to color for you. You’ll find free printable coloring birthday cards that are suitable to give to both kids and adults.

No longer will you need to worry if you haven’t purchased a card, just bookmark this post for birthday cards printable coloring ideas (or click on the heart at the corner of the screen) and you’ll always have a selection on hand to print for free.

happy birthday coloring card

Happy Birthday Coloring Card

These birthday card to color printables are so convenient if you need a last-minute birthday card or you would like to make a quick and easy homemade card that looks great.

If you don’t feel like coloring in or getting the kids to color in for you, but you do need a quick and easy card – we also have some stunning free printable  black and white birthday cards to print out. They don’t need color so they’re another easy card option to print and go!

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Birthday Card to Color

You’ll find lots of different options for coloring birthday cards below to suit any friend or family member, there are free printable birthday cards for kids and adults. These cards are handy if you only have a black and white printer – they are quick and easy to print and color in.

colorable birthday cards

Foldable Printable Birthday Cards to Color

These are foldable printable birthday cards to color. They need to be folded in half only so they end up being very close to the size of a standard greeting card. Or if you wanted to make it into a birthday card coloring page simply print it on a full piece of paper and color in.

These birthday card coloring pages do not have any wording, they are left blank inside so that you can add your own special personalized message.

You can print these happy birthday coloring cards at either home or at work. Simply print the card, fold it in half and handwrite a message inside.

These happy birthday card coloring printables are made to be printed on plain letter or A4 paper or you could use thin card stock if you prefer.

Important note: When printing, please make sure you have your printer settings to portrait orientation and that you have the fit to page option selected so that it will automatically fit any paper size, either A4 or Letter.

Free Printable Birthday Cards to Color

All the happy birthday coloring card options below can be downloaded straight away by clicking on the links at the end of the post. There are 30 different designs to choose from.

To download the printable coloring birthday card, take note of the number of the card/s that you like and scroll down until you see the light blue highlighted download section.
Card 1
The first card will be universally loved…a 3 tiered birthday cake to color in.
Happy birthday coloring cards
Card 2
This next card is great for cat lovers or animal lovers of all ages. It features a cute cat flying in the air with a bunch of balloons.
free printable birthday cards to color
Card 3
Another fun birthday cake card to color in.
free printable kids birthday cards

Card 4

A slice of cake or birthday cheesecake card. Color it any which way you like.

happy birthday colouring card

Card 5
A fun card to color in with pictures of wrapped birthday presents.
foldable printable birthday cards to color


Card 6
Or how about a kawaii birthday present card.

happy birthday card printable

Card 7
Kawaii birthday candle color in card.
printable birthday cards to color
Card 8
Kawaii birthday balloons color in card.
birthday card printable coloring
Card 9
Dotty balloon color in card
printable coloring birthday card


Card 10

2 Balloons on a card

color in birthday card


Card 11

This card has two stripy balloons to color in. You could color these in as rainbow colored balloons.

foldable birthday card coloring page


Card 12
Stripy party hat card
birthday cards coloring
Card 13
Kawaii party hat card
coloring birthday card


Card 14
Another fun card with a birthday present and a balloon to color in.
birthday card to color

Coloring Birthday Cards

The next birthday card to color ideas are punny birthday cards to print. If you love a good pun then you’ll love these birthday cards coloring printables. They are easy to color with their cute kawaii designs – and relate to food or drink so they are pretty much universal.

Card 15
Avocado lovers will enjoy this card – or those who like a good birthday pun! I didn’t get you a present but you can avocado….avocado = you can have a card though.
coloring birthday cards

Card 16
Another fun avocado card to color in. Avo great birthday! Have a great birthday!

colorable birthday cards

Card 17
Here’s a toast to your birthday. A fun coloring card with toast.

happy birthday cards to color

Card 18
Hope your birthday is choc full of fun. Birthday card with chocolate bar to color.

birthday card coloring page

Card 19
Soy I missed your birthday card. Sorry I missed your birthday! A fun punny belated birthday card with sushi and soy sauce.

birthday cards to color


Card 20
Donut celebrate your birthday without me. A great donut birthday card.

printable coloring birthday cards

Card 21
Wishing you a brewtiful birthday. – A great birthday card for coffee lovers.
happy birthday coloring card

Card 22
Who doesn’t love cupcakes on their birthday? This is a fun cupcake card to color in.

birthday card to color

Card 23
Wishing you a tea-riffic birthday. A great birthday card for tea lovers.

happy birthday coloring cards

Card 24
It’s your birthday! Make sure you milk it. A funny, punny birthday card.
free printable birthday cards to color
Card 25
Have a slice birthday. The perfect birthday card for pizza lovers.
foldable printable birthday cards to color
Card 26
Hope your birthday’s poppin’! Color in the popcorn on this birthday card as rainbow popcorn or buttery popcorn.
coloring birthday cards
Card 27
Happy Burg Day. A punny birthday card for those who love a good hamburger and fries.
foldable birthday card coloring page

Printable Coloring Birthday Cards

Keep scrolling for some more free printable birthday cards to color. The last 3 cards are super cute and feature adorable sloths to color in.

Card 28
Relax! It’s your birthday! – A birthday card with a cute sloth relaxing.
happy birthday cards to color
Card 29
Go wild! It’s your birthday. A fun sloth birthday card – sloth hanging from a tree.
birthday card to color
Card 30
It’s your birthday. Time to chill. A great birthday card with a sloth chilling out doing yoga. Great for those who like to take it easy on their birthday.
free printable birthday cards to color

If you like coloring birthday cards, then will also love these printable bookmarks to color in

Scroll down to find the links to download all of the happy birthday coloring cards.

If you’d prefer Happy Birthday coloring pages then we have 44 free printable designs you will love.


free printable birthday cards to color

Wondering what to write in these cards?  Check out these great birthday card messages.


Thank you for downloading our birthday cards to color. We hope they bring much happiness to the recipient.  

Image credit for cards 1, 3-18,20-27: TakaTatu

Image credit for card 2: PassionPNGcreation

Image credit for card 19: ElevenElms

Image credit for cards 28-30: Scrapsanddesigns

** Please note: If your iphone is not printing this correctly you might want to consider printing these cards from a desktop PC or laptop. The card should fill half of a page so it can be easily folded in two. iPhone has a known issue where Airprint will sometimes only print 4×6. You definitely want these cards on letter size or A4 size paper for maximum coloring fun!**

Outdated Photos of Cards

The following images of cards are not available for digital download, but we hope you find some designs ABOVE that you love and would like to download.

To access free printable colorable birthday cards, scroll up to the light blue highlighted section above to find the list of cards to download and click on the link to access each free printable coloring birthday card.


Image credit for clipart featured below: Erica Digital Design

coloring birthday cards


happy birthday cards to color


birthday card coloring page


printable coloring birthday cards


happy birthday coloring card


happy birthday coloring cards


birthday card to color


free printable birthday cards to color


foldable printable birthday cards to color


coloring birthday cards


foldable birthday card coloring page


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