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DIY Easter Gifts for Classmates

If your child is in daycare, kindergarten, preschool or the first few years of school, they will love these DIY Easter gifts for classmates. These little Easter gift ideas don’t involve chocolate which makes them original and appreciated so much more.

They are Easter gifts made from play dough. I’ll teach you how to make them. They’re so easy and they will be a huge hit with your child’s friends at school.

The Best Class Gifts for Easter (for young children)

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Easter Gifts for Classmates

Full disclaimer: I used to make these in my now closed Etsy shop. They were very popular and I sold them to heaps of parents who were looking for unique and chocolate-free gifts for their child’s classmates for birthdays, Easter and Christmas. They are super simple to make and they will be well received by teachers, kids and parents alike.

How to make Easter Gifts for Classmates

Firstly, you’ll need to make some play dough. Making it yourself is way cheaper and you can make a bulk lot and it’s still budget friendly. If you have to make 30 little packs or tubs – you definitely want to do it cost effectively yet still have the wow factor.

Here’s my all natural play dough recipe. It’s super quick to make and with very minimal stirring. Also, you’ll find the majority of the ingredients are already sitting in your pantry.

You can add glitter for an extra wow factor! Just make sure to get the CHUNKY glitter like this one.

LEOBRO Glitter, 160G/5.64OZ Silver Glitter, Holographic Chunky Glitter, Craft Glitter for Resin, Metallic Iridescent Glitter Silver Chunky Glitter Sequins Flakes, Resin Glitter

The fine glitter won’t show up as well. Even the boys love the sparkles!  Or add essential oils if you want a scented play dough or Kool aid for another type of sweet-smelling play dough.

Aqua blue glitter play dough tub

Once you’ve made the play dough you’ll need little plastic tubs with lids from or small ziplock bags to put the play dough into. The tubs are super cute and a 120ml portion cup will hold approximately a good amount of play dough. The little ziplock bags will hold approximately 50g of play dough. Both are a lovely gift it just depends on what you’d like to do.

Play Dough Tubs (Option 1)

If you are looking at making the little tubs, first you’ll need to decide what sort of container to use. Firstly you’ll need to do a search online for plastic 120ml portion cups with lids you’ll find a variety of containers that would suit or these plastic tubs. If you are using a tub for these little gifts, order the tubs first before you buy the labels. Some of these tubs have a little ridge on the lid and you want to make sure your label fits properly inside the ridge so that it doesn’t overlap.

These round labels here are 1.5 inches diameter and would work with the plastic tubs mentioned above as they should fit nicely within the ridge. Please buy the tubs first though so that you can measure the lid and be 100% sure.

Easter Play Dough Tub for class gifts

Play Dough Flat Packs (Option 2)

If you can’t find the right tubs the easiest alternative is to use small plastic resealable ziplock bags. Search for the bags that are 3 x 4 inches as they are the perfect size. This makes it easier with the labels too as you don’t have to find the perfect size – any round label from Avery will look great, particularly these ones that are a little bigger like these stickers here.

Easter gifts for preschool class

When you’re ready to personalize your labels use the Avery design and print software to add in an Easter photo and personalize your message for the tubs. You’re then ready to print your labels at home.

Or alternatively Avery offers an amazing service if you are located in Australia where they will print them for you and post them out. This is so convenient if you don’t have a printer at home or just want it done for your quickly and easily.

Once you’ve got your labels on your tubs or flat packs just add play dough and you’re ready to go.

Easter Gift Ideas for Classmates

You can personalize them or not. It’s totally up to you. If you don’t want to put text on the stickers a cute Easter bunny or Easter egg clip-art image would work just as well by itself. The children will adore these little class gifts for Easter and it’s a nice break from the influx of chocolate.

Easter Gifts for Classmates

I hope you’ve been inspired to make these impressive little Easter gifts at home. Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas for them. Happy Easter to you and your family.

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Wishing you a fun Easter.

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Easter Gifts for Classmates

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