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The Best Easter Play Dough Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some chocolate free Easter basket ideas look no further. Here is an awesome Easter play dough gift idea that will keep the kids super happy without the sugar-rush of Easter.

You can DIY it as it’s so easy to make.

DIY Easter Play Dough Gift Idea

This is a great cost-effective gift that will continue to bring joy to your kids long after the chocolate frenzy of Easter has passed. Play dough is one of the best sensory activities for kids so why not give it as a gift for Easter.

Easter Play Dough Packs with Play dough tools. Text The Best DIY Easter Playdough gift

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Easter Play Dough

I used to create these Easter Play Dough packs in my (now-closed) Etsy shop and they were so popular. They don’t take too long to make and they are a great addition to add to your Easter basket gifts for your kids. Even the Easter Bunny has been known to bring play dough. He might bring a play doh Easter basket this year alongside the eggs?

The only reason I don’t make them anymore is that the postage was super expensive (in Australia) to send them around the country. Sometimes it nearly cost more than the product itself. Play dough is heavy, especially when you make big bulk amounts. So why not make your own?

It’s great to be able to give your kids a big bulk lot of play dough so that you don’t tear your hair out when they start to mix the colours together!

Without any further ado, here is a great way to make a super fun play dough pack at home for your kids for Easter. It’s budget friendly and looks like an amazing gift. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Easter Bunny Playdough pack with play dough tools.
Easter Playdough is the best! Grab some great play dough tools and the kids will love it in their Easter basket.

How to Make an Easter Play Dough Gift Basket / Box

Firstly, you’ll need your favorite play dough recipe. Or I have an all natural play dough recipe here for you if you’d like to try mine. It’s super fast, not much stirring required and you don’t even need to do it on the stove.

It’s easy to make a few batches at once without washing the bowl too much. For instance, you can make a yellow batch, then a red one before needing to wash the bowl. You probably do need to wash it after that so that your blue play dough is not a murky color.

Or alternatively, you might prefer to knead the coloring in yourself afterward. It’s possible to make a HUGE batch of plain white play dough and divide it into thirds and put the coloring in separately.

Once the play dough has been made and has cooled down I put it into plastic zip-lock sandwich bags that you can buy anywhere even at the grocery store. If you flatten the play dough out you can stack them once you’ve packed the little bags full of dough.

Easter play dough
So much MORE play dough here than in the little store bought tubs!

It’s totally up to you if you want to put an Easter sticker on them or not. If you do want to create some Easter stickers for your Easter play dough, then grab some awesome round labels like these ones here. I would recommend using those Avery labels as you can print them at home using Avery’s fantastic online ‘Design and Print’ program.

The brilliant thing about the Avery labels is that they have free templates online that make it super easy for you to pop some clip art on and text if you like and print. If you use other non-Avery labels you might have to try to work out the size of the template yourself…and really who has time for that?

When you have your labels jump online to the Avery website and get designing!

If you don’t want to make your own stickers or don’t have time to do so, have a look for some Easter stickers to buy like these ones here.

Another fun idea is to wrap up the play dough packs. You can even wrap them in baking paper with a ribbon tied around them and pop them in a box with a packet of play dough tools. You can wrap those too for extra effect!

Additionally, if you’d prefer you can add some other Easter items in the box too like some plastic Easter eggs and some colorful shredded tissue paper similar to what I’ve done below.

Easter Play doh
Pop them all in the box for one awesome Easter gift idea

Have a look at the photos below of some of the little plastic animals that I found to put inside the plastic Easter eggs. I found some of them at the local dollar shop but there is a great variety here if you wanted to order online. You could also make your own little Easter play dough eggs.

Most of these little toys would be recommended for ages 3+ so if you’re making a baby basket, perhaps leave them out and find some fun age-appropriate play dough tools instead. They’ll have hours of fun with these Easter play ideas sets.

DIY play doh easter eggs
Animals, creepy crawlies, baby chicks, aliens, dinosaurs, robots, sea creatures, stamps, rings – so many cute things you can pop into an Easter egg.

If you’ve read this far and you have either run out of time to make this or just don’t feel like creating it yourself check out these super fun non chocolate Easter gifts for your kids that are available to purchase.

I hope you enjoy making Easter play dough and that your little ones get hours of enjoyment out of it. I’d love to hear if you had any other ideas of other goodies to add to the Easter playdough gift. Wishing you a beautiful Easter.

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Easter Play Doh

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