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Best Non Chocolate Easter Gifts For Kids

Do you adore Easter time but don’t enjoy the associated sugar-rush that comes with it…for you or your kids? I love chocolate just as much as anyone, but lately, I’ve noticed the sugar hit really affects me more than it used to. Cue non chocolate Easter gifts that are winners in our household and the kids don’t feel like they are missing out.

This guide contains all non edible Easter gifts. You and your family will love these Easter alternatives to chocolate.

Easter Alternatives to Chocolate for Kids

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Non Chocolate Easter Gifts

There are so many alternative Easter gifts other than chocolate to give that can be enjoyed just as much as chocolate…well okay nearly as much. haha. My kids now have an Easter wishlist every year and they no longer expect a room-full of chocolate.

Whilst non-chocolate Easter gifts may sound like a crazy idea to start with, once you start creating a list of ideas you will never go back. Some of the best Easter gifts for kids can be chocolate free.

The best alternative Easter gifts for kids are the ones that they can use rather than consume. Why not consider the following great ideas for super fun and chocolate free Easter gifts.

Read on for some great Easter gifts that are not chocolate!

Chocolate Free Easter Gifts for Kids

Easter Pajamas

Easter usually comes with a change in season depending on where you live, so it’s the perfect time to purchase new kids pajamas to suit the warmer/colder weather. So why not grab some cute Easter PJ’s to add to your present ideas.

Chocolate free Easter gifts - kid pajamas

Easter Bunny Toys

Soft toys are always a much-loved gift option for younger children, so why not find some great Easter themed soft toys to add to the Easter basket. They are usually quite big, so they’ll fill the basket up and you can add a few trinkets as well and you’ll have an amazing present.

These Easter Bunny soft toys are a great idea for baby’s first Easter and Easter presents for toddlers and younger children. Their parents will thank you for not adding to the sugar rush of the season.

Easter gifts other than chocolate - Easter bunny soft toys

Easter Books

This is such a special tradition to start over Easter. The gifting of Kids Easter Books is a lovely way to celebrate the season. As the kids get older you could transition from Easter themed books to any type of books.

A favorite type of book for young kids that is fun to share is a Where’s the Easter bunny book. These seek and find books are really fun to share with young kids as they get such a kick out of finding the bunny.

Easter alternatives to chocolate for kids - Easter books

Easter Coloring In

Another fun and inexpensive Easter basket filler is Easter coloring in books with pack of crayons and textas and even glue and glitter (if you dare). It’s also great to give these on Easter Sunday if you’re having a family celebration as it will keep the kids busy whilst you prepare for your guests.

BEFANTST 2 Pack Easter Coloring Poster/Tablecloth - Easter Crafts for Kids - Easter Decorations Gifts Games Activities Books for Kids - Easter Coloring Banner Toys (Easter)

Or grab some free Easter coloring in pages to print here.

Easter Mugs and Bowls

Okay, so I realize this is for chocolate free Easter ideas, but I really love the melamine Easter egg cups and mugs and plates that you can get in almost any character that the kids love. PJ Masks, Superheros, Disney princesses etc. Unfortunately, these character sets are usually sold with Easter eggs inside them.

UPware 4-Piece 10 Inch Melamine Serving Plate Dinner Plates (Easter Bunny)

Here is a gorgeous Peter Rabbit set that will be used for years by your kids. The melamine plates and bowls are great, as they don’t break if they are dropped. They’re so durable and your kids will still be using them as snack plates for years to come.

Easter Bunny Dress Ups

Kids of all ages from babies onward do enjoy a fun Easter dress up. Of course it’s especially cute for the younger ones, but the older kids can have fun with it too. For the younger kids, think fluffy bunny ears or a baby bunny suit. The older kids might enjoy bunny ears and oversized sunglasses.

Easter gifts other than chocolate - Easter bunny ears

Play Dough

Play dough is the perfect Easter gift for younger kids. Even better, make your own in bulk and gift wrap it. They’ll love it. Grab some fun cookie cutters and play dough tools for a super fun present.

Check out the best DIY Easter Playdough Gift idea that you can make easily at home with ingredients you already have in your pantry.

It’s super easy to make and makes heaps at once so it’s great value for money.

DIY Easter Play dough gift

Or if you don’t have time to make your own play dough, there are some great options for purchase right here. And it’s Easter themed…what could be better!

Play-Doh Easter Eggs Bag 9 Pack, 2 Ounces Each, Assorted Colors, Preschool Crafts for Kids 2 Years and Up, Easter Basket Toys

Slime Easter Eggs

Okay, so I kind of apologize in advance if the slime is not your thing but these totally AWESOME slime Easter eggs are too fun not to include in this list.

And if you get them to play it outside then you’re all good. These slime eggs are super fun to give to your nieces and nephews. Watch their joy and their parent’s dismay for a bit of a giggle.

Alternative Easter gifts - Easter egg slime

Filled Plastic Easter Eggs

These cute little toy filled Easter eggs are a winner in kids Easter baskets every year. There are unicorns, dinosaurs, animals, jewelry, cars and more all enclosed in little egg shaped colorful cases.

100 Pack Prefilled Easter Eggs with Toy Inside, Filled Plastic Easter Eggs, Surprise Eggs with Assorted Toys, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Basket Stuffers, Party Favors Bulk for Kids/Toddlers/Boys/Girls

Or you can easily make them yourself. Just grab some colorful hollow plastic eggs and fill them with any little trinkets that you like.

These are also fantastic for Easter egg hunts without the chocolate eggs. As a bonus they are easier to hide in the garden too. The kids won’t even miss the chocolate with these around.

non chocolate Easter gifts for kids - plastic Easter eggs

Hair Chalk

This is a super fun Easter basket filler for girls in particular but I’m sure boys would have fun with it too. Hair chalk is all the rage right now and it’s easy to apply.

JAYWAYNE Hair Chalk Temporary Hair Color for Kids, Washable Temporary Hair Dye Hair Chalk for Girls for New Year Birthday Party Cosplay DIY, Halloween, Christmas, 8 Colors

This hair chalk here is by far the best as it’s less messy (as it is a pen rather than traditional chalk), the colors are vibrant, it’s non-toxic and it washes out easily with normal shampoo. What could be more fun over Easter?

Drone Toys

For the boys (and the girls) you can’t go past the toy of the year as an Easter basket filler. Check out these amazing indoor drones. They are inexpensive, don’t need a remote and can be charged in under an hour and are heaps of fun for all ages guaranteed.

SOTAONE S400 Drone with Camera for Adults Kids, 1080P HD Foldable Mini Drones for Boys Girls, Remote Control Helicopter Toys Gifts with Auto-hovering, One Key Start, Self-spin, 3 Speeds, 2 Batteries

Chocolate Fix Game

Instead of real chocolate, why not gift them a fun logic game that looks like chocolate? This fun logic game is great for ages 8 to adult. It only requires one player but you can work in a team to figure out the answers. The puzzles to solve range from beginner to advanced so there really is something for everyone.

We love this game. It is great for developing problem-solving skills. It’s also fun to bring out at Easter to stump the adults with some of the advanced level puzzles. Find it here.

easter presents not chocolate

Card Games

Why not gift the kids a fun card game? Our favorites are Uno, Taco Vs Burrito, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, and Pizza Party.

easter gifts not chocolate

Non Chocolate Easter Gifts

  • Pajamas
  • Bunny soft toys
  • Easter books
  • Easter coloring in books and crayons
  • Easter mugs and bowls
  • Easter bunny costumes and ears
  • Play dough
  • Slime Easter eggs
  • Toy filled plastic Easter eggs
  • Hair chalk
  • Mini drone toys
  • Chocolate fix game
  • Card games

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I sincerely hope you enjoy these non chocolate Easter gift ideas for kids this Easter. Whether you decide to have lots of chocolate this Easter or only a little bit have a great one!

Please pin this for later…or so you remember for next Easter!

Non Chocolate Easter Gifts for Kids

Non Chocolate Easter Gifts for Kids

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