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Best Costumes Starting with F for 2024

If you’re looking for some amazing and unique costumes starting with F then you’ve come to the right place. We have heaps of fun costumes that start with f for everyone. Whether you’re looking for Halloween costumes beginning with f or something for book week, or dress up for a F themed party, we’ve got you covered.

From flapper costumes to dressing up as a fridge – we’ve got it all right here. There are heaps of options for fancy dress beginning with f for adults, kids, babies, pets and couples.

We’ve organised heaps of fun photos of dress up starting with f – including characters, food, sport, celebrities – and much more. Scroll down to find all the fantastic costume ideas starting with f.

costumes starting with f

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Costumes Starting with F

Whether you want to go all out with the best costume for a fancy dress starting with F party or whether you’re looking for something a little bit more low-key we’ve got you covered. If you are looking to buy or DIY there are lots of costume beginning with f options to choose from.

However, if a full-on costume is too much we have heaps of t-shirts ideas for more of a casual look whilst still making an effort to stay in theme.

Letter F Alphabet Initial Monogram T-shirt
Easy F themed costume for those that don’t like to dress up

You’ll find heaps of mens and womens costumes as well as costumes for children, babies and pets and plus size costumes too. There really is something for everyone.

Our F costume ideas are categorized into lists to make it easier to find exactly what you were looking for.

Fancy Dress Beginning with F

We have added so many fun photos of costumes that start with the letter f  that are available to buy. If you see a frog costume pictured here and were looking for a baby frog costume, click the link underneath each section to take you to the full product list. Usually you’ll find costumes in each category for adults, kids babies and pets – so you can easily dress up the whole family.

Without further ado, scroll down and see the amazing costume F ideas.

Things that Start with the Letter F Costumes

  • Fly Swatter

    Rasta Imposta Fly Swatter Funny Costume Tunic for Adult Mens Womens One Size Red
    Fly Swatter Costume
  • Flower
Rasta Imposta Red Rose Flower Costume Bouquet Garden Flowers Dress Up Cosplay Party Costumes, Adult One Size
Flower Costume
  • Flower Pot

    Adult Potted Flower Costume Small
    Flower Pot Costume
  • Foot

    Rasta Imposta mens Big Foot Adult Sized Costumes, Tan, One Size US
    Foot Costume
  • Football

    All American Varsity Sports Halloween Costume | Costume for Men and Women | One Size Fits Most | Football Costume
    Football Costume
  • Fork

    Rasta Imposta Fork, Silver, One Size
    Fork Costume
  • Fire

    Rasta Imposta Flaming Fire Costume Flame Inferno Blaze Heat Devil Firefighter Fireman Dress Up Cosplay Party Costumes, Adult One Size
    Fire Costume
  • Flashlight

    Dress Up America Adult Energizer Flashlight Costume
    Flashlight Costume
  • Frame

    Happy Little Painting Halloween Costume - Funny Picture Frame Outfit
    Frame Costume
  • Fossil

    Lulu Home Dinosaur Costume, 8.2 FT Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Costume for Adult, Black & White
    Fossil Dinosaur Costume
  • Fire Truck

    Seasons Toddler Fire Truck Costume for Child 3-5 years
    Fire Truck Costume
  • Finger

    The Finger Costume Adult Costume - One Size
    Finger Costume
  • Floppy Disk

    Rasta Imposta Floppy Disk Costume Mens Womens 80s 90s Party Funny Adult One Size Multicolored
    Floppy Disk Costume
  • Full Moon

    Galactic Fun Slip On Costumes | Halloween Costume for Women and Men | One Size Fits Most | Moon Costume
    Full Moon Costume
  • Flag

    USA American Flag Cape Cloak Costume, Wearable Flag with Sleeves Classic Flag, 2 Differents Wearing Methods by DomeStar
    Flag Costume
  • Film
  • Fan
  • Fog
  • Folder
  • Fireplace
  • Flask
  • Formula
  • Frying Pan
  • Feather
  • Fern
  • Fishing line
  • Frisbee
  • Fidget Spinner
  • Fallen Star
  • Fence
  • Face

Find all the things beginning with f fancy dress right here.

Food that Starts with F Costumes

  • Fruit

    Single Funny Fruit & Veggie Costume | Slip On Halloween Costume for Women and Men| One Size Fits All | Strawberry Costume
    Fruit Costume
  • Fries

    Rasta Imposta French Fries
    French Fries Costume
  • Fish

    Funky Fish Halloween Costume - Funny Fishy Animal Suit, Adult One-Size Unisex
    Fish Costume
  • Fast Food

    Seasons Halloween Costume Children Hamburg Costume French Fries Costume (French fries Costume4-8T),Red,Medium
    Fast Food Costume
  • Fruit bowl

    FOAM PARTY HATS: Venezuela Carmen Miranda Hat - Tropical Fruit Basket Hat - Carnival Hat - Fruit Bowl Hat - Photo Booth Props - Party Favors - Crazy Hat Day
    Fruit Bowl Hat
  • Fried Egg

    Fried Egg Halloween Costume - Funny Unisex Breakfast Food Suit for Adults
    Fried Egg Costume
  • Fajita

    ReneeCho Adult‘s Burrito Costume A, X-Large
    Fajita Costume
  • Fairy Floss

    Kids Pink Cotton Candy Costume for Toddler Girls, Child Small, Medium Cute Cotton Candy Dress Outfit Halloween Costume Small
    Fairy Floss Costume
  • Fortune Cookie

    Fortune Cookie Halloween Costume - Funny Unisex One-Size Adult Fast Food Outfit
    Fortune Cookie Costume
  • Fig
  • Fried Rice
  • Frankfurter
  • Fruit cake
  • Fondue
  • Frosting
  • Falafel
  • Feta Cheese
  • Fettucine

Find all the food starting with F costumes right here.

 Celebrities that Start with F Costume Ideas

  • Frank Sinatra
  • Fred Astaire
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  • Finn Wolfhard
  • Farrah Fawcett
  • Flo Rida
  • Flea
  • Forest Whitaker
  • Fiona Apple
  • Fred Savage
  • Fran Drescher
  • Flavor Flav
  • Fats Domino
  • Florence Henderson
  • Future
  • Fergie
  • Fabio
  • Fatboy Slim
  • Freddie Prinze Jr
  • Frank Ocean
  • Frank Vincent Zappa
  • Fernando Alonso
  • Felicity Huffman
  • Fred Couples
  • Faith Hill
  • Francis Ford Coppola

    Rubie's Costume Co Men's Freddy Mercury Costume, Black,Medium
    Freddy Mercury Costume

Characters Starting with F Costumes

  • Fairy

    Spirit Halloween Adult Plum Fairy Costume - L | Fairy Outfit | Purple Layered Fairy Gown with Wings
    Fairy Costume
  • Frosty the Snowman

    Rubie's Adult Frosty the Snowman Inflatable Costume, As Shown, One Size
    Frosty the Snowman Costume
  • Fishstick

    InSpirit Designs Fortnite Boys Costumes Halloween Cosplay Dress Up (Large, Fishstick)
    Fishstick Costume
  • Flapper

    Leadtex Women's 1920s Fringed Flapper Costume,Gangster Lady Costume,Great Gatsby Dresses with Feather Headband,Beaded Necklace Black 12-14
    Flapper Costume
  • Fairy Godmother

    Disney Cinderella Fairy Godmother Women's Costume Large Blue
    Fairy Godmother Costume
  • Fred Flintstone

    Rubie's mens The Flintstones, Fred Flintstone Costume, Multi-colored, Standard US
    Fred Flintstone Costume
  • Flash

    EOILFM Halloween Men's Superhero Flash Costume Cosplay Red Suit Zentai Onesie Outfit Bodysuit Jumpsuit Spandex For Adult
    Flash Costume
  • Fiona

    Cuzeolin Fiona Costume Princess Fiona Dress for Women Long Sleeves Green Velvet Gown Elegant Party Dress XL
    Princess Fiona Costume
  • Finn the Human

    PYLYFE Adventure-Time Merch - Finn Hat - Costume Finn Hat The Human Cosplay Plush Hat Gift
    Finn The Human Hat
  • Freddy Krueger

    Rubie's Men's Nightmare on Elm Freddy Krueger Shirt With Mask Adult Sized Costumes, As Shown, Extra-Large US
    Freddy Krueger Costume
  • Forrest Gump

    Running Forrest Gump Costume Small
    Forrest Gump Costume
  • Frankenstein

    Spirit Halloween Universal Monsters Adult Frankenstein Costume - XL | Officially Licensed | Classic Horror Outfit
    Frankenstein Costume
  • Ferris Bueller

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off Adult Ferris Bueller Jacket and Vest Costume for Men Large
    Ferris Bueller Costume
  • Fred (Scooby Doo)

    Classic Scooby Doo Fred Men's Costume Large
    Fred Costume
  • Frenchy

    Grease Frenchy Beauty School Drop Out Costume, Womens Fancy Dress, UK Size 8-10 Pink
    Frenchy Costume
  • Frogger
  • Felicity Shagwell
  • Foghorn Leghorn
  • Felix the Cat
  • Fran Fine
  • Frasier Crane

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Historical Costumes Beginning with F

    • F.D. Roosevelt
    • Florence Nightingale
    • Friedrich Nietzsche
    • Frida Kahlo
    • F. Scott Fitzgerald
    • Ferdinand Magellan
    • Fergie (Duchess of York)
    • Francisco Pizarro
    • Frederick Banting
    • Ferruccio Lamborghini
    • Ferdinand Porsche
    • Felipe VI of Spain
    • Felix Mendelssohn
    • Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark
    • Fred Hollows

Find all the fun costumes starting with F right here.

Animals that Start with F Costumes

  • Fly

    Tipsy Elves Insect Halloween Costume Gray Fly Jumpsuit with Stuffed Animal style Hood, Fly Swatter and Deattachable Wings SIze Large
    Fly Costume
  • Flamingo

    DSplay Adult's Flamingo Costumes (Unisex One Size Fit Most)
    Flamingo Costume
  • Frog
    Adult Onesie Halloween Costume - Animal and Sea Creature - Plush One Piece Cosplay Suit for Adults, Women and Men FUNZIEZ!
  • Fox

    Adorable Child Fox Halloween Costume | Soft Shearling Faux Fur Jumpsuit for Play Pretend
    Fox Costume
  • Ferret
  • Fish
  • Finch
  • Fire ants
  • Fire fly
  • Flea
  • Falcon
  • Fruit bat

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Jobs Starting with F Costumes

  • Fire Fighter

    Firefighter Uniform Costume Adult Mens, Fire Captain Black Suspenders Hot Halloween Party Outfit Small
    Firefighter Costume
  • Farmer

    Fun World Men's Braggart Farmer Costume Standard Blue
    Farmer Costume
  • FBI Agent

    FBI Costume for Men, Federal Agent Jacket, FBI Agent Halloween Costume, Government Agent Suit Standard
    FBI Costume
  • Film Director

    Forum Vintage Hollywood Collection The Director Costume, Tan, Standard
    Film Director Costume
  • Fisherman

    Men's Fisherman Kit Costume Large/X-Large
    Fisherman Costume
  • Fortune Teller

    Women's Teller of Fortunes Costume (Small)
    Fortune Teller Costume
  • Fast Food Worker

    Haysandy 3 Pieces 1950s Adult Waiter Costume Kit Soda Jerk Costume Red and White Striped Apron Bib Aprons with 2 Pockets (Classic Style)
    Fast Food Worker Costume
  • Flamenco Dancer

    Women's Spanish Senorita Costume, Red and Black Spanish Dancer Dress, Spain Celebration Dress Halloween Outfit Small
    Flamenco Dancer Costume
  • Florist
  • Funeral Director

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Sport Starting with F Costumes

  • Football
  • Formula One Driver
  • Fishing
  • Fencing
  • Futsal
  • Freestyle Swimming
  • Figure Skating
    Men's Speed Demon Embroidered Patched Jumpsuit Costume
    Formula One Driver Costume


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Couples Costumes that Start with F

  • Fireball Whisky

    Future Memories Fireball Whiskey Costume Set
    Fireball Whiskey Couple Costume
  • Flip Flops

    Flip Flop Costume Set - 2 pieces
    Flip Flop Couple Costume
  •  Film

    Rasta Imposta Cassette Player & Headphone Set Couples Halloween Costume, Adult One Size
    Film Couple Costume
  • Feet

    Two Left Feet Couples Costume - Funny Gross Body Suit Adult Halloween Outfits
    Feet Couple Costume
  • Fortune Cookie

    Chinese Take Out & Fortune Cookie Couples Halloween Costume - Food & Noodle Outfit
    Fortune Cookie Couple Costume
  • Fork and Electric Socket

    Fork and Electric Socket Couples Costume - Funny Dark Humor Adult Halloween
    Fork and Electric Socket Couple Costume
  • Fries and Ketchup

    Adult French Fries and Ketchup Costume Set
    French Fries and Ketchup Couple Costume
  • French Fries & Hot Dog

    Rasta Imposta Hot Dog & French Fry Dress Couples Costume Set red
    Hot Dog and French Fries Couple Costume
  • Fork and Knife

    Rasta Imposta Knife & Fork Costume Set Silver
    Fork and Knife Couple Costume

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Fancy Dress Starting with F for Babies

  • Fries

    Rubie's Child's Yummy World Large French Fries Costume Top, As Shown, 4T
    Fries Baby Costume
  • Flower

    Infant Flower Costume, Yellow Sunflower Halloween Costume, Baby Sunflower One-piece 6/9 Months
    Flower Baby Costume
  • Fajita

    Rasta Imposta Taco Burrito Gordita Crunch Baby Bunting Costume, One Size, Funny Fast Food Outfit
    Fajita Baby Costume
  • Fish

    TONWHAR Kid's and Toddler's Costume Baby Animal Outfit Baby Boys' Girls’ One-Piece Rompers Jumpsuit (Fish, 24-30 Months/Height:36"-39")
    Fish Baby Costume
  • Fireman

    amscan First Fireman Halloween Costume for Babies, 6-12 Months, with Red Hat and attached Suspenders and Badge
    Fireman Baby Costume
  • Fairy

    Disney baby girls Disguise Tinker Bell Deluxe infant and toddler costumes, Green, 6-12 mths US
    Fairy Baby Costume
  • Fisherman

    Rasta Imposta Future Fisherman Costume, Brown, 18-24 Months
    Fisherman Baby Costume
  • Frosty

    Underwraps Baby's Snowman Bunting Belly, White/Red/Black, Infant
    Frosty the Snowman Baby Costume
  • Flash

    Rubie's Kids DC Comics The Flash Infant/Toddler Costume Jumpsuit, Red/Yellow
    Flash Baby Costume
  • Formula One Driver

    InCharacter Baby Racecar Driver Costume Burnin Rubber (12-18 Months)
    Formula One Driver Baby Costume
  • Football

    Princess Paradise Baby Boys' Finn The Football Deluxe, Brown, 3/6M (4054)
    Football Baby Costume
  • Frankenstein

    Fun World baby boys Costumes Baby's Monster-boo infant and toddler costumes, Multi, Large 18 Months-2T US
    Frankenstein Baby Costume
  • Fantastic Mr Fox

    Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr. Fox Toddler Costume Toddler 2T Red
    Fantastic Mr Fox Baby Costume
  • Flamingo

    Pink Fleece Flamingo Tunic with Attached Wings Costume Set - (18-24 Months) - Adorable & Cozy Party Wear For Halloween Events
    Flamingo Baby Costume
  • Frog

    Linjianvhai Animal Costume Unisex Toddler Baby Fleece Hoodie Jumpsuit Romper Rabbit Lamb Panda Festival Christmas Outfits (Frog, 18-24 Months)
    Frog Baby Costume
  • Fox

    Newborn Baby Girl Boy Halloween Cosplay Cartoon Clothes Fox Coat Fur Bodysuit Jumpsuit Hooded Playsuit Romper Overall Outfit (Orange, 3-6 Months)
    Fox Baby Costume

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Costumes Starting with F for Pets

  • French Fry

    Thanksgiving Christmas Costume Dogs Cats Hats-Fries Hats for Small Medium Large Dogs-Halloween Christmas Party Cosplay Costume for Pet Dogs n Cats (Red-Fries, Medium)
    French Fry Pet Costume
  • Fire Fighter

    Rubie's Fire Fighter Pet Costume, Medium
    Firefighter Dog Costume
  • Flower

    ComfyCamper Sunflower Dog Costume for Small Medium Large Dog Puppy Puppies Cat Kitten – Cute Head Flower Headband Outfits – Collar Cone Costume Hat Sombrero Outfit Pet Cosplay Halloween (Small)
    Flower Pet Costume
  • Fish

    Rubie's Gold Fish Dog Costume, L
    Fish Pet Costume
  • Fortune Cookie

    Rubie's Yummy World Fortune Cookie Pet Costume, As Shown, Large/X-Large
    Fortune Cookie Pet Costume
  • Frog

    Richcatty Hoodies Funny Costume for Cat and Puppy Cute Frog Cosplay Clothes for Pets Soft Knitwear (Green Frog, M Pet Weight:5.5~8.8Lbs)
    Frog Pet Costume
  • FBI

    K-9 Unit Police Dog Shirt - Cute Canine Cop Halloween Costume (Small)
    FBI Pet Costume
  • Flamingo

    Rubie's Flamingo Pet Costume, Small
    Flamingo Pet Costume
  • Freddy Krueger

    Rubie's unisex adult Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Pet Costume Party Supplies, Multicolor, S Neck 12 Girth 17 Back 11 US
    Freddy Krueger Pet Costume
  • Fairy

    Rubie's Pet Birthday Fairy Wings, As Shown, Medium/Large
    Fairy Pet Costume
  • Frosty

    Rubie's Walking Snowman Pet Costume, Medium
    Frosty the Snowman Pet Costume
  • Frankenstein

    Rubie's unisex adult Classic Movie Monsters Pet Costume Party Supplies, Green, Medium
    Frankenstein Pet Costume
  • Flash

    DC Comics Pet Costume, Large, Flash
    Flash Pet Costume

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Costumes in Colors Starting with F

  • Frog Green
  • Fuchsia
  • French Navy
  • Fern Green

    Full Bodysuit Unisex Spandex Stretch Adult Costume Zentai Disappearing Man Body Suit (Large, Green)
    Frog Green Morphsuit

Countries that Start with F Costumes

  • Fiji
  • France
  • Finland
  • French Polynesia
  • Faroe Islands

Why not wear a national costume of a country starting with F or a tshirt representing the flag of the country?

Costumes that Start with F

Of course you don’t need a full on costume every time – sometimes you just want to wear a tshirt that fits the theme instead. For example, these two tshirts below would be perfect for letter f party costumes.

Letter F Capital Alphabet Monogram Initial T-Shirt
Letter F T Shirt

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Halloween Costumes for Big Guys

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fancy dress beginning with f

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed these fun letter f costume ideas and that they have inspired your next dress up for a birthday, Halloween or book week or other special event – we hope you have fun.

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